Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Slippery Slope With Repeal of DADT You Said?

In all of the arguments ongoing for years, since the implementation of what has become known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the policy of allow Gays to serve in the Military, as long as they kept their sexuality to themselves, we that opposed repeal of the policy have repeatedly been told how ignorant, out of touch with reality and downright hateful we were over opposing the repeal.

We that opposed the repeal repeatedly warned it was the beginning of a slippery slope and that once the door was opened, others groups considered “deviant” by many would ride the coattails of Gay Activists and force their way to recognition as well through our Military.

We were shouted down and subjected to hateful rhetoric from Gay Activists and their supporters for our “bigotry” and inciting hatred by even suggesting such a thing would happen.

It didn’t take long for our opposition to the repeal to be proven right. Even before the full dismantling of ‘Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell,’ we read of “Transgender Vets Want Military Access” from an Associated Press article.

Who knew there even was such a thing as Transgender American Veterans Association, apparently organized in 2003 as the heated rhetoric of repealing DA/DT was gearing up louder and louder?

51-year-old retired Petty Officer First Class Autumn Sandeen, one of six arrested last April for handcuffing themselves to the White House fence in protest of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and who served in the Navy as a man, said of the congressional repeal of DA/DT, “This is another bridesmaid moment for the transgender community.”

I assume that to mean one step closer to forced acceptance of their lifestyle in the Military as well as we read,

“The "don't ask, don't tell" policy now heading toward history does not apply to transgender recruits, who are automatically disqualified as unfit for service. But the military's long-standing posture on gender-identity has not prevented transgender citizens from signing up before they come out, or from obtaining psychological counseling, hormones and routine health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs once they return to civilian life.”

“So as the Pentagon prepares to welcome openly gay, lesbian and bisexual servicemembers for the first time, Sandeen is not alone in hoping the United States will one day join the seven other nations -- Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, the Czech Republic, Thailand and Australia -- that allow transgender troops.”

Former Army Capt. Allyson Robinson, who attended West Point as a male cadet adds, “There is really no question, it's just a matter of when” transgender is also recognized through the Military.

Of concern to us all currently, is reading that the labeling of transgender as a “Mental Disorder” “enables some to obtain transition-related medical care and other services” through the Veterans Administration Health Care Facilities, at taxpayer expense. The actual surgery to change gender is not currently covered through the VA, but once transgender is also accepted by congressional legislation, will that remain so? Some VA medical centers already “provide psychological counseling, sex hormones, speech therapy and other medical treatment short of gender reassignment surgery” at taxpayer expense.

I find it reprehensible that while we remain at war and have returning Troops who are wounded, some severely and some with mental anguish due to the actions they had to endure on our behalf, scarce funds are diverted to help someone “deal with” their belief that “God made a mistake” by birthing them in a gender they claim they are not.

Once transgender is also repealed, what of a career soldier who decided to undergo “gender reassignment surgery” and Military Hospitals must honor or pay for such surgery? That would be our precious and scarce tax dollars.

After all, we are told,
“Sandeen said the VA hospital in San Diego made it possible for her to start living as a woman once she retired from the Navy a decade ago. ‘As soon as I got an appointment with the psychiatry department, the first thing I said to them is, I have gender issues. I don’t know if I’m a transvestite or a transsexual or if I’m something in between, but I need to work this out with a therapist’.”

Our tax dollars paid for “prescribing estrogen to help her grow breasts and hips and diminish body and facial hair,” said Sandeen, previously classified as a “disabled Veteran” with bipolar disorder.

Eye opening too is another confrontational exchange described by the AP. “San Diego resident Zander Keig, who was a woman during a two-year stint with the Coast Guard, had been on testosterone for a year when he wanted his prescription transferred from a suburban VA clinic. But veterans are not allowed to change their names on discharge papers so he was directed to the women’s VA clinic in San Francisco.
Keig, 44, said a senior physician there ‘grilled me with questions. Why are you taking T? Do you know what it’s doing to your body? How are you eligible for these services?’
‘I said, 'I established my eligibility for VA services in 1988, I have every reason to be here. Am I going to get my shots or not’?”

We are then told that he/she received the shots at taxpayer expense, after spending a mere two years in the Coast Guard during peace time.

Taxpayers will foot the bill for very expensive gender reassignment surgery once transgender joins Gays in congressional repeal and is imposed on our Military. And, we thought federal funding of abortions was an issue?

We also read that the VA is “hoping to create a formal directive in the near future” in regards to Veterans who claim they are “Transgender” and seek medical care through Veterans Medical Services.

We warned of the slippery slope and others riding the coattails of Gay Activists with this repeal and were ignored. All of the problems associated with repealing DA/DT have not even been fully seen and we are beginning to see others not considered.

For example, since congress voted to “end the discrimination” against gays by repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, they will have little choice but to also “end the discrimination” against Transgender and any other “alternate lifestyle” demanding an “end to discrimination” against them. The door has been opened and it cannot be shut again.

Taking into consideration the Pentagon has announced that Heterosexual Troops MUST shower with Homosexual Troops, will Heterosexual female Troops also be forced to shower with male Troops that identify themselves as transgender female, although all of their masculine components remain fully intact?

Will it require separate toilet facilities instead, while others are forced to undergo being ogled?

This “feel-good” attitude permeating our nation in full acceptance of any and every deviancy from the norm can lead to no good. Using the Military for social experimentation degrades our Troops as they are expected to fight battles on our behalf as we speak.

What next, Pedophile Veterans of American, Bestiality Veterans, Pederast Veterans, National Association for the Advancement of Bigamists demanding recognition too? How do you deny them after accepting others once looked upon as deviant as well?

You said there was no slippery slope and here it is staring you in the face.

What now? Where will this slide downward end?


Maggie Thornton said...

This has to be so troubling to those serving now and facing the problem from the time they get up, until the time they go to bed.

LewWaters said...

Maggie, left out of the "report" Gates used in advocating repeal of DA/DT was that upwards of 36% of frontline combat Troops, those who actually do the fighting, said they would leave the Military if DA/DT was repealed.

They were ignored.

And now, we see a fringe mentally unbalanced group pushing for their inclusion into the Military and acceptance for their disorder, at taxpayer expense.

Ever so gradually, these loons are dismantling our great Military, while we are at war.

Bin Laden looks over and probably laughs, knowing he won't have to attack, but just let us implode on our own.

Now that it has started, where it ends no one knows.

Hot Sam said...

Wiccan is an official military religion too.

Remember, the moment sex reassignment surgery is over, they instantly become heterosexual. ;)

LewWaters said...

Maybe they don't realize that once they go through the "change," they lose protected status.

Or, will we create yet another category to cover that too?

I'm glad I'm too old to face Military Service again.

And, as I said, it is just beginning.