Friday, July 30, 2010

SEIU Compares AZ SB 1070 to Berlin Wall

Who is the fearmonger?

H/T Sweetness & Light


Hot Sam said...

The Berlin Wall was built to keep workers in. The moment a worker reached pension age, they were allowed to leave. East Germany would MURDER people trying to leave.

In contrast, the border fence is designed to keep a variety of undesirable people out. It's not that everyone coming over is a violent felon, but we have a right and good reason to enforce our immigration laws and protect our border.

I have a suggestion where to put all the world's land mines.

LewWaters said...

You are right, Nick. While I never made it to Berlin to see the wall, I did spend 3 years after Viet Nam in the 2nd ACR in Germany where our function was flying our side of the border between East and West Germany and a portion of Czechoslovakia.

Those fences, with fine raked sand leading up to them on their side, were solely designed to keep their people in.

I wish a fence along our border was not necessary, but what else can we do to stem to invasion of illegal aliens from south of the border?

Nothing that I know of.