Friday, June 03, 2011

This is Why, Mayor Leavitt

In a recent exchange with Vancouver's Mayor Tim Leavitt on the Columbian's web page (in comments), he wondered about my saying I would not make the mistake of supporting him again. In addition to the reasons I listed there, the following video compilation should also explain the beginning of my decision to not support him should he run for another term when this one is up.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe every effort must be made by people to keep their word.

Leavitt's turn around on tolling of the Columbia River Crossing is a sell-out in my estimation. He claims he could see no other way to fund the boondoggle project, yet when campaigning he boasted of years of involvement in all of the intricate matters of it while on the C-Tran Board.

Lest you think this is single issue matter with me, it is not. I also am disturbed by his lack of seeing how a proposed Special Events Ordinance easily could have impaired free speech as well as his spineless conduct during the now famous 'Gavel Down' incident with city council member Jeanne Harris, September 2010. Ducking out at the last minute on an interview with my friend Victoria Taft and efforts to silence critics at council meetings didn't help him in my eyes either.

While I have appreciated his stand on helping out the local VFW Post and showing honor to Veterans as well as a few other lesser issues, his lying outright to get elected to the office over shadows them.

We need honorable people in office if we are ever to turn the city, county and country back around.

Tim Leavitt is sorely lacking in that regard as far as I am concerned.

Fortunately for Tim, he isn't up for reelection this year.

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