Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10 – Again

Thirteen years ago, all seemed well. The world was at relative peace, we thought. We went about our business that Monday, went to work, enjoyed our families, watched our favorite television shows, ate dinner and went to bed, looking forward to another week in our lives.

Tuesday morning changed all of that as we woke up the horrific scene of high jacked aircraft flown into buildings in New York and Washington D.C.

It didn’t take long to realize we were under attack and all air traffic was grounded out of fear of more high jacked aircraft being flown into other buildings in other cities.

The world hasn’t been the same since.

But throughout our fight against terrorists, a steady drone has been heard of how America “overreacted,” attacked the wrong country, the attacks were really a covert operation by dark elements of our own government to cause a war, no aircraft were high jacked, it was actually military missiles and more lunacy.

A Law Professor from the University of Colorado, Paul Campos told us that 9/11 was The most overblown event in U.S. history.

Largely ignored have been the calls of many that America Needs to Wake-up as politicians seized upon the attacks and subsequent fight against terror to score cheap political points.

The focus was placed on one man, Osama bin Laden as he was sought over two administrations with a false belief his death would end terrorism. It didn’t.

As these voices worked diligently to put America back to sleep with this ridiculous allegations, forgotten is that in the weeks leading up to that fateful day, many warnings were given of a potential terrorist attack, but expected overseas, not on our own soil.

Our sleepy attitudes never comprehended such a large scale attack on our own soil as happened.

No one anticipated high jacked aircraft would be flown into occupied buildings as all previous highjacking were hostage situations in foreign countries.

Our slumber has left us completely vulnerable yet again.

Thirteen years out from that fateful day and here we sit, once again on September 10 with more warnings of a potential attack as embassies are placed on alert and news reports mention aircraft once again missing from foreign airports over ran by terrorists.

Here we sit with an increased terrorist presence in the Middle East as one by one; the current administration supported the overthrow of harsh leaders that were keeping a lid on radical Jihadists there, to be replaced by even harsher radical extremists.

Iraq, once moving towards a peaceful country after several years of our presence there, has fallen back far worse that it was under Saddam Hussein as an even more brutal terrorist group, ISIS has moved in, claiming a large portion of it and Syria while our leaders cry they “have no strategy” in combating them.

Once again we see the warnings from ISIS they will soon be here on our soil, many thinking sleeper cells are already here.

Cries to secure our borders before even more come in illegally are ignored as once again, politicians allow illegal aliens free access to our country in hopes of gaining votes from them, even though they are not to be voting, not being citizens.

President Bush warned that this fight would not be a short one and Obama came into office promising to make it one by simply once again, turn around and walk away as we did in Vietnam.

Obama is scheduled to make a speech later this evening where he is expected to announce his plans for fighting the growing threat we once had more under control. I have no idea just yet what he will read from his teleprompter, but I can warn now that air strikes and drones alone will not drive ISIS and others like them back.

Sooner or later, it will require “boots on the ground” to enter and drive them back.

Yes, it is September 10 again and people are going about their lives as if the horrific attacks thirteen years ago didn’t happen. Too many have rolled over and gone back to sleep. Especially our own government that continues to downsize our Military as threats from abroad grows.

I cannot say that we will experience another attack tomorrow and even soon after.

But, all of the warnings that were ignored over several years prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks are once again present, even louder than before.

We now know there is no limit to their brutality as they seek to place the world under their oppressive religious ideology. Muslim, Christian and Jew are being slaughtered for not accepting their brutal ways.

Rolling over and going back to sleep is no longer an option, America.

It is well past time for you all to open your eyes, shake off the slumber and see what is happening. This is not “workplace violence,” it is a war brought to us over three decades of increasing terrorist attacks against our interests and way of life, both at home and abroad.

And for you that worry about “how are we going to pay for it,” ask yourselves, how much is your freedom and that of your children worth to you?

I’m ready to make the needed sacrifices on this September 10.

Are you?

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