Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Trashing of Portland, Oregon

Graffiti, vagrant campers, trash and garbage of all sorts strewn along both sides of the freeway through Portland, Oregon.

(Best viewed at full screen)

What happened, Portland?

Y’all used to show pride in your city


Canuckguy said...

Up here in Canuckland, we are burning churches. Apparently it is the 'woke' thing to do. The Indian residential schools are an embarrassment to our history, no doubt about it, but there is a certain element here that believe that burning churches and pulling down statues is the correct response.

LewWaters said...

And, in the end, they accomplish nothing.

Face it, mankind itself has an ugly history. No country is immune to history, no matter how vile and ugly it may have been.

But, nothing can change it and apparently those burning churches, trashing statues, crying out for payments or marching in the streets only see history as an excuse to repeat the ugly side of history.

In reality, those so called "protesters" are no better then the ancestors they complain about, but repeat their despicable acts.