Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Greatest Heroes Looking For Unsung Heroes

It takes ordinary people doing extraordinary things in order to be a recipient of the nation’s highest honor for bravery, the Medal of Honor. Millions of men and women have served in our wars and performed heroically, but out of those millions, only 3,471 have received the nation’s highest honor.

Of that number, less than 100 are alive today. Ordinary people who, when it really counted, ignored the dangers and placed their own lives in jeopardy, heroically saving others.

We look upon these Military men with awe, many of us wondering if we would act as they did in the same situation. Most of them look upon themselves as the lucky ones, the ones that survived the battles, many thinking others are more deserving of the honor.

But heroes are not restricted to the Military in battle nor are all heroes only men. We pass heroes every day in our cities, most often not seeing a hero, but a Fire Fighter, a Police Officer or just a friendly neighbor who responded to calls for help, ran into a neighbor’s home on fire to get people out before First responders arrive.

Often we see them stop at the scene of an auto accident, rescuing and comforting victims, rendering aid or jumping into a swollen river to rescue a child who may have fallen in.

Men and women from all walks of life, selflessly putting themselves in danger with only one thought, help someone in immediate need of help.

The Medal of Honor Society is looking for these people and is asking for your help in nominating those who have acted selflessly in your community so three may be selected for presentation of “Citizen Service Before Self Honors” near the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery in conjunction with National Medal of Honor Day.

A Press Release received today says,
“Citizens are urged to nominate heroes they know of as soon as possible. A nationwide campaign began in September and has reached lawmakers, public officials and first responders to elicit nominations. So far, more than 70 nominations from 25 different states have been made, but the Foundation is looking for more before the deadline next month.”

By clicking here you can “Nominate A Hero Who Has Gone Above And Beyond For Others!” There is also links provided for Facebook and Twitter to follow the process as well as a link to past Honorees.

Nominations are due not later than Friday, December 28, 2012, so if you have someone in mind who acted selflessly on behalf of others, be sure to submit their name in the form at the link above.

Our greatest Heroes seeking America’s Unsung Heroes so to honor them. That’s as American as it gets.

Submit your hero’s nomination here

The War on Coal is a War on Jobs & the Economy

When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal…under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket…” Barack Obama, January 2008

Getty Images
A simple statement made to the San Francisco Chronicle when first campaigning for president, Barack Obama openly announced his “War on Coal” and with the help of environmentalists, leftists, a willing media and the usual slate of ‘joiners,’ a statement that has been seen all too true as electricity rates have gone up over the last 4 years.

But far from just raising the cost of lighting and heating our homes, Obama’s War on Coal deprives America of good paying jobs while we remain in an elongated period of high unemployment and decreasing revenues collected by our treasury.

Coal fired power plants are being forced to close all over America, putting workers out of work and often onto the public dole as so called alternative “Green” energy sources take precedence. That a Spanish Study concluded that 2 jobs were lost elsewhere for every job created in these inefficient, unreliable and overly expensive alternative sources has been ignored in the push for eliminating coal fired plants.

Even though we in America enjoy an abundance of coal reserves that have long provided us with inexpensive and reliable energy, there is little market for it in America due to this “Green” move.

But Asian countries, who have long suffered from large areas deprived of electricity, are seeing the benefit of building power generating plants fueled by inexpensive coal. It has been reported that there are plans to build over 1,000 coal fired plants in Asia, primarily China and India and they want to import coal, America’s coal unable to keep up with their own demands by mining their own.

As you can imagine, such a desire sends shockwaves through the “Green” community, who although claiming they oppose ‘Nation Building,’ feel they have the right to dictate to countries like China and India as to how they generate electricity in remote regions of their countries, fearing pollution will drift back over America. With visions of the hyperbole and hype of “Acid Rain” and the “Ozone Hole” seen back in the 1970’s & 1980’s dancing through their imaginations, the cry has gone out to block construction of terminals to be used to increase the shipping of coal to Asia and to prevent coal from being transported by rail, even though trains have been shipping coal for decades.

