Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conserving, "It's Good For Everyone"

Contrary to how conservatives are often portrayed, we do believe in and practice conservation. We just believe it should not be mandated by the government.

Michael Souder, who's 3rd Grade Class sang the tribute to Soldiers a year or so ago has written and recorded a song with his 2nd graders from Tussing Elementary School helping to teach the children to "use it, replace it when you're done" with natural resources and in recognition of the upcoming Earth Day.

Before any take exception, allow me to remind you that we conservatives support and recommend the Boy and Girl Scouts for young people. No youth group teaches conservation and respect of the earth more than they do.

When I was in the Boy Scouts, it was common practice to always leave a campsite cleaner than we found it. We didn't freak out if someone cut down a tree, we used it and planted one or two more to replace it.

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