Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stand Your Ground, Stand Up For Your Rights

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin 1759

Over the years we have all heard the above quote or a disambiguation of it, usually from the anti-war crowd, twisting it to mean if we submit to any measure for security, we are not deserving of liberty.

What they and many others did not do, though, was to research the quote and its context. Had any done just a little research they would have discovered Ben Franklin was addressing those who would not accept one of the guns he purchased to help protect what was then the frontier from marauders and murderers.

“Those Who Would Give Up A Little Liberty To Gain A Little Security”

Sadly we are once again facing the claim of if we just give up a little bit of our liberty, that being our rights under the second amendment to bear arms freely, we can be safer and our children less likely to be slaughtered in schools or even on the streets in drive-by gang shootings.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using the recent, tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Barack Obama today announced he was signing 23 Executive Orders and memorandums he says will make us safer, with a back drop of children around him.

While I cannot say every proposal a bad one, ultimately we are expected to allow infringement upon our second amendment rights in order for Obama to make us safer. Or so he wants us to think.

For all of his talk over the years of “we cannot return to the failed policies of the past,” that is exactly what he is doing now, returning to failed gun control policies that did nothing to make anybody safer.

We had a so called “assault weapons ban” in effect from September 1994 to September 2004. We also saw some 32 School Shootings, including the deadliest High School shooting in our history, Columbian during that period. The ban did nothing to prevent a single one of them.

This time around we are seeing more red herrings thrown in designed to convince the general public how we must accept more infringement on our right to bear arms. Obama and others advocating more laws like using phrases such as “weapons designed for the battle field have no place on our streets.”

That statement is 100% true, but it is also very misleading as such fully automatic Military weapons are already banned for the general public, only those with special licenses willing to pay higher fees and keep them registered being able to purchase one. They are already highly regulated and few have the ability to even get near one.

But due to the appearance of several weapons we can legally have, semi-automatic firing, some even using the term “self-loading” lately, the effort is to discourage or ban those merely because they look scary.

Another red herring being used is the capacity of the magazine, most wanting them to be restricted to 10 or less cartridges. That a magazine can be changed out in just a couple of seconds slips by them as does a criminal or maniac arming themselves with several weapons. Empty the magazine, throw it down and pull out another.

Once again we see the call of “background checks” as if none are being done already. Even at gun shows, a licensed dealer must submit a background check before delivering a buyer a weapon, unless of course they possess a concealed carry license that would show they have already passed a background check.

There is a call to require such checks on private sales, but how will they enforce such a requirement? Criminals dealing in stolen or illegal weapons will not be rushing to have the latest forms required when selling such weapons from the trunk of their cars nor will there be much a background check of those smuggling illegal weapons in over our porous borders that both Obama and past presidents have refused to seal.

The futility of these ongoing attempts to disarm innocent citizens and infringe upon our second amendment rights was pointed out in a study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy that stated, “Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not.”

We can see the same outcome right here in some of our larger American cities like Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C., both of whom have stringent anti-laws and restrictions along with some of the highest murder rates in the nation.

We are supposed to believe these new measure are “reasonable” and “common sense.” They are not.

We are supposed to believe nobody is intending to take our guns away from us and disarm us. I don’t buy it. If that is not the ultimate goal, why then does the left always jump to such knee jerk reactions after a tragic shooting, almost always where guns are not permitted, of infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens instead of looking closer at potential root causes, such as the affects of Psycho-therapeutic drugs?

Since the intent of the second amendment is to give citizens the ability to ward off any despotic, overbearing government control over us, not hunting, we should we very wary of any effort to infringe on that right, regardless of promises to make us safer.

As Harvard discovered, it actually places us more in danger.

It’s time we stood our ground and stand up for our rights. Ruger Firearms has a page up on their website providing us with links to our elected officials along with a link to a letter to be sent to your elected representative telling them we want our rights preserved, not infringed upon.

We are seeing some states and County Sheriff’s standing their ground, informing the administration they refuse to enforce any new restrictions that violate the second amendment.

We need to stand with them and support them. We need to let Obama and others in government know our rights are sacrosanct and not open to negotiation.

We need to remind them they are public servants, not lords over us.

These are our rights and nobody should be allowed to fool us into believing if we just give them up a little, we will be better off.

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