Monday, December 12, 2011

David the Occupier Tries to Justify Lost Wages to Middle Class Workers

David the Occupier, December 12, 2011 1pm [From Victoria Taft, KPAM 860]

It comes as no surprise that this group of malcontents, calling themselves “occupiers” but who in reality are nothing more than anarchists foolishly pushing for the country to become communist, justify their every action, no matter how much they hurt everyday workers.

Since they decided they have some “right” to take over and hold public parks, denying the rest of us our right to enjoy the parks, they have ratcheted up their discontent as they seek more notoriety, regardless of any destruction they may cause.

Just today, Monday December 12, 2011 we see them up and down the West Coast interfering with interstate commerce, shutting down ports, blocking middle class truckers from doing their jobs and earning a days wages. What they think they are accomplishing escapes me.

They claim the support of rank and file workers, but the online poll offered by KGW News shows overwhelmingly that they have little support among the middle class. I imagine the thousands of people who lost wages today due to their ongoing tantrum aren’t too happy about that.

One such protester, a young mother identified only as “Lotus” boasts of having her 4-year old daughter on the train tracks! (about the 1:15 mark)

“Lotus” claims, “The thing is, I have faith in humanity, I don’t think any person driving a train is going to haul through a bunch of peaceful people with children.” No doubt, had any injuries happened to the 4 year-old child, that ditz “Lotus” would be fast to find an ambulance chaser to sue the Port, the Rail Company and the city.

That these people are being tolerated by their illegal actions is an abomination upon itself. Their cries of “peaceful protest” are drowned out by their actions interfering with struggling middle class workers earning a living. And they still maintain support of rank & file workers, even though one sign seen in TV news reports stated, “Sorry for the inconvenience to your APATHY!”

To these twits, if you strive to care for your families, you are now “apathetic.”

The claim of sending a message to Goldman Sachs is laughable. How does taking money out of the pockets of middle class wage earners affect Goldman Sachs? They have the wealth to sit back and wait these morons out.

The longer these idiots are allowed to get away with such actions, the bolder they become. They falsely claim to be “the 99%” but are actually only the bottom 1% of society, those expecting to be spoonfed whatever they wish and contribute little, if anything to society.

Capitalism is what grew the middle class, not the communism and class warfare they advocate.

People across America are quickly getting fed-up with these freeloaders and mayors who abide by their wishes instead of dealing with the lawless fringe left. The media’s embracing of the jerks and the destruction they cause is equally as ridiculous.

Middle class workers are entitled to earn wages, without interference from anarchists and leftists trying to forcibly impose their desires on the majority.

Just as happened back in 1970, if the mayors and governors in America do not begin dealing with these whiny little freeloaders, others might know how to.

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