Monday, July 20, 2020

Crazy Liberal ‘Karen’

I had a mask on
The following is what happened today, July 20, 2020 checking out from my local Walmart.

Getting in line, ‘Crazy Liberal ‘Karen’ was ahead of me in the checkout with a buggy full of merchandise. I had my own buggy with less stuff, but patiently waited for my turn to checkout.

There was some guy walking through another checkout that had taken his mask off and speaking very loudly against the mask requirement our governor has mandated on us. For me, it is his right to speak out and if he draws attention, so be it.

I just want to check out and go home before the day gets much hotter.

Crazy Liberal ‘Karen’ turns around to me and comments to the effect, “they’re everywhere now,” regarding the other loud shopper. I replied I mostly agree with his point, but will play the game up until the time they tell me to get into the boxcar.

Crazy Liberal Karen did not like that at all and her eyes showed it. She mumbled something at me from behind her mask and I leaned forward slightly and asked her to repeat it. I asked twice and she replied “nothing!” I said, “that’s what I figured.”

As she continued placing her many items on the conveyor, she kept looking back at me, glaring each time. I ignored her.

This was a woman, maybe 50ish who apparently believes she is entitled.

I say that as when her merchandise was well down the conveyor, I began placing mine on the rear most portion, maintaining a decent interval between hers and mine since the store does not offer those bars to place between items now.

This woman went absolutely NUTs over that, began yelling at me, grabbing my items to throw back in my buggy because some of hers were still being scanned and she had not fully cleared the conveyor.

I rather impolitely informed her to get her hands off of my items and the ‘F-bombs” flowed from her mouth.

I began adding my own as loudly as I could as she continued berating me for “getting into her space,” “giving her a virus” even though she was who continued walking back towards me.

It didn’t take long before the manger came over and got between us as she continued yelling for her to make me move back.

Both me and the manager reminded her that she was who kept stepping back towards me.

I will admit that I was not polite at all, but felt my blood pressure rising and began calming down, since another heart attack is not something I want.

Crazy Liberal Karen continued her barrage of foul language, calling me a crazy old white man, going to infect her with the virus (although it was her touching my items, not me touching hers) and I believe I recall her mentioning something about white privilege, which is funny since she had skin as white as mine.

Those of you that know me personally know that whenever I venture outdoors, I wear my Vietnam Veteran cap and Crazy Liberal Karen could have cared less, only that according to her, I was invading her space by placing my items on the back of the checkout conveyor before every last single one of her items was bagged and in her cart.

After she finally left, the manager and at least two other cashiers apologized to me for what happened. But it was not their fault as I understand this is the atmosphere created by Governor Jay Inslee, empowering Crazy Liberal Karen’s and other Mask Nazi’s.

I also appreciate the half dozen or so other shoppers that made a point to pat me on the shoulder and also apologize for the actions of Crazy Liberal Karen and to thank me for my service.

To the rest of you Crazy Liberal Karen’s that feel Inslee has granted you the right to get in our faces and force us to bend to your whims, think again.

We ain’t backing down!


Canuckguy said...

So you don't think masks would help slow the spread of COVID?
Is that actually you in the picture and writer or were you sharing some other guy's posting?

LewWaters said...

Yes, that is actually me in the mask. No, I don't believe they are all that effective, but I will obey and wear one, especially since the Governor has mandated no entry to any store without one and I too like to eat.

But this wasn't over masks and yes, it was me that it happened to.

That this woman felt compelled to leave her six foot mark, grab my food items and attempt to throw them off of the checkout and get in my face yelling for me to step back when I was standing on the supplied mark given because some of hers were still on the checkout is an atmosphere of fear created that no mask will help or prevent.

There is no mandate of only one shoppers purchases at a time on checkouts. It's ludicrous to think two shoppers merchandise, spread apart by at least feet when spread the virus, but bare hands on my food purchases won't.

Then too, those conveyor belt checkouts are not cleaned after every shopper goes through, so if she really fears spreading the virus, what about purchases by the previous shoppers?

I don't k now what her actual problems are, but I refuse to allow myself to be pushed around or verbally assaulted as she did.

Canuckguy said...

I certainly agree she was insanely out of line. You did very well not to go ballistic and bitch slap the wackjob. No doubt there were some there who would have applauded if you had do so.

Canuckguy said...

I find your friend overly harsh on you. You stated you wear a mask, why is his panties all twisted? Chuckie is obviously not in love with you.

LewWaters said...

Chuckie is a blowhard full of himself.

Canuckguy said...

I checked out his site.
Chuckie, listen up, you are a wack job.

LewWaters said...

Yes, he is a whackjob. Best thing is to ignore him and not give him any audience.

Funny though, that he sought me out after 9 years.

But no matter, anything he comments will be deleted.

Canuckguy said...

I will do that.