Sunday, October 24, 2010

“Don’t Vote,” More Feigned Democrat Outrage

Ever mindful of Rahm Emanuel’s admonition of “never let a good crisis go to waste,” I see Democrats have launched a campaign of outrage over a short-lived ad from Nevada urging Latino’s “Don’t Vote” due to their votes be taken advantage of.

Mitch Stewart of, also known as Organizing for America sent out an email I received this morning titled “If you don't fight back, they'll get away with it,” implying the ad, created and ran by one man, Robert de Posada, founder of Latinos for Reform is an official Republican Party operation against Democrat Nevada Senator, Harry Reid.

No one has ever said the Democrats are above outright lies in their campaigns.

Stewart and other Democrats, in their haste to defend pathetic Senate Leader Harry Reid, ignore and don’t make mention that Reid’s opponent, Sharron Angle denounced the ad through her campaign days before Stewart sent out the email warning us “They’ll get away with it,” but according to Democrats, the denouncement did not come out soon enough. Is anything ever soon enough for the party known for dragging their feet on many matters?

Equally ignored is the second ad released by de Posada slamming Republicans for their lack of action on immigration matters as well.

But, since de Posada was once the Republican National Committee's director of Hispanic affairs and worked for the Bush administration, which gives Democrats their usual link to condemn all Republicans over the action of one.

Robert de Posada, in defending the ad citing the second version of the ad above that shows Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jim DeMint and former Rep. Tom Tancredo that wasn’t finished when the decision to pull his ads was made says,
you need to look at the record of the candidates and understand that in a civic engagement situation, you have the options of not necessarily voting. You should not be told you have no option but to support the lesser of two evils,” he said. “We need to start making people accountable for their efforts and at the same time, we cannot reward this irresponsible behavior, and a perfect example is Harry Reid.”
Feigned as it is, the Democrats outrage ignores similar efforts over the years launched by the left that apparently were okay by them, so long as it was Republicans being urged not to vote.

The blogsite Sweetness & Light weeks ago went through a New York Times article seeing that decidedly left-winged newspaper was basically telling voters “Don’t Vote, It’s A Waste Of Time.” Of course, it is primarily for the benefit of Republican voters.

In 2004, an obviously left-winged group, Billionaires for Bush denied any involvement in a campaign of billboards erected in minority areas of Minneapolis, Minnesota with only “Don’t Vote” written in the billboards.

In denial of any involvement in that campaign, they openly boasted of their Block the Vote effort citing,
In the final month of the campaign season, we're launching a sophisticated effort to encourage the rabble to stay at home on election day and ensure that even if they hit the polls, their vote won't be counted. Called "Block the Vote", our nationwide campaign will both counter the insidious "get out the vote" efforts of various progressive organizations and celebrate the Republican-led vote suppression efforts underway in Florida, Michigan, and other battleground states.
The group is still around and still up to their antics, getting caught last year trying to infiltrate a Tea Party event and who now have started their Billionaires for Wealthcare campaign, more antics of a leftist effort to infiltrate the Tea Party event, organized by a professional political organizer who is a $2,700 Obama contributor.

Even now there is the Oregon based website Don’, prominently showing links to leftist web pages of the Sierra Club, David Wu for Congress and Occasionally a link for the League of Women Voters shows as well.

In 2006, the AARP, a well known and decidedly left-leaning group allegedly advocating for us seniors launched their own Don't Vote Campaign claiming, “Don’t vote . . . until you know where the candidates stand on the issues.”

Is that really all that far from what Robert de Posada says his campaign effort is about?

Every election the left pulls this “GOP denying others their vote” crap! It never fails, even though we saw in 2008 a member of the New Black Panthers standing outside of a polling place in Pennsylvania with a club in hand, clearly intimidating voters who might not vote as they desired.

Did the Democrats actually condemn this act of voter intimidation? No, they in fact blocked all action that should have been taken against them.

As usual, Unions join the charge of Republicans denying people their right to vote claiming this year,
Tea Party-tilting Republicans probably aren't counting on many union votes.
But my guess is they're hoping for the next best thing: a slew of union members will forget that the GOP’s gospel of greed caused the recession, will blame hangover hard times on the Democrats and will show their disdain by not voting.
Most laughable is seeing a union actually complaining about someone else being greedy.

This is nothing new and is right out of the Democrats playbook. While Robert de Posada’s message is framed in a manner I wouldn’t use, obviously it isn’t any different than what we have seen and heard for several years from the socialist left currently holding the country in their stranglehold.

Don’t stay home and not vote, vote them out instead!

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