Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Disconnect of Occupy Wall Street

The longer these “Occupy Whatever” protests go on, the more disconnected the “occupiers” seem to be. Now that they have decided to release their “demands” and another work in progress document, “The American Peoples New Economic Charter,” I am left wondering how these people expect to be taken seriously.

At one point in their documents, they call for an end to private sector student loans, saying such loans should be wholly subsidized. Later, they want forgiveness of the very loans they took out then state, “Get Wall Street out of the private student loan business and maintain fair and reasonable public loans for all students who need them.”

They ask for “Education should be funded with some of the $2 billion/week that goes to war-funding. At least 50% of it.”

They expect, “Socialize undergraduate level college. Make failing impossible to assure that everyone has the same chance in the work place post-college.”

They want to see, “Repeal “No Child Left Behind” [NCLB is basically a corporate $ maker. Make all education free from cradle-grave.”

After stating no student information should be shared with Military Recruiters, they then expect, “Establish a national service requirement for all young persons, incorporating the draft in time of war, and civilian service for all others.” Another ‘occupier chimed in, [Lets get our republic back first before we force people to die for it] Maintain the option of “conscientious objector.”
During time of service, young people will be provided room, board, and a small salary. This money will be paid from the $2 billion/week currently spent on war.”

On the subject of guns we read, “Eliminate all gun registration lists so they can not be published in newspapers for criminals to choose their victims (either for gun burglaries, or home invasions of the defenseless).

Another occupier entered in regard to that, “The government should act as a national database of citizens, with only such information as: name, dob, ss#/voter id, schools attended, driver’s license #, address/phone, medical record #. Citizens will not be allowed to own guns. They can be used in shooting ranges. We cannot let Jarred Louhgners to corrupt our society any more.”

Still later in the document we read the suggestion, “make guns illegal in our society. If even one mentally-ill person is able to get a gun, that makes everyone and anyone unsafe. Create safe and sane shooting galleries as entertainment businesses for those who like shooting.”

As expected, there is also the usual list of “prosecute and imprison corporate CEO’s,” “Free healthcare,” “repeal Citizens United” that gave corporations a voice in elections as Union have, “Stop home foreclosures” and more.

But, the single largest disconnect is found on the last page of the proposal, “New Salary Range Recommendations” supposedly “Based on Concepts of Economic Sustainability and Right Livelihood” The following is a list of their “range of Salaries.”
Bankers $20,000
Lawyers $27,500
Realtors $25,000
Doctors $28,000
Nurses $27,500
Teachers/Librarians/Train Engineers/Bridge Maintenance/Ship Pilots, etc. $35,000
Police $36,000
Public Servants $28,500
Laborers $20,000
Other public sector $30,000
Other private sector $29,000
Technical/Research/Academic $36,000
Entrepreneurs/Business Owners $10,000 (this annual payment by the government will serve to fund and support private businesses, which, if successful, can create needed and sought-after products. If the products are worthy and valuable, people will buy them, and entrepreneurs will be able to amass fortunes. Warning - products, such as derivatives, will probably not succeed in the new, fair economy)
Congress $30,000
President 40,000
Soldiers N/A
Defense workers $25,000
All jobs include full health benefit for worker and family, full retirement benefits, full free education for children.
Besides being much lower than current salaries, who in their right mind would be willing to start any business and receive only $10,000 a year from the government while they pay employees twice that amount?

And, as brought out by the Washington Times, with soldiers being eliminated (presumably why Soldiers salary is N/A), why will there be defense workers?

We are also told that income taxes would be eliminated too and ““The only tax will be a sales tax for all goods and services, which will be fixed at 4%.”

But, even with such a low sales tax, much lower than we pay today, salaries so low and business start-ups discouraged, who would be able to fund all of the free education, free healthcare and those companies who have already packed up and moved overseas to afford to manufacture their product being hit with other taxes recommended in the document, which will undoubtedly force them to completely cut ties to the United States should such a pact be implemented.

All products to be purchased would have to be imported, which earlier in the document called for an import tax. Other countries would not be held to compliance of this pact as the past itself calls for an end to all colonialism, at home and abroad.

Another complete disconnect with reality is demonstrated on page 23 where it is written in response to no reporting on wars in the media, “There will be no war, so that’s moot. The government will have one media center in which it broadcasts/reports on its news. Who do these warmongers think are going to attack us?”

How can anyone reach adulthood and be so blindly naïve?

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