Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bush’s Policies Increase Oil Production, Obama Gets Credit

It should come as no surprise to any of us that Barack Obama’s chances of being reelected look very slim. Or that our lamestream media will now do anything they can think of to build support to get him reelected, claiming some of the most fantastic lies they can muster.

A prime example of how the Obama Campaign is self-promoting lies is seen in the latest television ad, ‘Challenges,’ narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. It’s disappointing to see a man of Freeman’s caliber lending his voice to such a fabricated claim.

Perhaps he didn’t hear about the murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans in the Benghazi Consulate recently, or the high unemployment still seen in Detroit, Michigan or that GM’s bailout leaves taxpayers facing a $35 Billion loss while two thirds of the jobs promised seem to be overseas more than in Detroit.

He is correct that “more needs done,” especially considering VP Biden admitted the middle class has been buried these last 4 years and even in the last debate Obama admitted in the final debate, “we've neglected, for example, developing our own economy, our own energy sectors, our own education system. And it's very hard for us to project leadership around the world when we're not doing what we need to do...”

It appears that “going forward” with Obama will lead us right over the edge of a cliff of disaster that will finish off our country.

Two weeks from the most important election ever facing our nation, it does not surprise to see efforts by our lamestream media, who have long been hammering against oil production, denying there is more oil to discover and recover, that it causes global warming, we have reached ‘peak oil’ and other such canards to justify Obama’s many denials of permits to drill more oil on federal land and in the Gulf of Mexico, even blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta, Canada, now run articles claiming, US May Soon Become World's Top Oil Producer.

The Associated Press article is appearing throughout the lamestream media, even our local version of Pravda, the Columbian, also known as the unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, who made it their headline.

After years of publishing articles and reports against the very method of recovery touted in today’s article, ‘fracking,’ there can be little doubt that the AP article is intended to bolster support and encourage voters that it is Barack Obama who deserves the credit for this upsurge in oil production seen.

There has no doubt been a marked increase in oil and natural gas production that began in 2008, but we continue to lag far behind what we could.

This blog has posted numerous times about our oil production and the potential of over a million good paying jobs waiting to be created. And while any increase is a step in the right direction, credit must go where credit deserves.

And it isn’t with Barack Obama.

As Mark Green of the American Petroleum Institute informs us, “Remember, the oil production timeline is a long one. Offshore and onshore projects can take up to a decade to develop, from leasing to actual production. Broken out by area, crude production on non-federal lands (69.7 percent of total production) has risen dramatically since 2010. Since 2010 crude production from areas controlled by the federal government has fallen.”

Mark Green also informs us, “North American energy security is within reach if we implement the right polices: Increased drilling on public lands – in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, for example – and off America’s coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico. Americans get this – 7 in 10 support increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources, according to a recent poll.

We can also build the Keystone XL pipeline mentioned by Gov. Romney, to bring more crude from Canada’s oil sands. Combined with increased biofuels production, we could see 100 percent of our liquid fuel needs met domestically and from Canada by 2024. That’s what energy security looks like.

This also will require a sensible approach to regulation, federal leasing and permitting and tax policy. All would help create a stable investment climate in which oil and natural gas companies can expand energy development. With uncertainty – over whether energy-rich areas will be available for leasing, over how long it might take to get a federal drilling permit, over whether oil and gas companies will be singled out for higher taxes – energy investment and development will be hindered.”

The above has been the very things the Obama Administration has been doing everything within their power to block and deny. Reinforcing that is the Consumer Energy Reports Robert Rapier’s article, Are President Obama’s Policies Causing U.S. Oil Production to Rise?

Rapier plainly shows, Obama “presided over strong increases in domestic oil production that were a result of decisions made before [he] took office.” Rapier adds, “these projects take some years to build, and as in the case of the Alaska Pipeline, decisions that were made 4-6 years earlier benefited President Obama with increased domestic oil production.”

With an expectation of Obama winning a second term, looking more and more unlikely lately since the article was published, Rapier concludes, “[Obama’s] decisions today are certainly relevant for the future, and in 4 years he will deserve his share of the credit or blame for the status of the energy markets in the U.S.”

Regardless of who wins in November, Obama’s failed energy policies will be with us over the next four years.

You can fully expect the blame of those failures to continue being foisted onto others and off of him.

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