With the announcement of the construction of six new terminals to collect and increase shipments of coal to Asia, opponents have flocked to City Council meetings with dire predictions of doom and gloom should cities allow trains hauling coal from mines in Montana and Wyoming to pass through their cities. Tall tales of 60 trains possibly two miles long passing through cities every day and “clouds of coal dust” falling on sandwiches of picnickers next to rail tracks came complete with photos for “proof.”

Not stated was just when or where those photos were taken as coal trains now treat coal cars with a surfactant to prevent coal dust from escaping, as I saw in 2010 when driving back from Texas and passing a train hauling coal. The photos below are of that train I passed that was traveling in the opposite direction at a good rate of speed.

As you can see, no coal dust escaping and these photos were taken on a fairly windy day, as is often seen in Texas.

Addressing some of the “overblown concerns,” BNSF Railway Chairman and CEO Matthew Rose spoke locally in late August, explaining that not all 6 terminal will actually be built nor will “60 to 100 trains a day” pass through our community. Realistically, 12 to 16 would be more likely, Rose said adding that trains carrying loads of coal already pass through the area and have for several years.

Waylaying environmental concerns, the Alliance For Northwest Jobs & Exports brings out
“The Northwest Clean Air Agency, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Spokane Clean Air Agency have not had a single record of any coal dust complaints as of last year, despite coal trains traveling through the region for years.”

We also see word of a recent study conducted in the Missoula, Montana rail yard that found coal dust from uncovered rail cars “not significant,” but opponents still insist more specifics are needed.

Likewise, a recent study on Australian coal trains found,
“there is no appreciable difference between coal trains and freight trains with some slight variations with passenger trains.”

While all of us wish to protect the environment, we also know that we must balance that with our economy and with the region still being under such an elongated period of unemployment, to put it simply, we need jobs. We need jobs so that our citizens can get back to work and care for their families.

We also need the revenues an increase in jobs will bring as those returning to work will purchase homes and essentials an even wants, paying the state taxes on each purchase. Claims by opponents of no jobs will be created by the passage through our community fall short. Since one terminal likely to be built is in Longview, citizens of Clark County very well may end up working there along with increased rail maintenance locally will likely see more hires.

Stepping outside of the Pacific Northwest, we see Fritz Vahrenholt, one of Germany’s earliest green energy investors recognizing the imbalance between our economy and environment concluding,
“The choice is no longer between global warming catastrophe and economic growth but between economic catastrophe and climate sense.”

A recent poll released by multiple unions indicates Pacific Northwesterners support the exporting of coal by a wide margin. A letter released by labor leaders said,
“Given all the noise being made by export opponents, we thought it was very important for people with a direct stake in this debate – workers, businesses and elected officials – to understand that by a 2:1 ratio, voters in both states support coal exports. Voters know what we know – new bulk shipping terminals and coal exports will put people back to work, will generate badly needed revenue for government services, and can be developed in an way that is environmentally responsible.”

While not taking a firm stand on either side, outgoing Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire told an audience at the Bellingham City Club last summer,
“Let there be no mistake, Wyoming and Montana are going to extract their coal and they’re going to export it. The question is, does it go through Canada or does it go through Washington?”

That is the question all of us must ask ourselves now. As our state faces increasing unemployment again and another steep budget gap, do we want jobs here in Washington and Oregon? Or do we want the benefits to go to our neighbor to the north, Canada?

Opponents have launched a very well organized, very vocal and in my opinion, misguided effort to stop the export of our coal to Asia. We must also arm ourselves with the truth and necessity of exporting our coal to improve our own economy and lifestyle.

To that end, there is a ‘scoping meeting’ scheduled to take place in Vancouver on December 12th at Clark College in the Gaiser Student Center from 4 to 7 p.m. Meetings scheduled in other localities can be seen here.

It is imperative that as many of us who can attend this meeting and begin arming ourselves to push back against the hyperbole and overblown concerns being used by opponents.

Only by being informed with facts and using them can we restore balance and end this “War on Coal” and our Economy.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Prophecy of Paul Harvey

Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, known for his short "The Rest of the Story" segments often spoke in common sense terms, deriding anti-American sentiments or giving unknown background on stories in the news.

