Sunday, May 27, 2012

John Kerry: Still Working to Undermine American Sovereignty

If ever there was a scourge on American leadership, it is Massachusetts senior Senator, Democrat John ‘F’in Kerry, who served in Vietnam (briefly). The anti-American activities this poseur has engaged in over the decades is well known, outside of Massachusetts.

A “self-proclaimed” war hero serving barely 4 months in Vietnam, trumping up a chest full of medals under very questionable actions who stabbed Vietnam Veterans in the back with his lies before Congress in 1971, anti-war activities to propel a political career as well as traveling to Paris to meet with Communist North Vietnamese agents only to return and advocate their position over America’s.

If not for the brave and courageous stand taking by a group of highly decorated Vietnam Veterans and former POWs, the country might have been fooled into electing this liar as president in 2004. His activities contrary to America’s best interests have been well-documented, leaving many to ponder just how it is he remains a United States Senator and not a prisoner in Leavenworth.

Kerry, ever the consummate political opportunist to further his own interests above that of our countrymen is at it again.

With several people deeply concerned over the push for ratification and joining the controversial Law of the Sea Treaty undermining American Sovereignty and further damaging our fragile economy, Kerry has expressed support of it.

But that support is not the subject of Kerry’s latest effort to bring harm to America.

No, as misguided as support of the treaty might be, Kerry has gone even further in an effort to help ratification of the treaty and undermine our sovereignty.

With this being an election year, having several congressional seats and the presidency in the play, Kerry, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has stated the ratification will not be brought up for a vote until AFTER the November election.

According to the Hill, Kerry says some Senators have expressed to him they would “be more comfortable if they could avoid having to cast the controversial vote during the campaign season.”

Of course, this move facilitates some incumbents hiding their view and potential vote from constituents until after they hope to be reelected. It also sets us up for another lame duck passage should they be voted out anyway.

Kerry is all too willing to play along with those who do not wish constituents to know their stand on such a controversial treaty in hopes of their being kept in the Senate.

Given the split between Democrats & Republicans supporting this treating, you can bank on those not wanting their positions known before the election are primarily Democrats, its right up their alley.

Kerry justifies his action as wanting “to avoid ensnaring the treaty in the presidential election campaign.”

“I do not want this treaty to become victim to that race or the politics of the moment. We will wait until the passions of the election have subsided before we vote,” Kerry says.

In simpler terms, he does not want the treaty to be discussed during the campaign, rightfully fearing it will damage the reelection efforts of both incumbent Democrats and Barack Obama.

Politics first, country and citizens somewhere well after that.

Leave it to Kerry to work to hide something from public view until after the election that he knows will be damaging as well as contrary to the interests of American citizens.

There is absolutely no other rational reason to hold off on this until after the election than the desire for politicians to hide their position and vote until after they are reelected.

Apparently, Kerry realizes their position is contrary to what the public wishes. The desire to wait until after the coming election indicates to me that Internationalists from the U.N. take precedence over American Citizens and our sovereignty.

I urge you all to contact your Senators and demand this treaty be voted on now or they publicly express their support or opposition. If any are unwilling to take a stand publicly now, they, along with this ill conceived treaty need to be shown the door.

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