Friday, February 17, 2012

Ron Paul, the “Biblical Prophet,” Anoints Vancouver and Beyond

I presume Vancouver, Portland, Clark County, Cowlitz County, Multnomah County, Marion County, Clackamas County and more feel blessed to have such a Biblical Prophet of Ron Paul’s stature lower himself to touch the ground at the Vancouver Hilton Bed and Bankruptcy Thursday afternoon.

True to his announced claim, Ron Paul, who I once thought was only a whiney congressman from a sparsely populated district in Texas held a campaign event in our little town today. Lucky for me that he did as I discovered that far from just being a human congressman, he is now a Biblical Prophet in the line of John the Baptist, Luke the Physician, Paul the Apostle, part Daniel part Elijah and here to lead us to the second coming of Christ.

In case you think I am making it up, I direct you to the Columbian’s live blogging of his Holy presence this afternoon and the comment left by a Michael Guenther.

Lest you think I am making too much out of one lunatic’s words, I also direct you to the Daily Paul and their post, Who is the Biblical prophet CLOSEST to Ron Paul?

To my initial surprise, adherents to the Holy Paul flooded in from all over to hear his Sermon on the Mount at the downtown Hilton Bed & Bankruptcy Grand Ballroom. Arriving a little before the announced 4 PM beginning, I saw an unexpected line of people stretching far down the sidewalk. At 4 PM one organizer, er Apostle of the Holy Paul said the line stretched all the way down to the Interstate Bridge, somewhat of an exaggeration as evidenced by the photo below, still a block north of the Rail Bridge.

Far be it that a lowly infidel as me questions an apostle of the divine Holy Paul, though.

Seeing the staggering numbers, 1,600 released by the Ron Paul campaign during the event in a news release, it began downing on me why the divine Ron Paul would meet with such mere mortals in a city of approximately 106,000 seeking to touch the hems of his garment.

To the immediate south sits another state, Oregon and the first city has a population of over a half of a million. A little further south of that is the state capital, Salem with a population of about 155,000. Both also have many worshippers of the Holy Paul who will attend any event to bow before his Holy presence.

None have a voice in the March Caucuses for Washington State, but does give the campaign a technically true claim of an overflowing crowd spilling out into the street.

Such technically true claims are a common tactic of the Holy Paul’s claims, evidenced by an earlier news release from his campaign, Ron Paul Leads President Obama in Poll of Ohio Voters

The release states, “2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul bests President Obama in a head-to-head matchup in the key swing state of Ohio according to a new Fox News poll.”

Beyond the questionable use of a poll issued by “Faux News” as many adherents label Fox News as they scream nothing on it can be trusted, I do appreciate their linking to it so that we infidels can see what is really said in the poll.

They claim the holy Paul besting Obama in Ohio with 41% for Obama and 42% for his divineness.

Left out of the news release, the poll also shows 40% Obama to 43% for Santorum, 43% Obama to 37% Gingrich and 38% Obama to 44% for Romney in Ohio.

So while technically true that the divine Paul bests Obama by 1%, completely ignored is that two other candidates best Obama by 3% and 6%. Only Newt Gingrich polls lower than both the holy Paul and Obama in the “Faux News” poll.

Technically true, but slightly dishonest by the omission. Not exactly what one would expect from a messiah.

Since I was unable to gain entry, along with hundreds of others, I must refer you to the Columbian recap of their live blogging of his version of the Sermon on the Mount. But, from what I read, it is the pretty much the same he has been repeating all over while the overall majority of us infidels continue to reject his salvation.

Jesus warned at Matthew 7:15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17 So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 So then, you will know them by their fruits.”

Hate to break the news, but Ron Paul is no more than a mere mortal himself. Sorry Paulbots.


REES LLOYD said...

Many thanks for your comprehensive report and commentary on Ron Paul's appearance in Vancouver, Lew.

Would that other media would provide such intelligent, informative, well-written, and witty, reportage and comment.

I couldn't be there as I was attending an American Legion meeting. I read all the other available local coverage, for what it was worth. Not much, compared to your report and commentary.


LewWaters said...

Thanks Rees, I can't speak of what went on inside the event, but have no doubts it was more of what we always see in news reports. He has his talking points and rhetoric down pat and repeats it word for word.

But what struck me the most and what I tried to convey is the elevating of Ron Paul above that of Biblical proportions, as he is leading us to the second coming of Christ.

