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Publishing Gun Owners Names & Addresses

In typical leftist knee jerk fashion, some moron in New York at The Journal News decided to help curb gun violence, they would produce a list of all licensed concealed carry permit holders and place them on a map, letting any and all see just who in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties owned a gun in their neighborhood.

With no thought of burglars also pick up and read newspapers, a representative of the paper said readers “are understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhoods.”

The utter ignorance of such an act cannot be understated and the paper has been hearing the outrage from citizens, both those that own guns and others who don’t ever since they published the list shortly before Christmas.

The archives of the News Journal do not go back far enough, but if readers will recall, in the 1990’s a controversial website was created called the Nuremberg Files that listed the names and addresses of doctors who provided abortion services and was sued over the dangers those doctors were exposed to by the published list.

As the case weaved its way through various courts it was eventually ruled “to constitute a clear and present threat to doctors and therefore beyond the boundaries of free-speech guarantees.”

Putting the issue of abortion aside for the time being, many in the media were outraged at such an irresponsible list made public and during the time, some doctors were shot or killed.

Maria Vullo, a lawyer for the plaintiffs that sued the web site told jurors at a trial, “Just like bounty hunters of the Old West, the defendants want to stop the doctors by any means—dead in their tracks. It’s terrorism.”

One doctor said of the made him “wear a bulletproof vest, cover his windows, always sit with his back toward the wall and to be leery of any contact with strangers.”

The American Coalition of Life Advocates who established the list attempted to counter saying, “nothing in the ‘Nuremberg Files’ advocates violence against the doctors or clinic workers…”

Nonetheless, people were killed or injured by some who used the list to find targets and it was ultimately ruled to not be protected free speech under our first amendment due to those dangers.

Whoever at the News Journal decided it would help curb gun violence by pushing not only a list of names and addresses of gun permit holders, but maps are no less reckless.

While there may be no wholesale death threats against gun owners, criminals and maniacs unable to legally purchase guns now know where they are being kept, if they wish to burglarize the home to steal a gun.

With guns in high demand and many unable to legally purchase one, due to mental health issues or criminal background, the News Journal published a list with maps of exactly where private guns are being kept and with their criminal expertise, can be stolen.

Even for those who don’t wish to steal one of the guns from homeowners, criminals also know what homes are less likely to have armed occupants if they choose to break in.

While media supportive of the “jump on the gun-ban’ wagon remain relatively silent, Fox News asked and received answers from Ex-Burglars Say Newspaper’s Gun Map Would’ve Made the Job Easier, Safer

They quote an aging reformed burglar, “That was the most asinine article I’ve ever seen,” said Walter T. Shaw, 65, a former burglar and jewel thief who the FBI blames for more than 3,000 break-ins that netted some $70 million in the 1960s and 1970s. “Having a list of who has a gun is like gold - why rob that house when you can hit the one next door, where there are no guns?”

Another reformed burglar, turned crime prevention specialist said, “They just created an opportunity for some crimes to be committed and I think it’s exceptionally stupid. Professional burglars are always looking for an edge, and like most folks, they read the paper.”

He also stated, “[G]uns are on the top of the list of what you want to steal. They can walk out with a shotgun and a couple of handguns and sell them on the street for $300 or $400 a pop. They can sell them to a gangbanger who ends up killing someone.”

While the News Journal mistakenly feels they helped towards curbing gun violence, they may very well have given the next madman wanting to shoot up a school full of children the gun to do it with.

Even more ignorant than the News Journals gun owners map, we read of a Connecticut lawmaker, the state that recently saw the horrible shooting of unarmed teachers and children at Sandy Hook Elementary, introducing a measure in his state “that could make public the names and addresses of 170,000 handgun permit holders in the state.”

State Rep. Stephen Dargan, a Democrat says of his measure, “[It] was not intended to pit gun control activists and pro-gun groups against each other. Instead, it’s to get a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health in the state.”

Giving criminals a list of where private guns are stored is hardly efforts to initiate “a broader discussion going on gun issues and mental health,” it’s stupidity to an extreme.

He says, “I want to make sure we look at all the ways we can prevent another horrific shooting from happening.” Yet, should he succeeds in revealing where every gun in the state is stored, he may very well be telling a madman where he can find such a gun to use.

Since the list was published, we also read it is not only private gun owners now in danger, but Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers as well who are reporting inmates attempting to intimidate them, coming up and telling the officers they know where they live now.

Liberals, in their usual knee jerk fashion now say they want to take whatever measures they can to prevent another horrific shooting like Sandy Hook. But so far, they ignore the obvious measure to stop another shooter from killing children and opt to disarm the very people that likely could intervene and stop the next madman.

Properly trained and qualified citizens, teachers, school staff, Mall Security Guards and several more are the first line of defense against such a maniac as we saw at Sandy Hook.

But these knee jerk liberals claiming they want to prevent another shooting refuse to even discuss ending gun free zones like schools and parks or allow more citizens to carry a concealed weapon after they go through the proper background check.

No, they would rather tax ammunition, making it more difficult for gun owners to purchase or register the sale of ammunition like a gun itself and erect all sorts of stumbling blocks for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and others.

But, providing criminals with the names, address and map to private owners of guns home has to be the dumbest idea so far.

The cities may as well hand guns out to criminals as freely as they do hypodermic needles to drug addicts, also likely to break into your home, steal your gun and sell it for their next fix.

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