He left us in 2009 at the age of 90. He may be gone, but his conservative folksy voice remains in recordings. Among them is this broadcast, first spoken in 1965 and a few times since.

Amazing that nearly everything he stated so long ago has come to pass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to All

I hope each and everyone of you enjoy a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.

For a Thanksgiving message, I can think of none better than that expressed by one of America's greatest Comedians and a true Patriot back in 1952, Red Skelton.

President Eisenhower Warned Us, Why Didn’t We Listen?

On January 17, 1961 outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower was televised giving one of his most famous and well known speeches. The 15 minute Farewell to the Nation is largely regarded today as the “Military Industrial Complex” speech due to one lone sentence warning us of an out of control industrial complex fueling our Military while the rest of the speech has been mostly discarded.

But within that speech President Eisenhower warned us of a far greater danger that we as a nation have ignored, having fallen prey to the claims of what he then labeled a “Scientific Technological Elite” and how public policy could easily become captive to that.

Within a few years of that speech we began hearing news of our environment being in danger, of ecological disasters awaiting us in the near future, how our freedom of travel in private cars was pumping more and more pollutants into the atmosphere, how our industrial & manufacturing plants were creating “acid rain” killing livestock, poisoning the environment and life as we knew it was sure to end if not mankind itself.

In December 1970 President Richard Nixon signed into law the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency “to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection.”

Through successive administrations, the powers of the EPA have grown while our freedom of movement, building our homes, growing our businesses and powering our companies and homes has become increasingly encroached upon by EPA regulations.

Our once large powerful steel automobiles are now smaller, plastic and computerized. In some ways that has helped make them better, but in others ways they are much more expensive, more complicated to maintain and if you bought into the hype on Electric Vehicles to cut out pollution, travel far less distances and require much longer times to travel.

Our abundant resources within our nation’s boundaries lies underground as we purchase ever increasing fuels from foreign countries and push union miners out of jobs mining coal to be used or shipped to other nations for their inexpensive use.

While we here in the Pacific Northwest receive much of our power generation through hydro-electric dams on our many rivers, other parts of the nation must depend on so called “alternative sources” for energy, usually much more costly, less efficient and unreliable if the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

Indeed, over the years many of the very public officials clamoring for increased reliance on these methods of power generation balk when someone announces construction of them in their backyards.

For Cape Cod Wind Farm, New Hurdle Is Spiritual

Senator Feinstein Seeks to Block Solar Panels In Mojave Desert

An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod

Ted Kennedy Blocks Cape Cod Wind Farm

Environmentalists Fight Calico solar farm

Animals Rights Activists Blocking Wind Farms

Decision Promised Soon on Cape Cod Wind Farm

While telling us the “science is settled,” many of them oppose the very inefficient and overly expensive methods they demand for us.

Add in to this the loss of jobs in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Not only for coal miners drillers, but for hundreds of thousands of others in supportive roles fueling those industries. Food servers, uniform manufacturers, tool makers, railroads that ship coal and maintain both the tracks and trains, ships that transport, union pipe fitters that build and maintain pipelines, refineries and much more. All employ people who feed their families, but goods and of course, pay revenue to the government in the form of taxes.

Instead we hear hollow promises of “Green Energy” jobs to come from companies that cannot remain in operation without very generous tax dollars given them to remain open, several now that have declared bankruptcy after ingesting Billions of our dwindling tax dollars.

We are seeing growing junkyards of discarded wind mills scattered over the country while we still see the EPA pushing for more and more regulation of our lives and the government refusing to reap our own natural resources for our use and increased employment of our citizens.

Citizens flood city council meetings falsely thinking they are doing good and only furthering the restricting of their very own lives and denying their neighbors family wage employment by fighting coal mines shipping t heir product by rail to be loaded onto ships and transported and sold to Asian Nations, who are using it to fuel their growing economies and manufacturing items that were once manufactured in America, but now imported back to us for purchase, further draining our economy of monies we used to circulate within the country.

