Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Greatest Heroes Looking For Unsung Heroes

It takes ordinary people doing extraordinary things in order to be a recipient of the nation’s highest honor for bravery, the Medal of Honor. Millions of men and women have served in our wars and performed heroically, but out of those millions, only 3,471 have received the nation’s highest honor.

Of that number, less than 100 are alive today. Ordinary people who, when it really counted, ignored the dangers and placed their own lives in jeopardy, heroically saving others.

We look upon these Military men with awe, many of us wondering if we would act as they did in the same situation. Most of them look upon themselves as the lucky ones, the ones that survived the battles, many thinking others are more deserving of the honor.

But heroes are not restricted to the Military in battle nor are all heroes only men. We pass heroes every day in our cities, most often not seeing a hero, but a Fire Fighter, a Police Officer or just a friendly neighbor who responded to calls for help, ran into a neighbor’s home on fire to get people out before First responders arrive.

Often we see them stop at the scene of an auto accident, rescuing and comforting victims, rendering aid or jumping into a swollen river to rescue a child who may have fallen in.

Men and women from all walks of life, selflessly putting themselves in danger with only one thought, help someone in immediate need of help.

The Medal of Honor Society is looking for these people and is asking for your help in nominating those who have acted selflessly in your community so three may be selected for presentation of “Citizen Service Before Self Honors” near the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery in conjunction with National Medal of Honor Day.

A Press Release received today says,
“Citizens are urged to nominate heroes they know of as soon as possible. A nationwide campaign began in September and has reached lawmakers, public officials and first responders to elicit nominations. So far, more than 70 nominations from 25 different states have been made, but the Foundation is looking for more before the deadline next month.”

By clicking here you can “Nominate A Hero Who Has Gone Above And Beyond For Others!” There is also links provided for Facebook and Twitter to follow the process as well as a link to past Honorees.

Nominations are due not later than Friday, December 28, 2012, so if you have someone in mind who acted selflessly on behalf of others, be sure to submit their name in the form at the link above.

Our greatest Heroes seeking America’s Unsung Heroes so to honor them. That’s as American as it gets.

Submit your hero’s nomination here

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