Friday, May 04, 2012

Illegal Aliens Defrauding the American Taxpayers?

For all of the bleeding hearts who keep insisting how much we need illegal aliens in America and they do the work that American won't do, a special news report from Indiana's WTHR 13 News might not sit well with you.

The video report below is of a whistle blower & tax preparer who is revealing just how many Billions of our dollars are being sent to illegal aliens for nieces and nephews they are claiming as dependents in order to receive thousands of tax dollars refunded under the Child Tax Credit.

One small hitch, those nieces and nephews are not even in our country, but sitting down in Mexico.

WTHR 13 News Special Report, Loophole Costs Billions

Although this report is from the state of Indiana, we can only imagine how much of this is going on in Washington State, what with the previous Seattle Times report informing us that we have seen a "35% increase" in the illegal alien population in our state.

But our media, left wing as it is, doesn't seek to curtail the fraud or criminal activity of their being here in violation of our laws. No, they worry about how much state budget cuts will affect them as we have less tax money to give away to illegal aliens.

With there being such loopholes in our laws and those perpetrating these tax frauds, who in turn wire Billions of our dollars out of the country to their home countries instead of circulating in our economy, who are the real victims?

Should we feel sorry for so many who come to our country, drain our coffers and cry they are the underprivileged, when we see lawsuits flying on their behalf over efforts to rein in spending that is breaking the backs of the American taxpayer?

We keep hearing how it is too expensive to track them down and deport them. But as we see in the video report above, how expensive is it to continue ignoring the problem and work to entice even more of them to enter illegally?

Will congress act to close this loophole?

Wake up America. Immigration laws were written for a reason and by every country.

Why are only ours not to be enforced?

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