How prophetic it was that 51 years ago, before computers and enlightenment became so popular, an outgoing President, born in the 1800’s and went through two World Wars and endured the Great Depression warned us of the very thing we would voluntarily embrace to give up liberty & freedom.

And we didn’t listen.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reaching Out To Liberals

We always hear how we should reach out to our liberal ‘friends’ and seek common ground, how we need to stop the vitriol and mean-spirited attacks, even though they are slashing our throats, bankrupting us and wanting to control our lives when they cannot even manage their own.

So in that spirit of coming together and finding commonality with liberals, I present the following post election poem that I was sent.

The election is over, the talk is done
My party lost, your party won

So let us be friends
Let arguments pass

I’ll hug my elephant
You kiss your ass

(author unknown)

Who Are the Democrats?

David Castillo, who I still think would have been the better 3rd Congressional District Representative, tells us who the Democrats really are.

This is just a small portion of the talk he gave November 15, 2012 at the Clark County Republican Women’s Club dinner held at Club Green Meadows.

It’s time we took the gloves off boys and girls

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama Considers John Kerry for Secretary of Defense?

How could he even consider such a person as Kerry for Secretary of Defense?

Not just no, but HELL NO!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Petraeus Distraction, Don’t Fall For It

It never ceases to amaze me how easily the American public is distracted, especially when it comes to government scandal and cover-ups. Just throw out some juicy sexual innuendo or accusation against some high level person and extremely important failings of an administration just start fading away.

We saw it well back during the Clinton Administration as investigators drew closer and closer to several scandals potentially involving the president, all attention was diverted to his sexual liaison with a much younger staffer, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton lied about it, Republicans jumped on it and passed Articles of Impeachment, the Senate refused to convene a trial and Clinton finished his term, becoming the darling of the Democrats and an honored former President in a very wealthy retirement.

Republicans stood there with egg on their face as all mentions of Whitewatergate, Filegate, Travelgate, Nannygate, Vince Fosters Suicide and much more quickly faded from the public discussion, even though several prosecutions of lower level involvement were won.

We now see a repeat just one week after the reelection of Barack Obama amid growing allegations of massive voter fraud in some battleground states.

I say a repeat because of a national media that couldn’t be bothered to address growing concerns and questions of citizens over the brutal murder of four Americans during a 7 hour terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the same media that all but ignored the murders of hundreds of Mexican Citizens and American Border Agents due to a botched gun running scheme and refuses to hold Obama to the same standard they did President Bush over actions after a hurricane leaves hundreds of thousands of American citizens destitute, hungry and homeless now spares no ink to report any small morsel they can find on the resignation of retired General David Petraeus from his post as head of the CIA.

Within two days of Gen. Petraeus announcing his resignation, we saw more information released on his extramarital sexual affair than we have seen in two years of Fast & Furious, the gun running scandal or two months of Benghazigate.

Let there be no mistake, I do not condone or excuse adultery. But that is a matter between Gen. Petraeus and his wife n must not be allowed to over shadow the involvement of the Obama Administration in scandal or malfeasance in protecting the country.

And once again, that is exactly what the lamestream media is doing as we see headlines of Gen. Petraeus personally investigating the slaughter in Benghazi, Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan being drawn into the email exchanges, an FBI Agent sending ‘shirtless’ photos or that Obama was completely surprised by it all, considering it is now known that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the affair months ago.

White House Propaganda Minister Jay Carney wants us to believe this was all unknown until after the elections, but that clam appears to be just a tad bit less than completely honest.

Particularly troubling in this resignation is that Petraeus was scheduled to testify before Congress this week on what happened in Benghazi. According to the White House, he will not testify now that he has resigned, but Congress is considering subpoenaing him to testify anyway. It is unknown what his response will be or how well his memory will be should he testify.

Add to this that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also declined an invitation to appear before Congress on Benghazi due to a scheduling conflict, visiting with friends in Australia.

