Saturday, October 20, 2012

Any Wonder Why Republicans Are Seen As Crazy Hypocrites?

We all know there is a double standard when it comes to judging Republicans versus Democrats. Nowhere is this seen more than in what is labeled “family values,” where Republicans are portrayed as squeaky clean, Christian, upright and such, leaving them wide-open for the Saul Alinsky’s Rule 4: “Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. ‘You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity’.”

Democrats receive a pass for such indiscretions, as we saw with B.J. Clinton over the encounter with Monica Lewinsky, Barney Frank whose roommate at one time ran a homosexual prostitution ring out of their shared apartment and several others.

Republicans, on the other hand, are demanded and expected to be squeaky clean and any indiscretion from a Republican is immediate grounds for removal, as we saw with Florida’s Mark Foley and Idaho’s former Representative, Larry Craig.

The GOP is all too willing to comply with demands to oust even the most effective member of the party for any indiscretion or impropriety on their part.

Republicans using indiscretions to taint a Democrat opponent all too often end with the Republican being left with egg on their face, but that doesn’t stop them from trying and often making mountains out of molehills, losing sight of important issues while they focus on something from long ago that has no real bearing on today.

Amy Biviano
Such is the case now in Washington State 4th Legislative District race between incumbent Republican Matt Shea and his Democrat challenger, Amy Biviano.

Let me say here that I do not live or vote in the 4th District and if I did, my support would go the Matt Shea. But whoever is trying to trump up this issue against Ms. Biviano is hurting Shea more than they are her.

It seems news is out that 17 years ago, Ms. Biviano, when a 20 year-old student at Yale joined in with several other young ladies to be photographed topless for a Playboy Magazine “Women of the Ivy League” photo spread.

“Revealed” by right leaning Western Center for Journalism (photo on their site with strategic blacking out), not addressed by WCJ, as they point to her demands for Shea to reveal his past divorce and label her a hypocrite for not revealing her past, is just who at WCJ was digging through the very “soft porn” magazine they condemn others for reading?

Republicans tried a few years ago using far left liberal Playboy against aging Democrat Congressman John Conyers that did not gain any traction and went nowhere.

Biviano emailed her response on the revelation to the Pacific Northwest Islander admitting it was indeed her and adding that she would not do so today, outlining both the negative and positive results of her youthful college action.

Like others, she has matured, married and has a family and is a long time Liberal Democrat activist in a strongly conservative district.

Shea issued a statement condemning the use of the17 year old spread, but disappointing to read in the very first sentence, “I am saddened by the release by a national media outlet of my opponent’s involvement in pornography.”

That comes across to me as an unnecessary slap included in his “condemnation.”

Matt Shea is clearly the better candidate to represent the Spokane District. Amy Biviano is not who we need sitting in the legislature. But not because she once revealed her boobs in a photo shoot long ago. She is not suited because of her leftwing views and support for leftist policies that led us down this path of economic ruin we remain mired in.

Whether anybody, Democrat or Republican once appeared in Playboy or even if they buy and read it today has no bearing on our economy.

Many weeks ago I was approached by a Democrat friend of mine (yes, even I have Democrat friends) and asked to look over some photos of the daughter of a Democrat candidate and give my opinion if they should be taken down as too revealing or hurting the candidates chances in the election.

I saw an attractive young lady wearing a bikini bathing suit who, like other young ladies, is proud of her feminine figure. I said to my friend then that I saw nothing untoward in the photos and if someone ran across them and tried to use it in the campaign I would speak against such a tactic.

I see little or no difference in this effort to use a 17 year old photo shoot against someone who is more likely to lose on issues.

If anything, this tactic is more likely to gain support for the Democrat Biviano as she now becomes the victim.

Republicans can win elections if they focus on issues and point out how the current Democrat majority has led the state into such an economic nightmare.

Ms. Biviona’s breasts have no affect on our economy today. Her liberal views do.

Let’s focus on what is important.


watimebeing said...

As far as the Playboy layout I will only say that I have newfound respect for Ms. Biviano's assets and artistic flair. Nice!

As for the attempt to pin it on the GOP Candidate, it can only succeed if the Candidate endorces the tactic. If I were Matt Shea I would condemn the Western Journalism Center's stupid stunt and compliment her photo enhancing skills. Then get back to hammering her on the issues.

LewWaters said...

Had Shea not began his condemnation of the revelation with the underhanded slap that he did, he would look much better in this.

There was no need to begin, “I am saddened by the release by a national media outlet of my opponent’s involvement in pornography” as if she had starred in pornographic movies.

watimebeing said...

The Barn door is broke I suppose.

watimebeing said...

But that is a problem with the rise of independent pac fed sidebars like the WJC. They can say the nuttiest stuff and it reflects on a candidate and not on the opponent, and if given a courtesy call on it it looks as though the candidate endorses that kind on nonsense. Playboy is hedonistic claptrap, and salivary fair for teenagers. I think I read an article in one once.

Hired Mind said...

Biviano's campaign has been making a huge issue of Mr. Shea's divorce all along, branding herself as the "family values" candidate, while all along she had pose for Playboy. I don't personally care about the divorce, nor do I care about her posing topless. But is raging hypocrisy a value we should look for in a public servant? If so, then Ms. Biviano has plenty.

LewWaters said...

The main thing to recall is that this sort of tactic backfires on the GOP. B.J. Clinton may have been impeached, but the GOP is who was left with egg on their face.