Friday, March 18, 2011

Unions and Democrats Continue ‘Sticking It’ to the Middle Class

As states continue struggling with massive budget gaps and taxpayer dollars dry up due to high unemployment, Wisconsin took a bold step to finally grasp control of their past history of over spending. First they elected a majority Republican legislature and a Republican governor willing to stand up to the greedy public unions, one source of out of control spending.

Democrats still in the legislature, instead of debating the new bill proposed that would limit some collective bargaining of the unions, fled the state in an effort to prevent the bill from being voted on, denying the legislature a quorum.

Removing portions of the bill that pertained to budgetary items, portions that required the quorum and facing strong riotous behavior from union members and supporters, the legislature passed the bill, drawing even more anger from rioters outside the capital resulting in death threats being made to legislators.

With the bill passed, cowardly Democrat legislators returned to a “hero’s welcome” by greedy union rioters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Governor Walker requested the Democrat Secretary of State, Doug La Follette to publish the new law. La Follette announced he will wait the maximum allowable time under law to publish it, all while greedy public unions continue to strong arm communities and agencies of the government for more hard earned tax dollars.

Governor Walker rescinded some 1,500 pending lay-off notices, seeing that finally, a portion of state spending was going to be brought under control.

Meanwhile, Democrats, ever mindful of partisanship over the will of the people struggling to make ends meet, filed a lawsuit against the new law, seeking a judge to once again, throw out what the people of a state desired.

As can be expected, they filed in Democrat controlled Dane County, Wisconsin through Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, also a Democrat. The Democrats lawsuit alleges the GOP majority violated the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law, claiming “the Republicans didn’t give notice of a key committee meeting far enough in advance” when they took out the fiscal provisions.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi, who I hear is also a Democrat, issued a restraining order against the new law this morning saying, the suit was “likely to succeed on the merits.” She adds, “it seems to me the public policy behind effective enforcement of the open meeting law is so strong that it does outweigh the interest, at least at this time, which may exist in favor of sustaining the validity of the (law).”

Nothing said about the ‘fleebagger’ Democrats running away to prevent the legislature from acting on the behalf of the people of Wisconsin and refusing to return. No, what is important is the will of the greedy public unions over any will of a struggling middle class.

Sumi, I read, is expected to make her final ruling sometime after March 28… after her vacation, giving the greedy union bosses more time to strong arm taxpayers into handing over more of their dwindling paychecks.

To the greedy union bosses and Democrat legislators they help elect, this is “democracy in action,” thwarting the will of the people any way possible and digging deeper and deeper into taxpayers pockets, so greedy unions will have more funds to elect more milquetoast Democrats to do their bidding in bankrupting the middle class.

The greed of private unions drove auto manufacturers nearly out of business and sent many of our manufacturing companies overseas, they being unable to remain profitable under such strong arm tactics.

Maybe the time has come to show greedy union bosses what is really going on and re-issue those 1,500 lay-off notices to union members and add a few more as needed.

If there are no funds left for unemployment benefits? Not a problem, just turn to the greedy union bosses who fought so hard to see more unemployed.

Surely with their excessive Millions of dollars from past dues, they can afford to help newly unemployed union members, right?

Don’t hold your breath expecting any union boss to actually be caring enough to cut into his bank account to help union members.

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