Saturday, June 18, 2011

Of Brancaccio, Madore and Count Von Count

It must not be an easy job leading the counties mouthpiece for just about every taxpayer rip-off that comes down the pike and promoted by the downtown mafia, but from all looks, Lou Brancaccio is doing a pretty good job carrying their water. All too often, you would think he actually supports many of those taxpayer rip-offs himself.

That must be what leads Lou to write a column and end his hit piece with how much he likes local businessman and arch nemesis of the loot rail mafia, David Madore. Madore was In-N-Out

After taking a half-hearted if not misguided slap at Sarah Palin (falling on comedian Tina Fey’s depiction from Saturday Night Live of seeing Russia from her house), Brancaccio says, “Madore has sort of parlayed all of this into creating himself as a bit of a kingmaker. A behind-the-scenes kind of guy who could make or break you.” He continues, “If you hope to be a kingmaker, you, ah, need to make a few kings. His track record at backing the winning horses? Not too good.”

To my knowledge, David Madore has been publicly involved in only one campaign season.

Oddly enough, Brancaccio claims, “getting out of the race, after being in it for only a few days, creates its own set of problems. It raises all kinds of questions.”

Yet, a sitting legislator who abruptly quits office, shortly after winning the election and in the middle of legislative session drew warnings on raising those questions on the Columbian website.

Over the months since David Madore gained public notice due to involving himself in some campaigns and contributing funds to candidates, the Columbian has labeled him “a staunch critic of the proposed Interstate 5 bridge, Anti-tolling activist, a crackpot (by commissioner Steve Stuart & apologized for), alluded to as a goofball (by Rep Jim Moeller)” and of course, we read Stephanie Rice’s depiction of those agreeing with him as “Madoristas.”

Also alluding to Madore, the late Tom Koenninger in one of his last editorials wrote, “The ‘know-nothing’ group must be challenged. They can’t be allowed to continue haranguing the council on false issues containing more paranoia than truth and setting up ‘straw men’ that have no factual foundation.”

Suffice it to say, by all appearances, David Madore hasn’t been the Columbian’s favorite citizen.

And his withdrawing from an election shortly after filing has Lou Brancaccio using his journalistic “huh” a few times as if Madore is the first ever candidate to withdraw soon after filing. Brancaccio didn’t bat an eyelid when Woodland city council woman Marilee McCall withdrew her candidacy for Woodland mayor shortly after Madore withdrew his.

I did get a chuckle out of Brancaccio’s comparison of Madore with Muppet character Guy Smiley, as he extended the papers lighthearted, good natured ribbing of other political figures to Madore. Even David Madore chuckled over it.

Seeing how David Madore has gotten under the skin of the downtown light rail mafia, and their mouthpiece, acknowledging Lou’s claim of “all great ideas should be stolen,” I thought about a Muppet comparison for him.

Who loves ya, Lou? Me! (And Count Von Count)

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