Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Politics, a Blood Sport? Or just Cockroaches Hiding in the Shadows?

A quote from the leftist Welsh politician Aneurin Bevan, “politics is a bloodsport” is often heard from fringe elements to justify their vitriol and smearing of opponents in campaigns. Mostly it seems to now be coming from more right wing elements professing deep hatred for anything on the left.

To them, compromise or meeting in the middle is tantamount to high treason as they seek to impose their tyrannical view by any means deemed appropriate.

Tragically, we see this attitude all too often these past few years right here in Clark County Political campaigns as a small but nefarious group of right wingers seems hellbent on seizing power in our county by any means necessary.

It was three years ago this blogger became a target of this vitriolic hate group and remains in their crosshairs with whisper campaigns, so called “newsletters” spewing untruths or condemnation for having the audacity to allow voluntary contributions last year to help defray expenses.

But any not to their liking are subject to being targeted with innuendo, lies, smears and rumors all from anonymous sources like a gaggle of cockroaches lurking in the shadows just waiting for the lights to be turned off so they can squirm out to do their damage in hopes of fooling enough people to vote for the other guy, usually one of their group that likely has much less experience and less of a record than the targeted one.

Even though fringe right, they rely on another leftist belief, “the ends justify the means.”

Already in this election, only one day into filing, some are being targeted with vicious innuendo and rumor of personal behavior.

It is unknown just who will be filing against these people as they have yet to file their campaigns with the Elections Department. But we will know who the fringe wants by the end of the week, bank on it.

In the meantime, rumors are flying and having the desired effect as even candidates targeted wonder if it is worth the sacrifice with unrelenting smears and rumors launched against them.

We have seen allegations of “fake news” thrown about in national politics and I cannot refute those claims as the bias in the media is glaring today.

But these often baseless or exaggerated rumors and innuendos thrown about locally from the fringe right are not media and are even more destructive as voters not paying close attention may fall for the ploy and allow themselves to be manipulated into voting different than they initially might have.

We must not allow ourselves to be deluded or manipulated by fringe elements from either side casting aspersions over standing on someone’s record and accomplishments.

Candidates whose supporters engage in such tactics must immediately come out to disavow and correct their supporters for such underhanded efforts.

As voters, we all must be discerning and look past baseless rumors and innuendos and seek those who best serve our communities, not a fringe party line.

It is up to us to push back against the fringe that seeks to impose their tyrannical views on us by any means.

No politician is perfect just as we too are human and make mistakes. But we push on in spite of mistakes and do what is best for us and our families. That does not make any rumor being currently circulated true mind you, but it also must inform us that often times a claim or photo circulated is taken far out of context or in today’s computer generated era, possibly fabricated to lend support to an untruth.

Don’t believe everything you hear about any candidate. Instead, look at their record of accomplishments and how they have served the community.

Aneurin Bevan was correct in his claim of politics being a bloodsport, but it is only that way by choice of the fringe that makes it that way to smear and bludgeon their way into office over us.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

I would add to that, allowing ourselves to be misled by fringe partisans.

It will only change by you refusing to reward their vitriol with your vote.

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