Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jaime Herrera Goes Back Home to DC, Hedrick Just Goes Back to Court

Three years after parachuting in to Clark County specifically to take the legislative seat vacated by Richard Curtis and Jaime Herrera, newly elected Republican to the House of Representatives hopped onto a red eye back home to Washington D.C. where she will undoubtedly continue following the instructions of fellow Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State 5th Congressional District.

That Herrera accomplished absolutely nothing during her brief grooming period in Olympia no longer matters as the establishment GOP pulled out all of the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics to ensure no other Republican would take the nomination away from her.

Several times I have expressed my dismay and extreme disappointment with many sitting on the Board of the Clark County Republican Party, seeing that in spite of their claims of being ‘Christian,’ they are little more than just another group of corrupt political bosses.

Hook or crook though, they ensured the one they wanted long ago made it, qualities and abilities be damned, she once lived in Clark County, the deciding factor expressed to me personally by many sitting on the Clark GOP Board.

Back home in D.C. this week and going through whatever a freshmen “orientation” is, Herrera’s main concern expressed to the Columbian seemed to be the location and size of the office she will draw saying, “I’m hoping the people of Southwest Washington who come to see me, can find me,” showing yet again that there is not an ounce of humility in her soul.

Oh, she goes on to try to act as if she were honored when she says, “To be part of this body is an amazing thing. It puts me in the mind, I’m not going to squander that trust and belief in me to do this.”

Would that “not squandering the trust” be similar to her siding with the Democrats in pro-SEIU legislation and helping Democrats strip the last funds out of our rainy day fund? Would that be carrying on lying to the public about her actions over the pro-SEIU legislation? That sort of trust, Jaime?

Or, would it be the trust of selecting, as she was most likely ordered to do I’m sure, all party insiders or inept party backers for her transition team? Will they ensure the big money donors receive their rewards?

One such who it is highly doubtful will see much in the way of a reward is former attack dog, David W. Hed,,,, oops, almost forgot, Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick, who did not even complete his full enlistment, bailing out of the Marine Corps not long after Republican George W. Bush assumed office in 2001.

Hedrick is facing his own little problem after being arrested in early October and charged with one count of fourth-degree assault domestic violence after an alleged altercation with his 25 year-old wife.

Hedrick, a self declared “icon” of the Tea Party movement according to the author’s page in the pathetic attempt at a children’s book he threw together, might gain some reprieve from charges of domestic violence, though as his wife is now recanting her initial claims of spousal abuse saying to the judge, “The police report doesn’t reflect what actually happened. My husband is not dangerous.

A statement released to the Columbian by Meagan Hedrick stated,
Over the past several weeks I’ve witnessed my husband being brutalized in the media and on blogs all over the nation. His reputation is being unfairly dismantled by political opponents and opportunists that wish to do him harm. I wrote a complete statement of what really happened two days after the allegations were made, but under advice of council I did not release that statement. However, my conscious compels me to do something to right this wrong. My husband did not do what he has been accused of and I know he is saying nothing to protect my reputation. It’s time to begin setting record straight.

On the night in question I acted in anger and my husband tried to calm me. Eventually, he was forced to restrain me to protect both of us. He used the absolute minimum force possible and to tell the truth, I did not give him a choice. Despite what has been reported at no time did he ever strike me in any way nor has he ever done so in the past. My husband would never do this. I have never seen Dave act violently towards anyone.

I was out of control. My husband, God bless him, was the same David you all know. Completely calm, confident and composed under fire. At the time, this made me even angrier.

The allegations against Dave are false and I am asking everyone to be calm, patient and understanding in this difficult time. With the exception of Dave himself, the rest of the family has stayed off the stage as much as possible. This was intentional. Dave may be a public person with a set of unique gifts, but we always wanted to insulate our family from the spotlight and create a healthy environment for our children. While I may be the wife of a Patriot, I am also a twenty five year old, young mother and I do not want to live every intimate detail of my life in the paper. I am not perfect, no one is, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for an imperfect world to publicly scrutinize my every imperfection. Please respect my family’s privacy as we move forward.

Just which story is actually truth will have to be decided on by Judge John Hagensen.

For Meagan’s sake, I hope her latter statement is truthful.

Herrera stands to spend at least the next 2 years back home in Washington D.C. while Hedrick will do what he can to continue trying to stretch his 15 minutes further and further, obviously not realizing they were up a year ago.

And, who knows. Maybe his next literary venture will be a coloring book on his days running interference for Jaime Herrera and ensuring no conservative was able to gain the nomination for the 3rd congressional district seat.

Come the 2012 election, I deeply hope that a conservative party and a conservative candidate will rise and make a strong run against the establishment political machines in Clark County that both care more for party than the people or the country.

God help us if all we have is Jaime Herrera and the political machine that ignores good quality candidates for state office to ensure their crony selection holds a seat.

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