Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Loses in Florida. Judge Refuses to Halt Voter-Roll Purge

Florida never seems to be short when it comes to controversy, as we saw in 2000 and since, especially of late as Governor Rick Scott called for close inspection of the polls of voters in Florida and the purging of those not legally entitled to vote. With scant mistakes so far, dead people, pets, felons, illegal aliens and more have been removed.

Seeing the possibility of many now Democrat voters being caught up in Florida wanting only legally entitled voters to vote, the Obama Administration strongly opposed such action, having the ‘Justice’ Department under Eric Holder file suit in Federal Court to halt the action.

The Orlando Sentinel tells that U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle “rejected a request from the Obama administration to put an immediate stop to the state’s non-citizen voter purge program.”

The Sentinel tells us further, “The Justice Department had argued that the state’s attempt to remove 2,600 non-citizens from the voter rolls violated a federal law that prohibits the systemic removal of voters within 90 days before an election. Department attorneys also said that voters’ rights were violated because many U.S. citizens had received letters questioning their citizenship and threatening to remove them from the voting rolls.”

Hinkle did chastise Florida, though, stating, “Determining citizenship is not as easy as the state would have it. Questioning someone’s citizenship isn’t as trivial as the state would have it.”

He is correct, of course, but shouldn’t votes cast by those not legally permitted to vote enter as well? Be it just a few or hundreds of thousands, elections can be decided by scant few votes, as we saw in Florida just 12 years ago.

Do we risk those not even legally entitled to vote casting ballots and potentially determining our elections?

Just days ago I received an email in my throwaway address from former Civil Rights Activist turned Democrat Political Hack, John Lewis claiming,
“I’ve been marching and preaching and fighting for voting rights for over 50 years. Today, we’re seeing a deliberate and systematic effort on the part of Republican officials to prevent minorities, seniors, the young, and the poor from casting their ballots.”
Of course, Lewis is claiming efforts by Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker are “trying to steal this election even before it takes place” by attempting to purge voter rolls of illegal aliens.

Joining him is ultra leftist group who is also labeling the purge effort “racist,” as Progressives label most everything they disagree with today.

The Miami Herald tells us that Judge Hinkle ruled that law prohibiting purging of voter rolls within 90 days of an election “the law does not refer to non-citizens.”

Rejecting the call of Justice Department attorney John Bert Russ to “restore the voting rights of everyone who had been purged to date, “ Hinkle said, “Leaving ineligible voters on the list is not a solution. Noncitizens should not be voting. People need to know we are running an honest election.”

Meanwhile, the State of Florida is suing “to seek access to a Department of Homeland Security database to better ascertain the citizenship status of voters,” a request the Department of Homeland Security has not been willing to comply with, stalling the effort to purge the rolls of further illegal aliens.

Judge Hinkle, a 1996 Clinton appointee also said, “The federal government and the state government ought to be working together to try to minimize the mistakes.”

That would be great, but let’s face it, Democrats have repeatedly shown they are not interested in “honest elections,” but are only interested in winning, any way they have to.

There is little doubt we will hear Democrats crying the blues should Obama lose in Florida, just as we have heard ever since their effort to steal the 2000 election in Florida was thwarted.

There is no doubt left in my mind that today’s Democrats are dangerous for our country, leading us rapidly into the deepest debt we have ever seen and desiring to dig us even further into debt, while unemployment remains high.

We must take our country back and restore her to the freedom and law-abiding nature we used to be known for.

We must fight back against the lies and deceit being used by far leftist Democrats at every level.

OMG 2012 (Obama Must Go)

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