Thursday, February 10, 2011

Officer Leaves Gun in Public Restroom, Seeks Public’s Help in Finding It

An unidentified Oregon State Police Detective is no doubt in a bit of trouble, if not totally embarrassed right about now. The officer, nick-named ‘Barney Fife’ by me for now, took off his holstered pistol while using a rest room in Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Hospital yesterday and left it in the stall when he was done.

He did not realize he had left his Glock 22 behind until after he had left the hospital.

Oregon State Police contacted Hospital Security who then searched the area and interviewed hospital workers and visitors.

The gun is described as a black Glock model 22 (pictured below), and it has been entered into the Law Enforcement Data System as a lost or stolen weapon.

If anybody sees a pistol matching the description wandering around the streets of Portland or Vancouver, looking lost and out of place, you are urged to contact Sgt. Jon Harrington at 503-731-3020, ext. 258.

KPTV 12 News


Hot Sam said...

I've been to Portland. Someone's gonna need that weapon at night when the zombies come out.

LewWaters said...

They don't wait until night to come out there, Nick. That's why I do my best to never cross the river to go there.

I really don't know how any sane person would want to live there.