Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obama’s SOTU or SNAFU?

Once again we find ourselves preparing to have our ears tickled by Barack Obama as he speaks before both houses of congress and the nation to give the annual ‘State of the Union’ speech where he undoubtedly will speak of how well the country is doing under his tutelage and how well off citizens are, whether we actually are or not.

He is expected to cover “his plans to create jobs, tackle gun violence, and pass comprehensive immigration reform” as Nancy Pelosi, unarguably one of the worst Speakers of the House in our history, famously known for stating “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” regarding Obama’s signature ‘Obamacare’ legislation, a direct contradiction of Obama’s campaign promise of a transparent government.

She also makes mention in this same email seeking support for Obama of this “ambitious agenda.”

We can look back over the past 4 years and see easily that he has been on an “ambitious agenda” alright, but to where?


When Obama was inaugurated January 20, 2009, amid cries of how bad off the country was and blaming former President George W. Bush, unemployment was 7.8% having risen from 4.6% when his party, the Democrats assumed control of both houses of congress and he began serving his first and only term as a Senator from Illinois.

Shortly after being installed as president and pushing through a $787 Billion stimulus package that grew into an $831 Billion stimulus, all to prevent unemployment from exceeding 8%. Within 2 months, unemployment exceeded 10% and remained in the 8% to 9% range the entirety of his first term, dropping back to 7.8% as the 2012 election neared.

It is currently sliding back upward, sitting at 7.9% today.

He funneled tons of tax dollars into several different “Green” companies to stimulate jobs, nearly all of which have gone bankrupt now.

Where there is a strong promise of job growth, our energy companies and the Keystone XL Pipeline project to pump Canada’s Oil Sands to our refineries and ports to foreign sales, Obama continues to block their growth, keeping us more dependent on foreign energy sources.

In addition, unemployment benefits have been extended by his actions to an unprecedented 99 weeks, discouraging many from accepting some jobs that may pay a little less than the government benefit.

Disability claims and food stamp use has skyrocketed to numbers not seen since the inception of those programs as unions, both public and private demand no decrease in their benefits or wages to match non-union workers sacrifices.

Perhaps fitting, two categories of voters who turned out in droves to first elect then reelect Obama, we read that Unemployment for both women and African-Americans is higher today than it was when Obama first took office in 2009.

Gun Violence

Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago, Illinois, Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Democrats and Obama have faithfully lived by that and we see it once again as they latch hold of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to come up with ways to further inhibit American Citizens of their Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”

With Obama’s full approval several measures are being proposed ostensibly to combat gun violence. From more universal background checks, forgetting HIPAA Laws prohibit some medical and mental health issues from being shared to calls for limiting magazine capacity and the much feared “assault weapon” ban, even trying to paint gun owners as “racist” and misleading people into believing semi-automatic weapons are the same as what the military uses in battle, states and federal efforts are underway to inhibit our ability to protect our homes from intruders while claiming no such effort is in play.

Ignored in this effort by anti-gun activists is that gun violence if prevalent where stringent efforts have law-abiding citizens prohibited from carrying or even owning a weapon while criminals and gangs ignore the law and shoot victims anyway. A prime example is Emanuel’s own city of Chicago that has some of the most stringent gun control measures in the country and also one of the highest gun violence rates in the country, now exceeding the lawless days of Al Capone during Prohibition.

Ignoring reality, Obama and the Democrats intend to give the entire country similar gun control measures, wrongfully believing criminals will abide by a new law when they ignore the old laws.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Call it whatever you want, it amounts to some sort of amnesty for those have illegally entered the country, crossing our borders in violation of our laws, seeking work below the prevailing wage and even though not supposed to, receiving public benefits when the country is struggling economically and our national debt exceeds $16.5 Trillion, far higher than many nations gross national product and the highest external debt of any country on the planet.

Even though Hispanics only amount to about 57% of the illegal alien population, they seem to be the most vocal demanding a degree of amnesty for illegal aliens of Hispanic origin.

This approach was tried in 1986 and proven a complete failure curbing illegal immigration into the country. What Obama now wishes to do is guaranteed to increase the influx of now legal immigrants rewarded for violating our laws and since they were not confirmed to be healthy or properly vaccinated, as was required in the early 1900’s, bringing disease back to the country we once had conquered.

With some of the lowest Labor Force Participation Rates in our history, what will we do with millions more people brought over by those who are rewarded for violating our laws while those who immigrate to our country the legal way stand in long lines, waiting for years to become American Citizens and contribute to our economy, not take advantage of it.

As in past speeches, I expect Obama to once again be longwinded focusing on himself and taking all credit for whatever he thinks is good. While I am sure other subjects will be mentioned since he was reelected even though the country is much worse off today than it was before him, these three are expected to be the main points.

Television will be tied up for hours with nothing else on during his speech and then we will see endless post speech assessments with the alphabet lamestream media networks fawning over how wonderful he is and pondering how the country ever survived before him.

Tomorrow’s news will be filled with praise for a wonderful speech and transcripts will be available for me to read since I won’t be able to stomach watching his narcissism on full display.

This will be Obama’s fifth boastful State of the Union speech of how great he is and how bad everything and everybody is that dares disagree with him.

Obama came into office on visions of “fundamentally changing America.”

His “aggressive agenda” is doing just that, leading us into the largest SNAFU the country may ever experience.

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