But the narrative is growing and the lamestream media is willfully running with story after story pertaining to Petraeus’ affair, ignoring the previous growing questions of hiding from the public Barack Obama’s knowledge of the attack, ignoring warnings of a coming attack, not answering the call for reinforcements and not immediately acknowledging to the public that it was indeed a terrorist attack and not some spontaneous protest over a short video, as Obama claimed for some two weeks.

It remains unknown if the sudden resignation is an effort to silence Petraeus on what he knows of the attack or an earnest effort to shift all blame to him.

What is known is the very same media that has repeatedly ignored highly questionable actions by this administration, refused to report or even investigate many appearances of scandalous conduct and helped cover-up any involvement of Barack Obama in any one of the botched operations is now more than eager to report every instance of David Petraeus and those he was involved with.

Likewise, whereas just one month ago Republicans were accused of being irresponsible and un-American for demanding answers on the slaughter in Benghazi, we now see Democrat Dianne Feinstein first claiming no link between Petraeus’ resignation and Benghazi demanding answers from the CIA on Petraeus’ pre-election trip to Benghazi.

In the meantime, what little was being said about the Obama Administration regarding the growing concerns of Americans is quickly and quietly fading away from public view.

Hold Gen. Petraeus accountable for any actions pertaining to Benghazi, but let’s not lose sight of an inept administration more concerned with the next round of golf than with protecting the country.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Washington State Joins the Growing List

Residents in over 20 states have now started petitions of secession from the United States of America, sending Washington D.C. the message they are very displeased with this "New Direction" we have been set on.

Washington State has joined the list at

From ignoring our voices over the CRC and suing us to invalidate our votes on the 2/3 requirement to increase taxes, to our constitutional rights of religious liberty, Obamacare being forced upon us against our will, support of the International Treaty that would place our right to arm ourselves be subjected to foreign interests, our government no longer represents our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh America, What Have You Done?

Do you ever find yourself sitting down, conflicted on sacrifices made in the past and wondering why any such sacrifices were made after seeing those sacrifices in essence thrown right back in your face? That is where I sit now, on the eve of Veterans Day 2012 and seeing how our recent elections turned out.

I think of all of the hardships we endured over the years defending this nation from Communist aggressors, standing up against them in foreign lands and more than once, engaging them on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam. I recall the aid poured into other countries to assist them in their struggle against such oppressive foreign interference and how we stood our ground during the Cold War in Europe, President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural words ringing in my ears, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

JFK must be turning in his grave as we now see the country being handed over to leaders who have shown that the very oppressive government we fought and stood up to for so long is what a majority of our citizens now desire, believing that offers of “free stuff” is better than actually working for yourself.

The record of Barack Obama and the modern Democrat Party has to be one of the, if not the worst in our history. Yet, voters seem entranced by the golden tongue and lies of how much better off they are, even though unemployment remains nearly double of that the last administration, the country is now over $16 Trillion in debt with word coming immediately after the election from Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid (D NV) that once reached, they will just raise the debt limit ceiling again to $18.794 Trillion just weeks from now.

Of course, that is such an astronomical number that most cannot wrap their heads around just how much it is or that there are no plans to decrease what we owe. Leaves me wondering why they even have a “Debt Ceiling Limit” if congress just raises it every year or so.

Obama campaigned on how well the country is doing and that he has “created 5.4 Million jobs.” Yet, we see that foodstamps surged the most in one year to new all time record in just this last year. We can only imagine why reports of this were delayed in being released, but it doesn’t take much imagination.

We all recall how the last administration was lambasted over the 2005 Hurricane Katrina that did so much damage around New Orleans when the levy’s there collapsed and flooded much of the city. Even though the Democrat governor and mayor failed to adequately prepare of do for those affected, all blame feel on George W. Bush for ineffectiveness and not acting soon enough, even though doing so would have had him in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Do you remember hearing some vague mention of a Hurricane Sandy devastating the Eastern Seaboard in New York and New Jersey? Seems they were hit with a huge storm about a week before the election and here it is nearly two weeks later, people are starving, no electricity, no gas, no place to stay and the very same media blasting President Bush for weeks on end remain silent on Barack Obama’s lack of interest on helping those people.

