Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Parade

A few excerpts of the Veterans Day Parade in Vancouver, Washington at the historic Vancouver Barracks

To all of my fellow Veterans, Welcome Home, thank you for stepping up when needed.


Canuckguy said...

Here are a couple of very interesting stories I was unaware of about the last soldiers to die in WWI.
Henry Nicholas John Gunther (June 6, 1895 – November 11, 1918) was an American soldier and the last soldier of any of the belligerents to be killed during World War I. He was killed at 10:59 a.m., one minute before the Armistice was to take effect at 11 a.m.
More details here:

George Lawrence Price. Private George Lawrence Price (December 15, 1892 – November 11, 1918) was a Canadian soldier. He is traditionally recognized as the last soldier of the British Empire to be killed during the First World War.
More details here:

LewWaters said...

WW1 was listed as the War to End All Wars.

Sad that it didn't.

An interesting article in the latest American Legion magazine focuses how how there was much fighting still going on around the globe after the Armistice.

The War That Didn't End