Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Isn’t A Job Also a “Basic Human Right?”

It seems everywhere we turn today, some Progressive twit is declaring what they want to be a “basic human right.” Abortion, birth control, medicine, healthcare, a home, public transportation, recreational drugs, food and any number of other wants are declared basic human rights that should just be given to them, free of charge with someone else footing the bill.

But it seems that when it comes to a job, that is not a basic human right and judging by the actions unfolding as the Michigan legislature passes Right to Work legislation, you should not be able to have a job or work for a paycheck unless you are held hostage to a union.

Right to work very simply says that someone may not be required to join a union and be forced to pay dues to a third party (the union) in order to be hired and work at a company or place of business, drawing a paycheck.

It does not kill the union, but makes joining the union voluntary.

Unions, who use the collected dues often to donate and support Democrats, who in turn write legislation favorable to corrupt unions, hate right to work for obvious reasons, people do not like being forced to pay a third party in order to be able to work and feed their families.

All too often, unions see their membership drop and dues decline as workers opt out of union membership after right to work legislation is passed. The worker does better with more money in their pocket, spending it on their family instead of ensuring union bosses have luxurious lifestyles and freely give money to Democrats, but the union abhors people being able to succeed on their own, beholding to no one, held hostage only to their talents and abilities.

Unions are known for their violent rallies and protests, even murder to force their way into people’s lives an Michigan is seeing that very thing happen today as they passed the latest right to work law.

The video below one such violent outburst by union zombies against an Americans for Prosperity tent set

The tent was occupied by people freely using their first amendment rights to support or oppose legislation, just as any of the rest us have and do. Some union thugs were armed with knives as their tore down and ripped up the tent, all because they oppose other people not being forced to join their union against their will.

We saw this last year in Longview, Washington as the Longshoremen’s union turned violent in protesting a company using another union, taking hostages, destroying private property and terrorizing the citizens.

Unions also promote lies about their worth and history, falsely they are who brought about the 40 hour work week. That was Henry Ford who brought about the 5 day, 40 hour work week and Henry Ford was very much anti-union, fighting to keep them out of his early corporation.

The effectiveness of unions can be seen in the economic decline of Detroit, Michigan, once a thriving center of American Automobile production. The city is nearing bankruptcy, neighborhoods that once were filled with productive workers now see empty dilapidated houses and deteriorating sidewalks and streets.

We recently saw city council members calling for a federal government bailout as one member expressed to Barack Obama, “we elected you now bail us out,” explaining his job was to “bring home the bacon.”

We even see Barack Obama, who champions himself a protector of basic human rights inserting himself into the Michigan right to work matter, telling union stooges, “What we shouldn’t be doing is try to take away your rights to bargain for better wages or working conditions.”

Newsflash for Obama, Right to Work does not remove anybodies rights to collective bargaining or improved working conditions, it only makes membership in a union voluntary, removing the unions’ ability to force membership and dues collection.

What it does it lets workers decide on their own if they will join a union or act as free agents when it comes to employment, not be held hostage by a third party.

Obviously, voluntary union membership strokes a note of fear in the union bosses hearts.

To be clear, when I say a job is a basic human right I do not mean that everyone is owed a job. No, but we should be free to pursue any job we want and work wherever we can impress the owner that they need our talents, not being held hostage to third party unions who only take from workers and produce nothing but more violence.

We cannot be the “Land of the Free” if we are forced into owing our souls to thuggish union bosses in order to just have a job and care for our families.

Union appreciation for our first amendment freedoms

Do you want to be held hostage to these thugs?

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opit said...

I noted several stories about WalMart and distribution run by contractors that was so free of regulation that workers were running 500 lb pieces with broken ramps and no safety gear. Mind, I would far rather have effective protection of drinkable water and nutritious food than any amount of 'healthcare' insurance. I don't much like 'government regulation' after it has been - and you can bet it will be - hijacked to service a con.