Saturday, November 14, 2015

Presidential Reactions

From FDR to Obama, how our Presidents have reacted to dangers facing Western Civilization

Will the Left Wake-up Now?

Yesterday, as I was posting a post on my more local issues blog, word began breaking over news networks of what we today know was another horrific act of terror from ISIS in Paris as they systematically slaughtered innocent people again.

I refrained from posting on it yesterday, although I did make several comments on my facebook page, as anything I put down here would amount to little more than an anger filled rant.

Even if justifiable, my anger over so many innocents being slaughtered by ISIS on the very same day Obama came out claiming how they “were contained” would not have come across in how I choose to pattern my writing.

Unbelievable, but the whining college kids my previous post was about actually came out last evening, increasing their level of pampered whine, complaining how the media took focus off of them and looked towards Paris.

Grow up, children, y’all ain’t that important, never were.

In response to the attacks, French President Francois Hollande, a fairly left-leaning president by our standards stated, “We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” and adding, “Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities, they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.”

Even the Vatican has chimed in with a statement from Father Federico Lombardi, Holy See press office director, “We pray for the victims and the wounded, and for all the French people. This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive, supportive response on the part of all of us as we counter the spread the homicidal hatred in all of its forms.”

The U.N. Security Council condemned the “despicable” terrorist attacks and demanded immediate release of those held hostage in the Bataclan theater, while ISIS terrorist systematically murdered them one by one, over 100 people at last count.

Body counts had not even yet been completed as we began seeing a new Peace Symbol being displayed with France’s Eiffel Tower in the middle.

From leftists worldwide we now see cries of, “Don't allow this horrific act allow you to be drawn into the loss of your humanity or tolerance” by actor Mark Ruffalo.

A pianist played John Lennon’s Imagine outside of the Bataclan Theater.

Elton John quoted Martin Luther King, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Across facebook, people are displaying the flag of France in various manners to show solidarity or condolences over the attack.

As could be expected, many also are making mention of the feckless leadership of our own milquetoast Barack Obama that tell us these terrorists are nothing more than “a JV Team,” while he continues downsizing our own Military.

Oddly enough, that brings out from the left, “this is not a time for partisanship.”

Odd as back in 2003 when the War on Terror moved into Iraq, it was the left that began making it a partisan issue, used by John F’n Kerry in his 2004 presidential run.

Democrat Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi made it a partisan issue when they succeeded in 2006 in taking majority control of Congress.

It was even a partisan issue in the 2008 election of Barack Obama in defeating John McCain.

The War on Terror was used to beat President George W. Bush over the head with throughout his presidency with cries of “he lied us into war,” “the surge is a failure,” “impeach Bush over Iraq,” “we need a ‘New Direction’,” and Harry Reid’s “the war in Iraq is lost… The failure has been political. It has been policy. It has been presidential.”

Yes, it was very partisan then. But for some reason, it should not be partisan now, even though Obama has shown such poor leadership that we also read, World Waits for America To Pick New President Capable of Leadership.

U.S. Navy Captain Dan Ouimette gave a rousing speech on November 2, 2004, America Needs To Wake Up! If you read no other link in this post, I urge you to read his.

ISIS Statement of Responsibility

In spite of a succession of terrorist attacks leading up to our own horrific September 11, 2001 attacks, we keep falling back asleep. We keep hearing from ‘Peaceniks’ that we must not over react to these barbarians, we must show them kindness and other such nonsense.

Extremists count on such weak reaction from the west as they continue to spread their barbarism across the planet. Their leaders have proclaimed, “The extent of your impotence and weaknesses has become very clear. When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

It is well past time Western Civilization showed these extremists that we are not “impotent and weak” and will engage them as President Hollande described above, “a war which will be pitiless.”

Their brutality must be destroyed by brute force, giving no quarter.

And it must be a multi-national force including Arab nations and their forces.

If Obama doesn’t have the stomach, replace him with someone that does. Democrat or Republican makes no difference just as long as they have the stomach for the fight.

We civilians must be willing to make sacrifices as was done back in the 1940’s in the Second World War.

Efforts to disarm or make it more difficult for citizens to obtain arms and protect ourselves must stop. Armed citizens have shown effectiveness in stopping or minimizing attacks, even though our media neglects to report on them when it happens.

If nothing else, should the extremists try another attack as seen in Paris in our country, armed citizens may be able to neutralize them before the body count reaches a high count.

These extremists have shown themselves as unpredictable. They operate under the radar and often our high tech measures fail to pick up on their intent.

Since they are Muslim extremists, other Muslims absolutely must begin exposing them and outing radical Imam’s that preach such hate.

Let us not forget, Muslims are slaughtered in far greater numbers by these extremist madmen than any others.

As gruesome and horrific as the attacks in Paris were, it is but another wake-up call to the peace-loving world.

The terrorists will not stop with pleas of ‘pretty please.’ They laugh at such weak responses and plot their next attack.

They have shown their goal is not just to conquer and rule the Middle East, but to force the entire world to kneel before their radicalism and plunge us backwards thousands of years and live under their brutality where a woman is not considered a human and any opposition to their rule means instant death.

Are you awake now?

Or are you just going to roll over and hit the snooze button yet again?