Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah - 2006

We must begin with understanding the Middle East has been in turmoil almost forever, to varying degrees. Fighting and troubles between Arabs and Jews or Muslims and Jews can be dated all the way back to Biblical Times.

I think this current war now going on was once again, a deliberate provocation from Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel. I can’t help but feel the timing is very important as well, given world opinion against Iran and their Nuclear Program. Even though Iran isn’t actually Arab, they are a Muslim Fundamentalist nation led by some really radical nutcases.

Sooner or later the West will have to stand and fight these radicals, as they have been gradually gearing up for and moving towards worldwide domination for at least three decades now. That European nations can’t see this and continue to condemn Israel, who, if you recall, recently made several concessions towards the Palestinians in abandoning much territory, really boggles my mind.

I am not one who is anti-Muslim and feels the entire religion is evil, but they have allowed a faction who wish world domination to hijack their religion and too many have remained relatively quiet, with exceptions being some imams have spoken against the terrorists as well as some 10,000 or so active Muslims are currently serving with and fighting terror in the US Military.

I am really disturbed by all the calls of condemnation against Israel, along with calls for Israel to exercise restraint. Where have all the calls of restraint been against Hamas, Hezbollah and even Al Qaeda? Where has the condemnation ever been against them for the suicide bombings against Israel as well as the rocket attacks from Lebanon? Europe should realize, after two world wars, that evil must be stood up to and squelched before it grows as strong as it has again, but they seem to have forgotten.

I recall the 1973 Arab Israeli war very well as I was still in the Army and we were recalled from Field Maneuvers in Germany and readied to ship out to Israel if need be. If you recall, in the early days of that one, Israel wasn’t doing very well at first, but turned it around and prevailed. I was with the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment then, the same one that was instrumental in Iraq and Afghanistan today. We weren’t needed and in a few days, stood down.

I don’t know just where this current fight will lead and yes, I feel Syria and Iran are solidly behind what is happening, maybe to divert attention from their own programs or maybe thinking the US has become weakened to the point that we will not stand alongside Israel and they can wipe her off the map, a fatal decision that I feel could bring nuclear weapons into the fray (although I really hope I am wrong).

If this is the big battle the Bible describes as Armageddon remains to be seen. Various translators and religions interpret that battle differently and there have been several large battles initially thought to be it with so far, none being. Personally, I can’t think that far ahead and see only that once again, a small democratic nation surrounded by dictatorships bent on her destruction is being attacked. Please note, with all the fighting and calls against Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah have yet to release the kidnapped Israeli soldiers who they initially took while demanding the release of some 1500 prisoners.

This is a big mess and I see no easy way out. The real answer, of course, is very simple, but one that century’s of hatred and pigheadedness on the part of Arabs and Muslims won’t allow to happen, simply co-exist and leave each other alone. Fat chance there.

I feel we must support and stand with Israel and at the same time, try to keep others out of this. The Useless Nations once again proves they are worthless as all they can do is condemn Israel and call for Israel to cease fire, something they did, against better judgment before, and the battles just keep coming to oust them from their own homeland. All Middle Easterners have the right to their own existence, including the Palestinians, a group of unwanted Arabs that other Arabs had no use for until the 1960s when they saw them as a group of Arabs they could use against the Jews and to make claims of the land of Israel.

I think it would be very prudent of us to start strengthening our own military forces as history has shown where this can lead. Appeasement of terrorists just leads to more demands and appeasement and terrorist acts against the free world.

I hate war as much as the next person does, but can see that at times, this being one of them, war is the only answer, as evil must be continually stood up against and fought and hopefully, defeated one day. As frightening as it may be, we must trust in our view of God that he sees the evil and guides us to a sure victory.

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