Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anatomy of a City Council Melt Down

UPDATE: The ethics panel has met and firmed their recommendation.

Victoria Taft spoke of this yesterday on her KPAM 860 show and here is a video compilation of the encounter, including after the meeting when Vancouver, Washington City Council Member Jeanne Harris continued her verbal barrage against fellow Council Member Jeanne Stewart.

Clark County Conservative posted about the ethics complaint filed HERE last evening.

The Columbian has now run with two other Vancouver City Council Members, Jack Burkman and Larry Smith, having lodged an ethics complaint against Ms. Harris for her conduct Monday evening.

2 city councilors seek ethics probe of Harris

Vancouver's Mayor Tim Leavitt has said he and the city council will decide on the request at the September 20 Council Meeting.

Ms. Harris is saying she is being treated without respect or dignity and she is owed an apology since Burkman and Smith did not speak to her before lodging their complaint against her.

Harris’ Apology

Ms. Harris has said she will not be present at the September 20 council meeting where it will be decided whether or not to form the ethics committee.

This definitely brings doubt to the sincerity of her "apology."

Harris apologizes, but is angered by councilors’ complaint

Audio of Jeanne Harris on Lars Larson, Wednesday September 15, 2010: at Clark County Conservative

KATU TV 2 Video Report


Taking Issue said...

Hey Lew! After watching your city council I guess I will sit down and shut up about ours!! I have to tell you, I'd be all over Ms. Harris, and right there as I appealed the Mayor...what's up with him? Doesn't he know how to call 'out of order'?

Great entertainment from a far, though I must say, we have one on our council who vomits forth with 'get a life' and other such statements to her fellow members. But she saves the good stuff for the citizens who show up to testify.

Dude! A little over a month and a half until PINK SLIP DAY! Then the count down to NOV 2012.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Lew Great Post!
Looks to me like the Mayor and Harris are in the pocket of the toll people...mayor ran on an anti-toll agenda then claims he fought against it for two years...some fight, he's the freakin' mayor he could put a stop to it with one stroke of his pen.

LewWaters said...

Someone stands to make some big bucks here, Norm, and it's not the citizens.

I'm looking forward to the Monday City Council Meeting to see what happens.

I would estimate the numbers expressing she be fired to be around 90%.

Maybe, if she is canned, she'll give the Mayor the key to his testicle lock box.