Even though word leaked that Obama was requesting layoff notices be held off on until after the election, Democrats by the score scoffed at such an idea, crying Republicans were lying or engaging in scare tactics and that no such call could possibly be true.

Here we are just days after the election and what do we see but over 30,000 layoff notices being handed out, driving unemployment numbers back up.

Obama has used his golden tongue and teleprompter to say he would end our energy dependence by opening up more of our own land for exploration and drilling to recover more of our own resources. Yet, within days after being reelected, we read of his administration closing 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

We heard Obama boasting of signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, concerning equal pay for women to that of their male counterparts. Yet, ignored by American media and hidden from voters is that Women paid significantly less in Obama’s White House.

Obama has repeatedly maintained he supports our right to arm ourselves under the Second Amendment. Yet, Wednesday, the day after the election, his administration announced support for the U.N. gun-ban treaty that stands to place our right to arm ourselves under International Treaty and subjecting them to the whims of foreign countries.

We have been repeatedly told by Obama that Iran is no threat. Yet one of our drones was fired upon in international airspace a week before the election and was kept quiet until after the election, claims of “classified” sounding too hollow.

There is also the matter of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador being murdered in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya and the clamp down on information concerning that. Obama’s claims of labeling it a terrorist attack right away shown to be untrue as his administration scurries to cover his ineptness that allowed those 4 to die a brutal death.

And now we see CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus suddenly resigning over an extra martial affair just a week before being scheduled to testify before congress, with White House claims of he will not be testifying. Add to that, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also being called to testify, but declining due to a “scheduling conflict.”

We read of the Communist Party USA elation at Obama’s reelection while far leftists at DailyKOS look forward to a ‘benevolent’ Obama dictatorship.

Given such an abysmal record shown above and much more not mentioned, Obama’s victory left many people stunned. The usual cries of voter fraud are racing across the land met with the usual denials. Some sound conspiratorial, but some others, like Republican Poll Waters forcibly removed for hours in some wards in Philadelphia that overwhelmingly voted for Obama sound plausible.

A district in Florida receiving more ballots than voters raises concerns as well.

Others call the victory as due to a superior organization and outreach to voters by the campaign as well s the Republican Party being out of touch by not running candidates more liberal than Mitt Romney was, a thought I resoundingly reject as Romney at best was a moderate, not conservative.

Given some rumblings heard since the election, cries of “conservatism is dead” are definitely premature as we see that although the stock market plunged the day after the election and remains down, stocks in gun companies are on the rise as we once again see a surge in private guns being purchased.

Not meaning to sound conspiratorial myself, I remain troubled at Obama’s over use of claims of this being his “last election and last campaign.” Although many will see it as an admission of this being his second and last term, I recall hearing mention during B.J. Clinton’s second term from Democrats of repealing the 22 Amendment to allow him to serve longer.

We now hear a similar call coming from B.J. Clinton to allow presidents to serve longer.

Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez comes to mind when he repealed his countries term limit on Presidents and set himself up as dictator.

I wouldn’t be surprised that similar thoughts are on tap for Obama, given Newsweek’s past description of Obama as God of all Things and now as a Napoleonic figure.

Obama now promises more “redistribution of wealth” amounting to “free stuff” and leading voters to believe they won’t be paying for anything and only the “rich” will see tax increases. Ignored is that every time the Democrats have decided to steal more from the wealthy among us, it is us in the middle class that pay the most with increased unemployment, higher consumer prices and sooner or later, payment of those increased taxes falls on the backs of the middle class as well.

You’ve made your choice, America. You bought the snake oil and dug your own graves. It’s now only a matter of time as to when you will wake up and realize you gave up the freedom so many of us fought for you to have. Fidel Castro accomplished enslaving Cuba by the bullet. Obama accomplished it by the ballot and empty promises.

It didn’t take long for the Cubans to realize what they did to themselves by supporting Castro as they began fleeing his Communist Utopia and heading across the shark infested Florida Straits in rickety makeshift boats in hopes of reaching the Southern Shores of Florida and freedom.

