Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obama Strangling the Middle Class With High Energy Costs

It seems hardly a day goes by that mixed in with the emails I receive hawking Viagra, enlarging a certain portion of my body, invited to chat with some 18 year-old hottie (allegedly) and proposals of marriage from Nigerian or Russian ladies offering me millions of dollars, I find something from the Democrat Party or Barack Obama’s reelection campaign telling me how only they are looking out for me and how Republicans want me to die, fund the rich, starve women, enslave Black people or other malarkey.

Listening to what is said in emails seeking donations for the Democrats you would be left with the impression that they and only they care about those of us in the middle class while the Republicans want all of us bankrupt.

So why has the middle class been hurting more since Democrats swept to power in January 2007 and since Barack Obama began his regime in January 2009? Why are we so much worse off with their fixes that were touted as saving us in the middle class?

We know about the housing bubble that finally burst in the waning days of the Bush administration and saw how all of the blame was laid at his feet, even though he repeatedly warned it was coming, only to have efforts to curtail it blocked by Democrats.

We know about the run on our money markets that happened weeks before the 2008 election and the bail-outs that today Democrats complain about, even though they held complete congressional power an approved of the bail-out and again approved when Barack Obama continued bailing out Wall Street, nationalizing the auto industry moving towards nationalizing our health care system.

Where Democrats have really hurt the middle class and again deflecting all blame is when it comes to our energy policies in recovering more of our own domestic supply.

After the blow-out of the BP Deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, a moratorium was placed on offshore drilling. In reply to later claims by Democrats and the media of the Moratorium being lifted and Gulf drilling coming back strong, Mark Green of the American Petroleum Institute replied, “We wish.”

We saw Barack Obama kill thousands of potential jobs for the middle class when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline project to carry Alberta Canada oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries.

For years we have seen how Democrats repeatedly block any recovery of our own domestic crude in the 19 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Northeast Alaska. Along with blocking efforts to recover our own energy source there, all 6 Democrat Senators from the west coast have signed onto a piece of legislation calling for a “Permanent Moratorium” on all Pacific Coast off shore drilling.

As the unrest in the Middle East escalates, with Iran cutting off oil to Britain and France amid threats of blocking oil shipments through the Gulf or Hormuz, a recent refinery fire in Washington State and continued efforts denying Americans not only fresh energy supplies but jobs as well, it comes as no surprise to read Unusually high gas prices not showing any signs of relief as once again American middle class drivers are seeing the price of gasoline threatening to exceed $4 a gallon in a very short period.

So called “green” energy is of no help as we have seen Billions of our tax dollars going down the drain for “green” energy companies such as Solyndra declaring bankruptcy, with 3 others, Evergreen Energy, Ener1 and Amonix, Inc. declaring bankruptcy all in the same week in January 2012.

Amid news reports of an improving unemployment rate, dropping to 8.3%, still higher than when Barack Obama assumed office, a deeper look reveals the true number exceeds 15% still. That amounts to many millions more unemployed or under employed than is being reported by the media.

So where is all of this caring about the middle class and the enacting of policies to benefit us?

It sure can’t be seen in the Obama Administrations reported intent to give away seven strategic, energy rich Alaskan islands to the Russians, denying America of even more sources of domestic energy and giving it away to Russia so they may recover it and use it for their energy needs.

Even though this was initiated during the Clinton and carried forward during the Bush years, Obama seemingly is choosing to move ahead with it, even though our own middle class continues to suffer with no jobs, increasing gas prices and threats of decreased energy supplies from foreign sources.

I fail to see how any Democrats can say how they are looking out for the middle class when nearly every “fix” they impose on us throws us even deeper into despair.

Isn’t it time we elected people that really do care about constituents and the middle class, instead of giving us lip service on caring?

Choose wisely this November. Let’s begin changing faces back in Washington D.C.

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