I have only seen that in my lifetime with one other, Barack Obama.

In history, examples of other leaders elevated to such a lofty position show none have worked out well for the people and have led to wars.

After what we have seen with Obama, I will run from any candidate elevated to Biblical Prophet status and urge others to as well.

Besides all of that, Ron Paul is a nutcase! ;-)

Intranetusa said...

Ron Paul may have some bad or controversial ideas, but he's no nutcase. IMO, those who say he's crazy often have a superficial view of his ideas and the facts.

For example:
1. He has never said it is OK for Iran to have nukes. He has only said Iran feels threatened by its neighbors that have nukes (Pakistan, Israel). Basically, he doesn't want to borrow more money from China to bomb Iran. Furthermore, the Israeli military is far more powerful than the Iranian one, and the Israeli prime minister himself even said Israel doesn't need the US to be their babysitter. And take a look at how we treat North Korea - NK does have a nuke, sells missiles to rogue nations, attack our allies, torpedoed an ally's ship, threatens to wipe out SK and the US, is ruled by a cult dictatorship, etc. We don't threaten North Korea but we threaten Iran?

2. He never blamed Americans for 9/11, despite what some media groups claim. He only said that the US military actions in the Middle East caused tensions to build, contributing to 9/11. And these aren't even his own words - this was stated by the 9/11
Comission and the Defense Department.

3. Just because he doesn't want to give 4 billion a year to the Israeli military, billions to the Saudis, billions to the Pakistanis, etc under the guise of "foreign aid" doesn't mean he is anti-Israel. Maybe they should take a look at our 15 trillion dollar deficit.

4. His ideas about buying slaves is controversial, but that's exactly what England did to end their slavery issue.

5. He wants to audit the Fed Reserve, which is a policy that has been adopted by the rest of the GOP candidates.

6. His most controversial idea is probably returning the US to the gold standard. This is a bad idea, but it's not crazy - the US was on a gold standard until the 1970s. Money backed by tangible goods prevents runaway deficit spending and inflation, which is exactly what's happening now. It's too late to return to the gold standard, but that doesn't mean his idea of sound currency is wrong.


LewWaters said...

And like most Paulbots, you have the talking points down pat.

I don't care how you try to change the word, he is an isolationist. Don't even try to split hairs with he's a "non-interventionist."

While Iran might not be "within months" of obtaining a nuclear weapon as Michele Bachman claimed from a UN report that Ron Paul says does not exist, that same report does state Iran is working towards them.

Ron Paul says Iran would be justified in blocking the crucial Strait of Hormuz due to other nations sanctions to persuade Iran from developing nukes. In fact, he even states those sanctions are "an act of war."

He doesn't just want a fed audit, he wants an end to the fed, which would result in our monetary policies being placed back into the whims of the party in the majority in congress. If you think that is preferable, you need only look at the economic upheavals seen throughout the 1800's and early 1900's that led to the creation of the fed.

Who congress approves to chair the fed is more of a problem.

Foreign aid I can come closer to agreeing with him. Much needs to be curtailed. But Israel has every right to be on their homeland and have a land of their own. Their claim is much older than the Arabs and if Hamas and other radical Jihadist groups accepted that, there would be no need give out as much help.

And don't forget, we id not become a free nation without the help of other nations nor have we ever gone it alone in our endeavors.

And again, you can split hair and engage in semantics all you wish, Ron Paul did lay the blame for the September 11, 2001 attacks squarely at the feet of America.

You and he can parse words all you wish, he said what he said.

As far as his also saying we should listen to wait they say over there, look back to his claim that Israel helped create Hamas.

Founders and leaders of Hamas laugh at that claim.

He is nowhere near the messiah those I mention in my post think he is.

In fact, looking upon him or any other candidate as anything near messiah is a huge mistake.

dom said...

yes , id rather be a paulbot than a sheepole ! any day of the week and those that call him crazy their the crazy ones bc they just dont understand ! hes not an isolationist to those that believe that , yes he doesn't believe in war unless attacked . further why does the military support him and those that say hes just a mortal he never claimed he was god ! so get your facts straight !!further to call one a group of people a name like paulbots is racist , just bc one votes for one or sides with them that's like calling all whites big-gets . you sir need to go back to school and stay away from the Jewish media open your eyes . further look up the word isolationist : it means to cut of america from trading no where does it have to do with war ! buy a dictionary smart guy .

