Sunday, September 04, 2011

Liberals New Jobs Plan

In a recent interview, the somewhat reverend Al Sharpton discussed jobs with Oregon Democrat Peter Defazio.

In July 2003 we saw the headline, "Bush’s Economy: Unemployment Soars" with the comment, "- The nation's unemployment rate shot up to 6.4 percent in June, the highest level in more than nine years, in an economic slump that has added nearly a million people to jobless rolls in the past three months."

Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J., then chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said, . "The verdict is in: The Republicans' multi-trillion dollar failed economic policy is one the greatest disasters for working Americans in a decade."

Unemployment was actually 6.3% according to BLS.

November 2003 saw Pelosi and Daschle send Bush a letter that said, "American workers are weathering the effects of an economy where there is only one job for every three individuals searching for a job. And yet, the Republican leadership in Congress is refusing again this year - as it has in the past - to address this urgent problem."

Unemployment was 5.8%

September 2004 saw the AP run an article, "Three-Mile Long Unemployment Line Gives Bush the Pink Slip."

Unemployment was 5.4%

January 2008, after Democrats had control of both houses of congress for a year, Chuckie Schumer posted, "Bush Jobs Record the Worst since Presidents Herbert Hoover and George H.W. Bush"

"BLS Report Indicates Loss of 13,000 Private Sector Jobs and Increase in Unemployment Rate to 5 Percent."
“If there were ever a shot across the bow to this Administration to get off its laissezfaire boat and start helping the economy, this is it."

Unemployment was at 5%.

Obama took office after Democrats had 2 years in control of both houses of congress with an unemployment rate of 7.8%, all fingers pointing at Bush and Republicans.

Unemployment exceeded 10% before Obama was in office a year and remains above 9% after claims of his multi billion dollar stimulus would prevent it from exceeding 8%.

And with the call of 9% becoming the new normal, all than can be done is still blame Bush and Republicans? Seems to me, we were doing much better when Democrats were telling us how bad everything was.

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