Monday, July 25, 2011

Underdogma: How America's Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power [Review]

Our innate sympathy for routing for the underdog is so ingrained in us that we easily miss when those opposed to us twist that regard to strip us of our power and standing in the world. Michael Prell expertly guides us step by step through how those jealous of US Power gently at first, then with more force did just that, twisted our senses to make America the terrorists instead of the radical extremists.

From early news releases shortly after September 11, 2001 to politicians’ claims in campaigns, Prell shows how Americans have been misled to believe that somehow, we are the oppressor instead of the target of terrorism.

Gay activists have remade themselves into an oppressed class crying victim to suppress our natural makeup and legitimize their lifestyle.

Liberals desiring to impose socialism on us and bring us under the authority of a “central command” (the United Nations) have ridiculed our wealth building ability, marginalized our might and twisted the meaning of the words of our constitution.

With ease and the use of several documented quotes, Michael Prell shows us how we have been made out to be the greedy gobblers of energy, ruining the earth’s atmosphere instead of the nation striving the most to curb pollution and purchase goods from other nations, supporting their economies in the process.

It is obvious that a lot of research was put into this book with its extensive quotations and footnotes. His quotes indicate how facts are displaced with spin, truth twisted to implant a false notion of the American spirit of supporting freedom and how our Superpower status has been not been used to conquer and expand, as our enemies would have us think.

Anybody who believes we do not also have an innate desire to do good for others, to rush to the aid of others and have fallen for the canard of the leftists who see America as the “Great Satan” of the world needs to read this book carefully. It is far from the wild eyed conspiratorial tales that others have written, but a well documented guide to how forces within and without have deftly worked for so long to bring about a fundamental change in America for the worse.

From the demonization of our Oil Companies and large corporations that contract throughout the world, to Barack Obama traveling the world to “apologize” for America, we are guided step by step how “Underdogma” is dismantling the very fiber of Americanism.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I have noticed for years how we were once wrongfully labeled as “murderers” and “monsters who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence” by a former presidential candidate, how Hollywood liberal celebrities falsely classified the communist aggression then as just a “civil war” that we were the oppressor and the invader and how we allowed a struggling ally to fall under the abusive, bloodthirsty grip of communism, all to soothe a misled populace.

I never understood what happened, how did we who served become the “bad guys” who merited public condemnation and vilification instead of the thanks of a nation we fought for. Thanks to “Underdogma,” it is clear now. I understand and see how we were early victims of the phenomena of “Underdogma.”

Far from examples of other books, Michael Prell does not just pen a “woe is us” book. He devotes a chapter to the antidote of “Underdogmas,” once again embracing American Exceptionalism. Far from past examples of Imperialist nations setting up satellite nations under their conquer, Prell explains how we have approached wars brought to us with “exit strategies,” giving foreign lands the chance at self determination.

The very Spirit of “life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness” set in play by our founding fathers is the antidote to “Underdogma.”

If you have any inclination of shame for being born in America, if you find yourself wondering why America is such a bad country or are just tired of “How America’s Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power,” this is a book for you.

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