Thursday, February 10, 2011

Military Heroes Issue Joint Statement Urging Fight To Reinstate Don't Ask/Don't Tell

By Rees Lloyd (reposted with authors permission)

Comrades, Colleagues and Patriots: Two of America's greatest living military heroes -- Admiral and former U.S. Senator Jeremiah A. Denton (USN, ret.), a P.O.W. for seven years, seven months in Vietnam; and Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor recipient (Vietnam) -- have issued an urgent joint statement published today by and its "Whistleblower" magazine, calling on all Americans, and veterans in particular, to take a stand and fight for reinstatement of the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy to prevent the transformation of the American military by the creation of a "quad military" (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and transgender).

Heroes to Congress: Stop destroying military

Among the most decorated military heroes in American history, Admiral Denton and Gen. Brady, both of whom have appeared as guests on The Victoria Taft Show on KPAM 860, condemn the rushed repeal of DA/DT by the post-election, lame duck 111th Congress of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama as a "danger" to the military and to the nation. They urge the newly elected 112th Congress to reinstate DA/DT.

They also urge all veterans, and all Americans, to arm themselves with the information and analysis contained in the special February issue of "Whistleblower" magazine, "Dropping the 'H'-Bomb," which is devoted entirely to the issue of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" and is being made available online for the first time in the history of "Whistleblower."

David Kupelian, editor of "Whistleblower" and author the brilliantly insightful books "The Marketing of Evil" and "How Evil Works," said in an article published today by containing the joint statement of Admiral Denton and Gen. Brady: "We felt this issue of Whistleblower [on DA/DT] was so important that we decided, for the first time ever, to make it available to everybody for free – online. ...The decision to put it on the Internet was reached after numerous requests, especially from members of The American Legion, and with the enthusiastic encouragement of both Adm. Denton and Gen. Brady."

I respectfully urge you to read, consider, and forward out as widely as possible the joint statement of Admiral Denton and Gen. Brady, and the "Dropping the 'H-Bomb" issue of WND’s Whistleblower magazine, calling on the 112th Congress to reinstate the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy and not to transform the necessarily separate and distinct military culture on political rather than military grounds. I thank Joseph Farah and David Kupelian of and Whistleblower for making this valuable information available free online:

Heroes to Congress: Stop destroying military

REES LLOYD (Life Member and Judge Advocate Riverside Post 79, Past Commander District 21 (Cal.), Co-founder and Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project of The American Legion, District 21, Dept. of California.*)

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