Sunday, November 10, 2019

Veterans Day Parade 2019

The full Veterans Day Parade, held at Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver, Washington November 9, 2019


Canuckguy said...

Since the early 2000's, the Remembrance Day(what you call Veteran's Day) ceremonies were held indoors at a hockey rink in my small NB town. There is always a good sized crowd, over 2000. However, not surprisingly, the number of WWII/Korean vets attending is dwindling rapidly over the last few years. Of the 4 that did take part, 3 were from a nursing home. Big change over the past decade.

LewWaters said...

Prior to the parade, there is a ceremony held honoring Veterans. This year, there was also an after parade reception held indoors at a neighboring High School. I was too tired to attend.

And yes, the numbers of WW2 and Korean Veterans are dwindling rapidly as their ages are well up in years today.

Fortunately, many of their stories have been recorded for future generations.