LewWaters said...

Dom, or is it really “dumb?” I sort of hate doing this to you,,,, no, actually I really enjoy showing the world what morons you Paulbots are, but what you fail to even realize right off the bat is that it is you Paulbots, you that follow him around with your noses shoved up his ass and who blindly accept anything he says that are the real sheeple (not sheepole, by the way).

Let’s go over your Daily Paul talking points and show everyone just how ignorant you are.

1) You say that the military supports him. Bullshit! Pure unadulterated bullshit!

You base that off of the claim that more military members donated to him than any other and while technically that might be true, in reality if you assigned one military member for every dollar he has received, at best he would have 4.4% support from the military.

He tried this same crock of shit in the 1007/2008 campaign and it was shown then too that he was full of it.

The Fantasy of Ron Paul's Military Support

Unspinning the Latest Ron Paul Spin

Some Ron Paul Supporters Still Desperate To Claim Military Support

Vets Find Republicans More Favorable But Paul Who?

But, the real proof in the pudding came in the exit polling from the first state with a heavy Military population, South Carolina. Of those answering they had served in the Military, 39% voted for Gingrich, 32% for Romney, 16% for Santorum and only 12% for Ron Paul.

2) You are who needs to get your facts straight, or at least with both open, after you wiped away your tears and blew your nose from crying so hard over someone shining a light on mesmerized worshippers of his. It was not said that Ron Paul equated himself Biblically, but you Paulbots and I gave links to Daily Paul and a screen shot from the local paper.

3) On labeling you as a Paulbot being “racist,” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Son, that only works for liberals. In fact, only liberals play the race card every chance they get. Sorry, son, but you outed yourself.

4) Don’t worry about my schooling, worry about your own. I’m not the brain dead moron blindly following anybody, not even the “Jewish media” you so eloquently expose your anti-Semitism by claiming.

In fact, I find Jew Hating to be quite prevalent in your ilk.

Oh, and it’s “bigots,” not “big-gets.” What was that you were saying about going back to school?

5) Isolationism: “refers to America's longstanding reluctance to become involved in European alliances and wars. Isolationists held the view that America's perspective on the world was different from that of European societies and that America could advance the cause of freedom and democracy by means other than war.”

Non-interventionism: “Says that political rulers should avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial differences.”

Let me know if I need to send you a crying towel.

Brownstien said...

Hurry up and die you miserable status quo loving old f*ck.

LewWaters said...

Spoken like a true Ron Paul devotee.

You all do your messiah well with all of your hate, bigotry and blindness.

And you wonder why he can't gain more than 30 or 40 delegates.

Wesley Morris said...

This article is very funny. This is the first time (and I have been following Paul for 5 years) that I have ever read anything that puts this kind of SPIN on the ONLY candidate who speaks the truth. Lew, you and your fellow baby boomers, and your parents have done more harm to this country than you can apparently fathom. America today is the culmination of about 100 years of lazy (in the sense that your generation and the one before you never researched the topics of the day), uninformed voters. 100 years of voters that refused to do for themselves what the Government promised, but couldn't make good on. Your generation wanted the nanny state to take care of you in your retirement via Medicaid, and social security. I don't want a part of that ponzi scheme, but your generation has shackled mine with the chains of debt slavery. Now every time one of your presidents, be it Bush 1 or 2, or Obama, or Nixon... (Do I need to go on?)... wants to spend, you say "Hell yeah!", as long as it is spending you approve of. Whether it is wars from the right, entitlements from the left, they are all wrong, disingenuous, and nefarious (because you have supported taxing your kids, grandkids, and probably even their grandkids for YOUR decadence). The main problem with America today is voters like you, who would rather vote for an "R", or a "D" rather than for your country. I wonder if you have ever served your country (I did). I took an oath to protect the constitution much like any member of Congress does. The problem is that they don't, and you don't care. If you are so dismissive of Paul’s Ideas because of what your talking box tells you, than I fear the Normalcy Bias will relegate this Once great Nation to the pages of History, that will surely be re-written by Government Educators to further dumb down another generation. This is all ok because someone in the media said the one person who might actually do something about it is a "NutCase". OK, you win... ?

Paulbot said...

