Monday, May 19, 2014

Sen. Patty Murray Must Resign

Patty Murray, Democrat Senator from Washington State has long touted herself as the “best friend” Veterans have. And she has successfully thrown some money towards veterans and enjoyed many a photo-op with Veterans and cutting ribbon ceremonies.

In light of the revelations of “waiting lists” for Veterans to receive much needed healthcare, some dying while waiting, she now demands “decisive actions” at hearing by the Senate Veterans Affair Committee she has sat on since 1995 and chaired between 2011 and 2013

Sadly, he calls sound little more than recorded rhetoric we heard from her in 2007 when it was discovered that one building at Walter Reed Hospital was in deplorable condition as she and other Democrats politicized it, demanding then President Bush’ head on a platter.

From articles I saved back then, she was quoted;
“However, having witnessed this Administration’s repeated failures to take care of our veterans when they return home, I plan to remain vigilant in my oversight of this process.”

“When it comes to caring for our troops and veterans, this Administration -- from the White House, to the Pentagon, to the Department of Veterans Affairs -- has consistently waited until conditions reached a critical stage before taking action to remedy them.”

“Our troops and veterans have faced massive budget shortfalls, horribly long waiting lines, and sickening hospital conditions, but this Administration continues to be reactive to the problems. It's time for this posture to end. Taking care of our troops and veterans must be a cost of this war, and I will continue my fight to force this Administration to take that cost into account at all times.” Feb 23, 2007

After the firing of Maj. Gen. George Weightman on March 1, 2007 over the deplorable conditions in the one building at Walter Reed Hospital, Sen. Patty Murray said, “Weightman’s dismissal is a welcome step, but it doesn’t change the fact that our injured troops are facing bureaucratic nightmares. We need more than empty rhetoric and administration fall guys — we need a plan to provide for our heroes.” March 2, 2007

“Calling Walter Reed ‘just the tip of the iceberg,’ Murray detailed fresh reports of poor treatment at a military hospital in Washington State. ‘Gen. Kiley, you're in charge of this system. I hold you accountable. I’m here today because I want answers’.” March 8, 2007

“I’ve been saying almost since the start of the war that there is a cost we cannot ignore, and that’s the care of men and women after they return home. Veterans being treated in military hospitals have become the forgotten stepchildren of the war.” March 8, 2007

“I’ve just about had it with administration officials who assure us everything is being taken care of. I know you work hard, but we are going to judge you by the results you get for our veterans, and we’re going to hold you accountable.” March 27, 2007

“There are amazing doctors and amazing surgery being done at Walter Reed. Where they get stuck is weeks after the surgery, where they get caught up in red tape and paperwork that is difficult for them and their families to follow.”

“They are very worried they are going to get lost again after all the publicity dies down. It’s a very vivid image for them to see us drive away.” March 29, 2007

“I would have liked to have heard the president say we have a crisis in military healthcare. I would have liked to have heard him give 60 days to fix not just the physical facilities but the bureaucratic delays that leave some returning servicemen and women sitting in those facilities for up to a year and a half waiting for treatment.” March 31, 2007

“It is troubling that that long ago there was a report somewhere that these issues were festering there.” April 13, 2007
Since then, Murray has chaired the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (2011 to 2013) and has sat on the committee since 1995, during the time Veterans were being placed on “waiting lists,” some dying while waiting for much needed care.

While she expresses outrage, where is her accountability in failing to oversee conditions across the country that has led to the deaths of our heroes?

Lest we forget, she became a member of the majority when Democrats swept back into power in the 2006 elections and took the White House under Barack Obama in 2008, holding full political power until the 2010 election when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

But, she remained in the majority in the Senate to this day and her party still holds the White House, winning the 2012 elections.

So what happened with all of her expressions above over Walter Reed? What changes did Democrats and she institute when they held full political power and Veterans began dying while waiting for the care they so richly deserved and earned defending our country?

“We have come to the point where we need more than good intentions. What we need from you now is decisive action to restore veterans’ confidence in VA, create a culture of transparency and accountability and change these system-wide, years long problems,” she said to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Just more empty rhetoric while she grandstands and Veterans continue dying and going without medical care they need?

And let us not forget her part in the proposed “sequester” that threatened to impose devastating cuts to Disabled Veterans that she simply acknowledged as a “mistake.”

The nation was angered in 2007 over the Walter Reed debacle, much more than we see today as no one is calling for heads to roll like they did then, least of all, Patty Murray.

Sen. Murray, we Veterans are not pawns so you can use us to look good and remain in your cushioned seat of authority. You have sat on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee now for 19 years and apparently, treatment of Veterans has not improved and in fact, has worsened.

This is not a Democrat or a Republican matter, it is a disgrace in how America treats her Veterans, the men and women sworn to uphold and defend our constitution and way of life.

While she might not be the sole problem, Sen. Murray is a large part of the problem in not provided the proper oversight needed and only expressing outrage when it suits her political career.

Sen. Patty Murray, you are a disgrace and should, no must resign from the Senate Affairs Committee and the Senate itself.

Step aside, please, so we can find people that really will do the job and actually care more about the welfare of Veterans, not just using us as campaign props.