Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UPDATED: George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder. Can He Receive a Fair Trial?

UPDATE: George Zimmerman voluntarily surrendered to authorities where he faces charges of second degree murder in this case. However, watching the video of the news conference held by Florida Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey causes me to question the objectivity of this case. At the beginning of her news conference Ms. Corey is heard to say, "Just moments ago, we spoke by phone with Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. It was less than 3 weeks ago that we told those sweet parents that we would get answers to all of their questions, no matter where our quest for the truth led us. And it is the search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this moment..."

Some 44 days after claiming self defense in the shooting death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, and after weeks of media distortion and hype, race baiting marches and news conferences by race hucksters Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson resulting in calls for reparation and a human rights investigation by the United Nations, Barack Obama chiming in and US Attorney General Eric Holder promising to review the case, news from the special prosecutor Florida’s governor appointed to the case is that Zimmerman will be charged later today.

Exactly what the charges are to be has not been announced yet. It is thought to be some degree of manslaughter.

At issue now is whether or not Zimmerman will be able to receive a fair trial, given the emotionally charged public outrage whipped up by media and race hucksters.

A 2009 mirror case in New York, where they do not have a “stand your ground” law resulted in the acquittal of Roderick Scott, then 40 year-old Black man who shot and killed the 17 year-old White man, Chris Cervini that he felt was breaking into cars and who he claimed lunged toward him, resulting in a “self defense” shooting.

Cervini’s family maintains the 17 year old was shot in the back and Scott “got away with murder.”

But, that case did not draw race hucksters, or the United Nations or even Barack Obama’s attention.

Another case, after the Trayvon Martin shooting recently happened in Phoenix, Arizona is also a mirror image of this shooting and the media won’t even mention the name of the Black shooter.

No race hucksters, no United Nations outrage, no presidential comment, nothing outside of Phoenix media, as it should have been with George Zimmerman.

It is not known yet whether or not the charges will be based more on actual evidence or are a result of the lynch mob mentality we have seen as the media selectively leaked biased news against Zimmerman, leading many marchers to falsely claim Zimmerman stalked Martin, cornering him and shooting for wearing a hoodie and eating Skittles.

Police reports ignored by the media and lynch mobs ignore more damaging evidence against Martin such as Martin attacking him and Martin being on top, punching him.

The media has done what they could to paint Zimmerman as an out of control “White man” when in fact he is not White, but Hispanic, leading to the coining of a new label, “White-Hispanic.”

As a result of the emotionally charged rhetoric, we have seen hotheads from both the Black & White communities acting out against others as well as the New Black Panthers issuing a “Wanted Dead or Alive” call for the citizen capture of Zimmerman.

No charges are being brought against the New Black Panthers for such an illegal issuance.

I am not left with a good feeling should Zimmerman be acquitted in a trial, given all of the race baiting and misinformation that has been spread on this. Can we forget the Rodney King Riots of 20 years ago where Police Officers accused of Police Brutality against King were acquitted? And that case received far less media hype than this one is receiving.

I have maintained from the beginning of this that such race baiting feeds into the hands of White Supremacists who like the New Black Panthers would love to have a race war that will leave the rest of us caught in the middle.

Should Zimmerman be convicted, will they take to the streets killing Blacks indiscriminately as many feel was the motive behind two White’s caught and arrested for killing 3 Black people and wounding 2 others recently?

The court of public opinion is not where such matters should be settled. Our system is not perfect, none are. But it is pretty good and the days of Blacks being considered guilty before they prove their innocence are long in the past. Is the pendulum swinging now where Whites will be considered guilty unless they can prove without any doubt their innocence?

Zimmerman deserves his day in court as did Roderick Scott.

But, it must be remembered that justice is never served if an injustice is created.


Anonymous said...

Obama may very well use that new law that gives him the power to declare anyone he wants to be a terrorist, deprive them of their constitutional rights (like the right to a trial), and hold them indefinitely in a secret CIA prison, on Zimmerman. That's undoubtedly what "Reverend" Wright would want him to do. "Na na na, not put Zimmerman on trial, declare Zimmeraman a terrorist!" as he would say.

LewWaters said...

While it is fairly obvious that Zimmerman is being railroaded, it's a little early to believe CIA prisons or martial law will be effect over the shooting.

Your allegation would be better should the race riots erupt after the trial, if he is acquitted.

You could fall back on your hatred of others that you expressed in other comments to justify shooting and killing all of those people you hate because of their skin color or religious beliefs then.

Hell, you might be the first to be locked away in a secret CIA prison.

Be sure to tweet from a secret CIA prison what it is like.