DETECTED: poor justification, bad math, and one big fat straw man

First, tongue-in-cheek remarks by a college student at Ron Paul's fan club & some dude on Facebook are weak anecdotes for this "Holy Paul" straw man that you've dreamed up. As a result, your coverage of this event winnows down to nothing more substantive than estimated distances, what the clock read and census data. Are you this scant on every candidate you track? Perhaps it's just the ones whose followers are a bit too zealous for your liking. You've made your take on Paul's followers quite clear. Fortunately, you were able to save us from that scary straw man and his zealots with lazy jokes and a Bible verse about men who claim Divine inspiration for personal gain. I think Rev. 3:16 is a better fit for the discussion: "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."

Second, the poll mentioned in the press release you cite is meant to be a litmus test of how a candidate would do against Obama, assuming that candidate had secured the Republican primary. Any reasonable reader understands the difference between this type of poll and the ones where the candidates are measured against each other. This is a standard way of reporting this type of data, as anyone can clearly see in the "Latest Polls" section on's homepage.

Third, your stats about military spending (in the comment above) would make any economist roll over in their grave. Seriously. It's not as simple as dividing up all the money and pretending like everyone just gave a dollar. You need calculus. And confidence intervals. Do you know how large of a random sample size you would ACTUALLY need for a confidence level of 95% in a +/- 5% interval for a sample size of, I dunno, say, 1,456,862 active personal? Try 384. That's .026% of active personal. Moral of the story: political science blogs are not economics textbooks. But if you did need to borrow an economics textbook, Ron Paul can probably help. And when you do need a refresher on college algebra, now you know to find yourself a Ron Paul supporter.
Here, go play:

PAULBOT SIGNING OUT (we really are robots, you know)

LewWaters said...

LOL, Wesley, direct quotes from fellow devotees is “spin?”

I had to chuckle at Ron Paul being “the ONLY candidate who speaks the truth,” though. As I showed in the quoted poll and links in reply to Dom, Ron Oaul speaks the “truth” in the same manner as does Michael Moore.

I’ll grant you much harm has been done in the country, but don’t lay it the feet of those who long before you were defending her an standing up for freedom and liberty, while Ron Paul was gazing into women’s vagina’s.

But leave it to you to come along, after being pampered and having everything handed to you by your parents without any expectation of working for it to bitch the loudest.

You’re pretty generalized in blaming older people over their votes in the past, since you were likely not even born yet, hence wouldn’t have a clue of what the country was like, what candidate stood for or how they campaigned. You may have read something in those schools you attended, at our expense.

I guess it doesn’t dawn on you that we were complaining about the spending when you were still playing with the crap in your diaper.

If you really believe in doing research, I suggest you research the economy throughout the 1800’s as that is what Ron Paul would return us to. But no, you’d rather split the votes on the right and Keep Obama in power.

You say wars are wrong because Ron Paul tells you that. You listen to him isolating ourselves again and wait until the borders are breeched and we have terrorists running amuck inside America. You say then you will be willing to fight. I highly doubt any of you would be willing to fight even then.

More than likely, you’d come up with another reason to capitulate as Ron Paul has been supportive of allowing those who harbor the terrorists to gain a stronger foothold in America.

As for the rest of your diatribe, Ronald Reagan said it best, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

And yes I am ranking you Paulbots with the liberals, where you belong.

Ya'll sure don't know a thing about attracting voters to your view.

LewWaters said...

LOL Paulbot, you are even funnier. I love how you write off Daily Paul and comments, when it suits you. Got to protect homie, right? Let’s look at your rhetoric and show where you obviously fail.

Your first mistake is assuming I covered the “event.” I did not, but covered the comments of those equating Ron Paul to Biblical status. I gave a link to local newspaper coverage of the event, with little comment. I won’t bore you with further Bible verses as it is obvious you have little understanding of them.

You bring up the poll that was supplied by devotees of your messiah and then marginalize it when more of it is shown. That’s actually quite funny. What do ya’ll do, shop around until you find the poll that best suits you, as Ron Paul’s campaign does today out of Iowa? They got smarter this time and linked only to the article, not the actual poll.

But even in the article boasting on Paul, reading into it a bit reveals some amazing comments. Such as, a dude named Kinder complaining about the conditions in the country who then goes on to say if Ron Paul isn’t the nominee, Obama gets his vote.

