Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrats! Will They Ever Learn?

Once again, the nation has made the folly of giving Democrats full control of the government and once again, they are poised to lose an election of historical proportions after a short time holding the reins of power.

As times before, many promises were made that fell hollow as they plunged the nation deeper into despair. Catchy slogans to win elections have shown themselves to be meaningless. FDR’s “New Deal,” LBJ’s “Great Society,” Carters “A Leader, For a Change,” Clinton’s “Putting People First” and now Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” and “Yes We Can!” are giving way to “Change it back” and “No, you won’t” as poll after poll is showing that Tuesdays mid-term elections appear to be poised as blow-outs, placing the GOP back in congressional control.

Hardcore Liberal/Progressives are having a difficult time accepting it, but the handwriting is on the wall as again, another generation of American citizens are seeing that promises made in campaigns are not promises kept in office.

Oh, voters fell for the race card, the gender card, the class card, every trick in the book pulled during the Bush years to thrust the nation back in Democrat hands and as every time before, America’s hands were pulled back singed.

A recent Wall Street Journal, There They Went Again shows us how this pattern repeats itself and how Democrats just will not learn that America isn’t the left-leaning Mecca they have envisioned for the better part of a century.

Oh, there are a handful of people who think that the Socialism promised by Democrats is the best way, but their numbers are not as large as they think. The American citizen may fall for the p0romises of Socialism that do not say they are Socialism, but most Americans enjoy freedom and liberty just too much.

Even Europe, who has long tried to make Socialism work, is waking up to how it just doesn’t work and they are gradually moving right to grow their economies.

Not so America’s modern Democrats who think campaigning on a message of “blame it all on Bush” and promises of more free handouts will retain their power.

Hate to tell them, but even after 8, nearly 10 years of demonizing George W. Bush and ridiculing his every move, only “43 percent in a recent poll say Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent in the same poll say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

This same poll also tells us that a clear 56% want to fire Obama in 2012.

This after less than 2 years as president and just short of 4 with Democrats holding congressional control.

Bailouts, government takeover of business, forcing expensive healthcare reform down our throats, driving small businesses under, destroying millions of jobs and all of the empty promises made of just the opposite have woke up and alarmed freedom loving Americans who desire to see prosperity once again, not government dependence.

You Republicans, don’t think you get a pass and will just ride a tidal wave into office, then its business as usual. You weren’t much better when the nation granted you all complete control. But, you are the choice we are stuck with, what with our two party system. But we, the American people are tired of being stuck in the middle of the partisan rankling while elected representatives vie for political power and screw up the country at our expense, while you all enjoy luxurious lifestyles.

What we really to do is make your jobs part time without the high end salaries, opulent offices and free travel the world over. We don’t need term limits as much as we need people who are dedicated to America and our people, not a career in politics, viewing your selves as “celebrities.”

You that consider yourselves “Blue Dog Democrats,” now is your chance to prove it. Stand up and publicly announce your conservative values.

You RINO’s who think you’re owed an office or a vote because you have a ‘R’ behind your name, be ready to begin looking for employment.

Just remember, power comes from the people to government in this country, not from you down to us.

The American experiment has not yet failed and if permitted will thrive again. It make take many years to recover, but recover we will.

The first step is ousting those liberals who misled an entire nation into entrusting power back to them and ended up wrecking the economy and nation even worse.

By all accounts, much of that we will be seen come Wednesday morning, November 3, 2010.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

I'm hoping that this election turns the tide on the scoundrels in charge...
Meanwhile (and I already forgot the site) I just read where the Democrats have outnumbered the Republicans in early voting in Nevada...I think the number was over 17,000... actually that was just for Clark county. That's 17000 more Dems than Republicans...that don't look good for the moment...

Good post here!


LewWaters said...

Thanks, Norm.

We may not win them all, but it should be enough to make some much needed change.

Oh, real change, not that "hopey changey" stuff.

Hot Sam said...

When you have a group of people who are genetically predisposed toward suicide, you need only resist them a short while until they inevitably self-destruct.

LewWaters said...

Their self-destruction is always assured.

It's just their effort to take us with them that I really object to.