Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh America, What Have You Done?

Do you ever find yourself sitting down, conflicted on sacrifices made in the past and wondering why any such sacrifices were made after seeing those sacrifices in essence thrown right back in your face? That is where I sit now, on the eve of Veterans Day 2012 and seeing how our recent elections turned out.

I think of all of the hardships we endured over the years defending this nation from Communist aggressors, standing up against them in foreign lands and more than once, engaging them on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam. I recall the aid poured into other countries to assist them in their struggle against such oppressive foreign interference and how we stood our ground during the Cold War in Europe, President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural words ringing in my ears, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

JFK must be turning in his grave as we now see the country being handed over to leaders who have shown that the very oppressive government we fought and stood up to for so long is what a majority of our citizens now desire, believing that offers of “free stuff” is better than actually working for yourself.

The record of Barack Obama and the modern Democrat Party has to be one of the, if not the worst in our history. Yet, voters seem entranced by the golden tongue and lies of how much better off they are, even though unemployment remains nearly double of that the last administration, the country is now over $16 Trillion in debt with word coming immediately after the election from Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid (D NV) that once reached, they will just raise the debt limit ceiling again to $18.794 Trillion just weeks from now.

Of course, that is such an astronomical number that most cannot wrap their heads around just how much it is or that there are no plans to decrease what we owe. Leaves me wondering why they even have a “Debt Ceiling Limit” if congress just raises it every year or so.

Obama campaigned on how well the country is doing and that he has “created 5.4 Million jobs.” Yet, we see that foodstamps surged the most in one year to new all time record in just this last year. We can only imagine why reports of this were delayed in being released, but it doesn’t take much imagination.

We all recall how the last administration was lambasted over the 2005 Hurricane Katrina that did so much damage around New Orleans when the levy’s there collapsed and flooded much of the city. Even though the Democrat governor and mayor failed to adequately prepare of do for those affected, all blame feel on George W. Bush for ineffectiveness and not acting soon enough, even though doing so would have had him in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Do you remember hearing some vague mention of a Hurricane Sandy devastating the Eastern Seaboard in New York and New Jersey? Seems they were hit with a huge storm about a week before the election and here it is nearly two weeks later, people are starving, no electricity, no gas, no place to stay and the very same media blasting President Bush for weeks on end remain silent on Barack Obama’s lack of interest on helping those people.

Even though word leaked that Obama was requesting layoff notices be held off on until after the election, Democrats by the score scoffed at such an idea, crying Republicans were lying or engaging in scare tactics and that no such call could possibly be true.

Here we are just days after the election and what do we see but over 30,000 layoff notices being handed out, driving unemployment numbers back up.

Obama has used his golden tongue and teleprompter to say he would end our energy dependence by opening up more of our own land for exploration and drilling to recover more of our own resources. Yet, within days after being reelected, we read of his administration closing 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

We heard Obama boasting of signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, concerning equal pay for women to that of their male counterparts. Yet, ignored by American media and hidden from voters is that Women paid significantly less in Obama’s White House.

Obama has repeatedly maintained he supports our right to arm ourselves under the Second Amendment. Yet, Wednesday, the day after the election, his administration announced support for the U.N. gun-ban treaty that stands to place our right to arm ourselves under International Treaty and subjecting them to the whims of foreign countries.

We have been repeatedly told by Obama that Iran is no threat. Yet one of our drones was fired upon in international airspace a week before the election and was kept quiet until after the election, claims of “classified” sounding too hollow.

There is also the matter of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador being murdered in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya and the clamp down on information concerning that. Obama’s claims of labeling it a terrorist attack right away shown to be untrue as his administration scurries to cover his ineptness that allowed those 4 to die a brutal death.

And now we see CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus suddenly resigning over an extra martial affair just a week before being scheduled to testify before congress, with White House claims of he will not be testifying. Add to that, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also being called to testify, but declining due to a “scheduling conflict.”

We read of the Communist Party USA elation at Obama’s reelection while far leftists at DailyKOS look forward to a ‘benevolent’ Obama dictatorship.

Given such an abysmal record shown above and much more not mentioned, Obama’s victory left many people stunned. The usual cries of voter fraud are racing across the land met with the usual denials. Some sound conspiratorial, but some others, like Republican Poll Waters forcibly removed for hours in some wards in Philadelphia that overwhelmingly voted for Obama sound plausible.

A district in Florida receiving more ballots than voters raises concerns as well.

Others call the victory as due to a superior organization and outreach to voters by the campaign as well s the Republican Party being out of touch by not running candidates more liberal than Mitt Romney was, a thought I resoundingly reject as Romney at best was a moderate, not conservative.

Given some rumblings heard since the election, cries of “conservatism is dead” are definitely premature as we see that although the stock market plunged the day after the election and remains down, stocks in gun companies are on the rise as we once again see a surge in private guns being purchased.

Not meaning to sound conspiratorial myself, I remain troubled at Obama’s over use of claims of this being his “last election and last campaign.” Although many will see it as an admission of this being his second and last term, I recall hearing mention during B.J. Clinton’s second term from Democrats of repealing the 22 Amendment to allow him to serve longer.

We now hear a similar call coming from B.J. Clinton to allow presidents to serve longer.

Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez comes to mind when he repealed his countries term limit on Presidents and set himself up as dictator.

I wouldn’t be surprised that similar thoughts are on tap for Obama, given Newsweek’s past description of Obama as God of all Things and now as a Napoleonic figure.

Obama now promises more “redistribution of wealth” amounting to “free stuff” and leading voters to believe they won’t be paying for anything and only the “rich” will see tax increases. Ignored is that every time the Democrats have decided to steal more from the wealthy among us, it is us in the middle class that pay the most with increased unemployment, higher consumer prices and sooner or later, payment of those increased taxes falls on the backs of the middle class as well.

You’ve made your choice, America. You bought the snake oil and dug your own graves. It’s now only a matter of time as to when you will wake up and realize you gave up the freedom so many of us fought for you to have. Fidel Castro accomplished enslaving Cuba by the bullet. Obama accomplished it by the ballot and empty promises.

It didn’t take long for the Cubans to realize what they did to themselves by supporting Castro as they began fleeing his Communist Utopia and heading across the shark infested Florida Straits in rickety makeshift boats in hopes of reaching the Southern Shores of Florida and freedom.

Once you wake up and realize, “my God, what have we done,” there is no place left for you to escape to.


Canuckguy said...

Hi Lew:
Speaking of Veteran's Day,up here it is called Remembrance Day, in Canada, a huge percentage of the populace wears a poppy(from Nov 1 to Nov 11) as a symbol of honouring all the veterans. I just recently saw an article that Americans are pretty well don't do the poppy thing. What is your take on this?

LewWaters said...

Our American Legion Auxiliary supports Veterans causes with the sale of poppies every year, usually around Memorial Day.

But I can't argue the article, down here it seems Veterans receive mostly lip service or used as props by politicians at election time.