Monday, March 19, 2012

The Presidential Debate That Almost Was

As most readers know, if things had gone according to plan, instead of writing a blog post I would now be on my way to the South Side of Portland, Oregon to participate as one of a few bloggers invited by Oregon Public Broadcasting to live tweet the planned Republican Presidential Debate. If things had gone according to plan.

Only Newt Gingrich firmly committed with Ron Paul saying he would appear if others did. Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum did not commit, so the planned March 19, 2012 Oregon Presidential Debate had to be cancelled.

In appreciation, OPB threw a thank you luncheon today for all who were involved. Crew, moderators, bloggers, staff, Police and Press, we all were treated to quite a spread of food, catered by Portland’s Elephant’s Delicatessen.

Allen Alley, Chair of the Oregon Republican Party was present to express his thanks for all of the work put into building a fantastic set, that I am convinced would have looked really great on TV.

Portland’s mayor, Sam Adams was opposed to holding the Republican debate in his city. Does he not realize that since OPB was going to broadcast in conjunction with PBS, NPR and the Washington Times that his city would receive a lot of attention nationally? Yes, there was the risk of Occupiers protesting or trying to disrupt the event, but do we all need to cower from such morons who have nothing of merit to add to the community?

As I was told today by one of the OPB coordinators, this event would have shown Portland to really and truly be a diverse city, as claimed and not just a haven for far leftist progressives.

It is disappointing not to be live tweeting such an important event as this marks the first time I have been invited to something of this importance. But there will be other invitations and future events to attend.

I extend my thanks to Libby Clark of the Columbian for recommending me to OPB and to Amanda Peacher of OPB for inviting me. I especially thank OPB and Elephant’s Delicatessen for delicious lunch.

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