Wow! Boy, that will sure make the country better, won’t it?

Yes, younger people have fallen under Ron Paul’s spell, but conservatives, as stated in the article, back Santorum. Ain’t it a bitch that we older conservatives outnumber ya’ll? ;-)

As for the Military, how long did you spend in uniform? A big mistake many of you make is never having served, then thinking you can speak for those of us who did. What you don’t know about the Military would fill volumes of books.

The South Carolina exit polls told it all. Did you miss school the day “analogy” was explained? That was a “best case” example.

If it is spin that bothers you all, you should really be ticked at Ron Paul for twice now spinning that the Military loves him. We do not.

So as usual, the Ron Paul spinning, shucking and jiving falls flat.

Just be careful. I’d hate to see you end up with a broken nose should Ron Paul come to a quick stop walking around and you end up with your head buried up his ass.

LewWaters said...

It's really kind of funny that you would send people to Real Clear Politics to see how well Ron Paul is polling, Bot.

I just went back to Real Clear Politics Latest Polls and as of the time of this comment, Ron Paul is either dead last or second to last in every single poll, except one.

And it just so happens to be the poll his campaign sent out to claim he is ahead of Obama.

The same as I mentioned in the post, lies by omission.

Monday, February 20

Michigan Republican Presidential Primary PPP (D)
Santorum 37, Romney 33, Paul 15, Gingrich 10 Santorum +4

Oklahoma Republican Presidential Primary Sooner Poll
Santorum 39, Romney 23, Gingrich 18, Paul 8 Santorum +16

General Election: Romney vs. Obama Rasmussen Tracking Obama 46, Romney 42 Obama +4

General Election: Santorum vs. Obama Rasmussen Tracking Obama 47, Santorum 44 Obama +3

oaebcr said...

You have a right to your opinion. I am a supporter of Paul. Equating me with being a bigot because I do so, shows prejudice, bias and a hateful attitude. Try just quoting you articles and facts and show people some respect?

LewWaters said...

That's rich, oaebcr, a Ron Paul supporter expecting respect.

Since you have not commented before, I find it difficult to accept that I equated YOU to a bigot.

However, in just this posts comments, I have been called racist and a bigot by one of your fellow supporters.

Another hopes I hurry up and die, referring to me as an "old F*ck."

Maybe you should be explaining just what "respect" is to your fellow Ron Paul supporters.

Rhetro Zenberg said...

If you want to see some SERIOUS cult-like adoration, go to an Obama event. Paul may be seen as a prophet to a handful of hopeful knuckleheads, but Obama is revered as messiah to the uninformed masses who support him... hell or high water :-)

How about a story on the Obama cult's pro-war movement??? That'd be refreshing.

Have a nice war, or two or three or more

LewWaters said...

Quire frankly, Rhetro, I see no difference between Obamabots and Paulbots. Both are revered as messiah's wrongfully.

That the Obamabots have stopped protesting the war boggle's my imagination as they, along with many Paulbots spared no voice in protesting, opposing, undermining and prolonging the war when Bush was in office.

By the way, war isn't very nice, that's why people like me have sacrificed over the years to keep it from our shores, only to see people like you exert pressure that will allow it on our shores.

Freedom isn't free, but you won't realize that until after you have lost it.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's speeches should replace those horrible letters of Saul of Tarsus in everyone's Bible.

Anonymous said...

and yes, I meant that literally

Anonymous said...

You're probably a Calvinist who believes people are all born totally depraved and such nonsense. Its why you support endless wars and wasting all our money away for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Or you hold to the superstition that if America doesn't send a billion dollars to Israel everyday God will get mad and the world will esplode. "Oh, no, Ron Paul wants to end foreign aide! My God, if we do that, it will usher in the Apocalypse because the only thing keeping Jesus from coming back with a flaming sword is our foreign aide to Israel!" Idiots.

LewWaters said...

Wow beowulf2k8, it's difficult to make out just what sort of bigoted Paulbot you are looking over your comments here.

You've expressed hatred of Jews, Christians, the Bible, Veterans and more.

Main problem is, you didn't say anything of merit to refute as you stated nothing remotely factual or even of relevance, just hatred.

And that remains Ron Paul's downfall and why he cannot win any election outside of his sparsely populated district in Texas.

He attracts the worst sort of person who only hate others who do not kow tow to their "supreme wisdom."