Monday, June 17, 2013

Misguided Gun Grabbers Still Ignoring Reality

It seems shortly after any horrific shooting, where some crazed gunman goes on a frenzy shooting up another gun free zone, as we saw last year in Aurora, Colorado and the Newtown Elementary shootings, misguided individuals crawl out of the woodwork with their cries of “we need gun control,” “repeal the second amendment” and “pass an assault weapons ban.”

These and many more cries begin within minutes of such horrific events, receive lots of press and TV time and a lot of noise is made in Congress from self-serving politicians demanding a ban on any and everything in sight and without a clue of why there is a second amendment or that gun-free zones provide easy targets for malcontents bent on causing mayhem and death.

Eventually, the noise lessens, misguided gun grabbers crawl back into their holes, useless legislation might be passed and largely ignored and nothing really changes.

We saw this same scenario playing out after the Newtown shooting, but the noise level is increasing again as those misguided individuals are still screaming for a piece of paper with words on it, falsely believing it will protect them from the criminal element.

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, a long time gun hater except when armed guards are protecting him, is pouring large amounts of his own ill-gotten gains towards efforts to impose more restrictions on legal gun owners. Bloomberg’s $12 Million effort led leftist magazine writer Alec Macgillis to pen a wishful thinking tome, This Is How the NRA Ends A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived.

Macgillis apparently doesn’t realize that it isn’t the people in lock-step with the NRA, but the NRA following the lead of the people in our country.

In Washington State citizen opposition saw several gun grabbing efforts defeated in the legislature early in 2013, including an effort to impose so called “universal background checks” on all private gun transactions, again ignoring that the criminal element ignores all laws as they steal or buy illegal guns on the black market or from other criminals.

But that didn’t stop a small band of misguided individuals who believe they can impose such restrictions through our “citizen initiative” process where the legislature could be forced to impose such restrictions through a petition drive and subsequent vote of the people in the state.

The lazy C, or local pitiful excuse for a newspaper joins in with the false belief of such background checks will keep illegal guns out of the hands of those who should not have one as they editorialized,
“Contrary to what many opponents state, we do not believe taking this step will eradicate the gun violence epidemic that has invaded even the most pastoral corners of our nation. But it would be part of the overall solution. People who should not be allowed to buy guns — criminals and the mentally ill — would find it more difficult to do so.”

The obvious contradiction, “we do not believe taking this step will eradicate the gun violence epidemic” and “People who should not be allowed to buy guns would find it more difficult to do so.”

It also must be remembered that many of these same people are those same ones who virulently object to and oppose all efforts to properly train and license qualified volunteer teachers and school staff or even other armed personnel in schools to thwart off any repeat of what happened in Newtown.

Strong evidence of the futility of the effort from the Lazy C and these misguided ‘gun grabbers’ is found in a recent survey taken of over 15,000 verified Police Officer’s from across the country by, a preeminent website for Law Enforcement personnel.

Asked, “What effect do you think the passage of the White House’s currently proposed legislation would have in improving police officer safety,” over 60% answered “none” while nearly 25% answered “negative.”

To “What effect do you think a federal ban on manufacture and sale of some semi-automatic firearms, termed by some as ‘assault weapons,’ would have on reducing violent crime,” 71% said “none” while 20.5% said “negative.”

Getting closer to the futile attempt by misguided gun grabbers, “Do you think that a federal law prohibiting private, non-dealer transfers of firearms between individuals would reduce violent crime” received a whopping 79.7% “no.”

To “Considering the particulars of recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora, what level of impact do you think a legally-armed citizen could have made,” received the largest answer of “Casualties would likely have been reduced” from 80% of respondents.

In response to “Do you support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or not been deemed psychologically/medically incapable,” an overwhelming 91.3% replied “yes.”

PoliceOne summarizes the results as “Quite clearly, the majority of officers polled oppose the theories brought forth by gun-control advocates who claim that proposed restrictions on weapon capabilities and production would reduce crime.”

Yes, the results are just what gun grabbers do not want to see, but that is how well over 15,000 verified Police Officers responded to the survey showing clearly that the majority of Police prefer “more guns in the hands of responsible people, and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchase, ownership, or accessibility.”

I don’t expect gun grabbers to pay any attention to these results, it’s just not in their nature to listen to anything contrary to their narrow-minded view and false, feel-good beliefs that are shown time and again to be erroneous.

All we need to do is look toward Chicago, Illinois and their near total ban on gun ownership saw 7 Dead, 41 Wounded in Wave of Chicago Weekend Violence.

We do not want to see repeats of that in our cities in Washington State or anywhere else.

We will soon see signature gatherers outside of stores or at our doors to push this misguided attempt to impose more restrictions on us, giving criminals more easy victims.

We must not allow them to disarm us at a time we read more and more of reductions in Police coverage in cash strapped communities.

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