Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Think It Can’t Happen Here?

For any who can’t understand why many of us advocate arming qualified volunteer teachers in schools, I give you the facebook outburst of one unhinged frustrated parent here in Clark County

This parent, who according to KATU News remains unidentified, was “frustrated” after a basketball game Tuesday evening between the Camas and Skyview boys teams. Police have been notified and are investigating this parent.

But in the meantime, how does a parent get so worked up over a basketball game that he publicly hopes the school gets “shot up?”

Worse yet, if they get so worked up to post something so utterly stupid on a place like facebook, what would stop them from doing it themselves, since it is also reported that he confronted a group of players outside the gym after the game and apparently receiving some negative responses, began flipping them off?

As can be expected, some on KATU’s website automatically assign him to the side advocating arming qualified volunteer teachers without giving any thought at all to it is people who get so worked up over a High School Basketball game being the reason we advocate such a change.

If this guy does own any guns, he should lose his privilege after such an outburst, given the recent shootings we have seen. He obviously does not have the mental capacity to safely own one.

It is reported that Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies have talked with both the man and his son and taken statements. It is unknown if charges will be filed, but according to Clark County sheriff's Sgt. Fred Neiman, “some sort of action is anticipated.”

To those who say this is an example of why teachers should not be armed if qualified, you’re dead wrong. It is people like this that gives a good example of why they should.

Ask yourself, what would have happened if instead of his finger being shown to students it had been a pistol used to take out his frustrations?

We’re fortunate it was only a finger, this time.

UPDATE: No charges will be filed against this moron "Camas Police Department said the parent's actions did not constitute an immediate threat."

UPDATE 2: Man who threatened to shoot up Washington schools sentenced to 3 months

If only he had said "I hope somebody shoots up the school." all would be okay?

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