Once you wake up and realize, “my God, what have we done,” there is no place left for you to escape to.

No Foodstamps?

From a July 2012 incident in Georgia, but I can't help but wonder if they all voted for Obama's reelection and how come none seem to have one of those 5.4 Million jobs Obama says he created?

Surely they weren't all created in August and September, were they?

Monday, November 05, 2012

Romney, The Only Choice

Within the next 48 hours we should know who the next president will be. In spite of there being multiple choices on the ballot, it boils down to Republican Mitt Romney or Democrat Barack Obama who has led the country deeper into oblivion this last 4 years and currently trying to tell us how much better off we are.

Regular readers know that Mitt Romney was not my first choice, but he is who has prevailed through the primary elections and tedious process to come out ahead of several others as the countries choice to face Obama.

Throughout the process, Romney has articulated a different approach from that of Obama and the Democrats, one that I firmly believe will turn the country around and get us back on track to solvency and prosperity. One that will actually begin lowering the burgeoning unemployment rate we have seen over the last 4 years.

Obama came to office with high promises of “Hope & Change” and has failed. The Hope is gone, replaced by despair, higher unemployment than when he took office, more people dependent upon food stamps than ever before and a national debt increase in 4 years higher than any other president added in 8 years.

Promises of “cutting the deficit in half” dissipated quickly as we have seen astronomical deficits each year he has been in office.

We see violence in our streets as “Occupiers” demand more and more just be handed to them after be confiscated from others.

We see our energy sources languishing below ground while we depend on foreign sources and Billions of dollars in our tax money goes to bolster so-called ‘Green” energy companies, dozens that have already failed and either filed for bankruptcy or close to it.

Where the last administration came under fire for a slow response to natural disaster, another slow response to a recent natural disaster in the Northeast barely makes a blip on the evening news, even though hundreds of thousands of people are suffering.

Promises of ending our wars fell flat as we see more Troops dying in Afghanistan over the past 4 years than during the previous 8 years. Troops withdrew from Iraq, which Obama is quick to grab credit for, not saying that his efforts to negotiate a new Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi Government to keep American Troops there longer failed, automatically kicking in the withdrawal provisions agreed upon by the previous administration.

We do give credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, but as we saw in Benghazi Libya just this past September 2012, claims of Al Qaeda and Terrorism being decimated are over exaggerated. Obama refusing to label that attack terrorism or to launch reinforcements that might have saved the lives of the 4 Americans slaughtered there indicate just how much this current administration fails to protect America from a known threat.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, sees that threat as well as the threat of fiscal collapse, knowing we cannot continue spending over a Trillion dollars more every year than our Treasury brings in.

Romney sees that rebuilding the private sector employment picture is the path to recovery, beginning with our energy sector and blossoming from there.

A reasonable tax rate instead of confiscating wealth to redistribute is the path to maintaining our safety net as a temporary measure when people need help, not a way of life.

Romney sees that women and Black People are who have paid a high price for Obama’s experimentation with transforming America. Obama sees only that they are gullible enough to think giving them more despair will earn him a vote.

America is in deep trouble and the freest nation ever created is on the brink of collapse as our freedoms and economy are threatened daily by the failures of the Obama administration.

Third party candidates only draw votes from Romney and even though I am a strong advocate for a third party just as strong, this election is not the time to make a statement, the stakes are too high.

As we saw in 1992 and 1996 with Ross Perot, voting third party this election just ensures Obama receives another chance to continue with his “transformation.”

Obama must be stopped dead in his tracks and America put back on the path towards solvency.

Mitt Romney is the only national candidate with enough wide voter appeal to defeat Obama and his minions.

Tomorrow is Election Day and even though many have already cast their ballots early, many have not.

Choose wisely, America. We may not have another chance.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Romney: “Real Change From Day One”

Obama promised “hope & change.” What we got was hoping to have a little change left. Things may have been pretty bad when he took office, but his every move has made everything much worse.

Mitt Romney, admittedly not my original first choice to replace Obama offers real change from day one.