Monday, June 04, 2012

As Goes Wisconsin, So Will The Rest of America?

Well, tomorrows the big day in Wisconsin. Unions successfully called for and gathered signatures to form a recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker even though his measures of reform have improved the economy of the state.

As has been previously shown, West Coast States did not fare well in recent rankings for business friendliness, California remaining unchanged at dead last, Oregon slipping into the ten worst list with Washington State not far behind, also slipping a few spots.

Wisconsin on the other hand seems headed in the right direction as Wisconsin has shown a 4 point improvement, moving up to number 20 from the previous position of number 24.

But, as we have seen for some time, expecting public unions to “share the sacrifice” and “pay their fair share” is not in their cards as they launched massive protests, occupations of public buildings and generally made complete asses out of themselves.

So the recall moves ahead, ignoring their state has improved with the little tweaks favored by Governor Walker.

But, it all could blow up in their faces as it is very likely Governor Walker will be retained by voters who enjoy having jobs and keeping a little more of their paychecks.

Intrade, ‘The World’s Leading Prediction Market’ is predicting a 94.0% chance Governor Walker will win.

A win for Governor Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin tomorrow very easily could be a forecaster for Novembers Presidential election an already has some Democrat strategists nervous.

A recent article in the New York Times admits, “A Republican victory here could set off a wave of adjustments in the lineup of swing states. Even before the outcome of Tuesday’s vote is known, Democrats are warning that Wisconsin is far from a surefire win in November.”

A last minute ‘October Surprise’ fell apart quickly, dashing hopes of the left to paint Governor Walker in a bad light.

Such tactics so easily disproved only hurt those making them, as we see Governor Walker still holding a comfortable lead over Democrat rival, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Still, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan readily admits the “the state is known for its share of ticket-splitters” indicating there may be those who will vote to retain Governor Walker and also vote in November to reelect Obama, but he also indicates “an awakening of citizens” who have suffered long enough under both Barack Obama and Democrats.

Even though the election in Wisconsin could be a precursor for the November election, it is not a guarantee for the Republicans. Governor Walker has said of the Republicans, “For them to make inroads in this state, they have to talk about what they’re going to do to take on the powerful special interests to ultimately make the tough decisions that are more about the next generation than just the next election.”

The last Republican to carry Wisconsin was Ronald Reagan in 1984, although George W. Bush came close in 2000 and 2004.

Should the likely outcome of Governor Walker retaining the governorship in Wisconsin occur, it will be no time for Republicans to feel confident about November. Let’s face it, Mitt Romney isn’t the strongest of conservatives and we still have the Ron Paul camp desperately trying to divide the right in hopes of seeing him on the ticket.

I support Governor Walker and will vote against Obama come November. But it is going to be to each of us to do our part and expose how public union special interests has not always been helpful in our economic struggle and recovery efforts.

We’ve got a country to save for future generations. It’s time to expose and stand up against these Democrat Party special interests so willing to tear our country apart.

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