Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hanoi Jane Celebrated Shooting Down of B-52's by Communist North Vietnamese

If ever anyone wonders why so many of us Vietnam Veterans still harbor ill will against this woman, a excerpt from a speech given sometime in the early 1970's at U.C. Berkeley where students in attendance applaud her claim of 34 American B-52's being shot down by the Communist North Vietnamese. That is a potential of 170 American Servicemen killed.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

I don't think I ever hated anyone during my life time but if I did it would have to be connected with this woman. Why this country let a traitor live amongst us has to be one of history's greatest mysteries. Benedict Arnold was lucky to have escaped to London, else he would have been shot as a traitor during war time. Jane Fonda was a traitor during war time and she's still here...what a tragedy! Too bad one of those B52's were not dropping a few 500 pounders over Hanoi during one of her I don't think I hate her...just wish she didn't exist.

LewWaters said...

As I've told others, it's one thing to oppose a war, but it is quite another to openly advocate the enemy winning and celebrate the possible deaths of up to 170 American Servicemembers.

How anyone can listen to her words here and not read TRAITOR is totally beyond me.

And yet, in complete hypocrisy, she advocated communism, but used capitalism to become even wealthier than she already was.

My disdain for this woman cannot be adequately expressed.

And to think, she was once considered for honors in America?