Monday, February 06, 2012

Democrats Continue the Highjack of the GOP Legacy

I’ve lost count of how many times liberal Democrats have bashed the Republicans for being mean-spirited, racist, cold hearted, evil and just the worst sort of people to ever exist on the face of the earth. Every election or whenever faced with a major piece of legislation they wish to promote, Democrats pull out the race card, the homosexual card and in spite of calls for civility, engage in some of the worst condemnations imaginable of conservatives and Republicans.

Listening to Democrats, especially since the 2008 elections that saw Barack Obama installed at the helm of the nation, the first ever Republican president, Abraham Lincoln was actually a strong liberal Democrat. Dwight Eisenhower, who led Allied Forces to Victory in World War Two and who was president during the 1950’s was really a strong liberal Republican.

And perhaps the strangest of all of their highjacking is after heavily bashing of Ronald Reagan during his time in office and since, he too is being embraced as more of a liberal Democrat.

It has even been said by liberals, “Obama is more of a Reagan/Eisenhower Republican than a Truman Democrat.”

Race huckster columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. even wrote a column titled Reagan wouldn’t recognize — or like — today’s GOP.

Perhaps in regards to their lack of spine today, he might be on the right track, but that is not what Pitts is saying. No, he is actually condemning Arizona’s Republican Jan Brewer because she had the audacity to wag her finger in the Lord High Mighty Barack Obama’s face and it was caught on camera. Blasphemy!

Pitts, like all of the rest of the hucksters bowing at the feet of Barack Obama forget he is just another man and one who has a history of committing that very sin himself, also caught on camera as seen below with Louisiana Governor Bobbie Jindal, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

No one raised any concerns over those finger wagging incidents.

Pitts continues, “It reminds us that Republicans are no longer about sunshine and can-do. These days, they simply seem cranky and dyspeptic.”

I find that especially ironic as during Reagan’s terms “Trickle down” was coined and used as condemnation of his economic policies. Reagan was very optimistic and restored America’s pride in ourselves after the years of Vietnam, Watergate and the Carter years where the “misery index” was used.

Democrats had no use for President Reagan as seen in this July 1985 Chicago Tribune article, Reagan Tax Plan Gets Bronx Cheer, a May 1985 Time Magazine article Addicted to the Loophole Habit: Reagan's tax plan and as the late Democratic presidential adviser Clark Clifford did in calling him “an amiable dunce.”

Have they forgotten their outrage over his firing of the air traffic controllers over their ill-advised and illegal strike in August 1981. Even today, the New York Times continues to label that as “undermining the bargaining power of American workers and their labor unions and polarizing our politics in ways that prevent us from addressing the root of our economic troubles.”

As seen in the following video, ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson continually tried to be a thorn in Regan’s side, but was often chopped off at the knees.

Even Sam Donaldson came to respect Ronald Reagan, but I do not see him claiming he was actually a Democrat.

In the 1956 campaign against Dwight Eisenhower, Democrat candidate Adlai Stevenson promised “a ‘New America’ where freedom is made real for all without regard to race, beliefs, or economic condition ‘basically saying that the Republicans had benefits the rich and not the average American’.”

A great deal mellower than today, but the same accusatory rhetoric we continue to hear .

Democrats did focus much of their attacks in 1952 against Republican Joe McCarthy for his digging out communists who had infiltrated our government and entertainment industry, a call still heard today as Democrats seek any and all methods to taint the very party they now wish to embrace two of the more successful candidates in history.

In virtually every corner you look you will find Democrats bashing Republicans, ridiculing the policies and painting conservatives amongst the vilest beings ever to live. Yet, Democrats for some time now have been embracing the legacy of Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower in spite of condemning their policies at the time.

Barack Obama has continued many policies of George W. Bush even though he heavily condemned them in the 2008 campaign. Are they so ashamed of their own policies that they feel the need to camouflage their failures and economically damaging policies by embracing Republican policies?

As much as they cry “racist” against Republicans, who actually led the fight for Civil Rights for Black People throughout the history of America, will they ever acknowledge and atone for their own long history of racism in America and stop spreading The Myth of the Racist Republicans?

It seems even Democrats now realize Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower were right and their liberal policies were wrong.

So why would they encourage voters to vote for them when they can have a real Republican instead? Since even Democrats now promote Republican policies they have long opposed, it seems an admission that the country fairs better with conservative Republicans.

Something voters need to remember come the November elections.

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