Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anti-War? Hardly!

August 23, 2006

We have become accustomed to referring to those bashing President Bush and the current battles in Iraq as “the anti-war left.” We saw them back in the 1960s and 1970s as they openly opposed the efforts we made to preserve the freedoms the struggling country of South Viet Nam were striving towards. We saw them as President Reagan sent troops into Granada, to rescues American Medical Students stuck there. We saw them during the first Gulf War and see them mostly today as they openly oppose the ongoing War in Iraq, while also claiming to support the War on Terror.

There is the claim that Iraq is separate from the War on Terror, but that isn’t so. It is but a battle in the overall war and an important one. Let Iraq falter and fail and watch as the radical Islamofascists flood in, enslaving the Iraqi people much worse than did Saddam and his followers. Watch as the killing fields of Cambodia and slaughter of innocent South Vietnamese are paled in comparison to the slaughter of Iraqis that support freedom or the US led effort to free them.

For a group claiming to be “anti-war” their support for warring parties amongst our enemies is mind-boggling. Cindy Sheehan calls those that actually ambushed and killed her son, Casey, “Freedom Fighters,” as she calls President Bush a “murderer.” Jeeni Criscenzo, Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives 49th California District, has posted on her blog support for the insurgents in Iraq.

Senator John McCain, former POW from Viet Nam and supporter of the Iraqi excursion has come out claiming President Bush is misleading the public making Iraq seem like a “walk on the beach.” Where he came up with that one I don’t have a clue. President Bush has repeatedly said both the battles in Iraq and the overall War on Terror will be a hard long fight.

The Democrats holding seats in our government seem to be falling over themselves to bash Bush and the Iraqi War, yet still claim to support the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Kerry, Boxer, Pelosi, Murtha, Kennedy, Reid, you name them and they have all demanded either an immediate withdrawal or phased withdrawal of our troops. Yet, when faced with charges that they too voted for this war, they whine that Bush misled them, even though some were making claims of dealing with Saddam and his WMD program at least 3 years prior to Bush winning the election.

Going back to the Clinton administration, we see that then President Clinton deployed troops all over. The humanitarian effort in Somalia was turned into a military operation under control of the United Nations, until we lost some good men and their bodies were drug through the streets. We sent troops to Haiti and bombed Kosovo, killing many civilians on the ground. We flew sorties against the Iraq regime throughout the 1990s, firing on anti-aircraft batteries, sending cruise and tomahawk missiles into a government building in the dead of night, killing some janitors. We bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan, without any approval from the UN and no outcry from those calling themselves “anti-war” that I can recall.

As long as it was a darling Democrat initiating hostilities, warranted or not, they supported the actions. But, after we lost nearly 3,000 citizens in the most heinous terrorist act to ever befall us, these cretins come out of hiding to interfere, oppose and undermine our brave Military again.

They may call themselves anti-war, but to me, they are nothing more than the same old Communists that have been trying to destroy our way of life since before World War Two (which was another war they supported, but only after Hitler turned on the Soviet Union). Any embarrassment they can cause the US, they will do. Any denigration of our Military or current administration, again, they will do.

They cling to the writings of Marx and strive to make America more like the failed Soviet Union, crying about Defense Budgets and demanding cradle to grave care for themselves and those foolish enough to follow them.

Don’t be fooled by their claims of “anti-war,” that only grants them a standing of moral authority they do not deserve. Their goal is to institute a Marxist, Socialistic Communist state in America by any means possible.

Anti-war is a name they may claim, but as can be seen by their selectivity of opposing war, they are hardly anti-war. Anti-Iraqi War? Anti-American? Anti-Republican? Anti-Bush? Communist? Yes, all those and more, but not anti-war. Applying that name to them is hypocritical.



Kodiak said...

McCain I suspect is playing to the left in anticipation of 2008 by seeming to distance himself from Bush.

LewWaters said...

This is the reason I will never support McPain. He may be an exPOW and a member of the Republican Party, but he straddles the fence, too often appealing to the left.

Kodiak said...

I agree.

I am seeing and hearing signs that GWB and Blair are starting to blink on the war against terror.

Have you noticed this.

LewWaters said...

Kodiak, the "cease fire" between Israel and Hezbollah is "blinking," in my opinion.

I see and hear what hte left keeps crying and thir willing accomplices in the press, but I haven't noticed Bush backing down much, yet.

But, it wouldn't surprise me as more and more pressure is put on him.

Morons on the left can't see the forest for the trees and think they can negotiate with terrorists. Kumbaya doesn't work with these mosters, never has, never will. Unfortunately, it will learned the hard way once again.

Deal with them now or leave it for our children tod eal with later when they are much stronger.

Kodiak said...

I serously doubt we can leave it for our children. If the left wins and forces our troops out Iran will move in and the pain will begin. I do not think the left is capable to visualizing all the ways we can be hurt.

If gas is spiked to say over $10 a gallon our economy will tank.

LewWaters said...

Our economy is a lot stronger than our drive-by leftstream media states. I seriously think gas will hit that high, but I've been wrong before.

As for fleeing Iraq, as the anti-everythings would have us do, to do so would be a disaster, not just for America, but for the entire world.

As the sole Super Power left, facing us down and defeating us would be a feather in the terrorists cap we could not recover from in our lifetime. Just the effects of abandoning Viet Nam are still being felt worldwide.

I saw some of it after Viet Nam while in Germany. Right after the 1972 Olympics where most of the Israeli team was murdered by Muslim terrorists, another group, the Baider Meinhoff Gang, also known as the Red Brigade, reared their ugly heads in Europe.

They started setting off bombs outside of US Installations and going after our interests. For once, we were actually armed on Guard Duty with instructions to fire, if threatened. German Military set up a Machine Gun Nest at the Autobahn Entrance just prior to out gate to the Airfield and they weren't playing. Not with a 50 Caliber.

My point being, they saw America backing down and becoming neutered by the left and used it, seeing were just Paper Tigers after all. I don't remember how it all died down after a bit, but it did.

Ever since we fled Viet Nam, these little pissant groups and nations have been nipping at our heels and we have allowed it, until now.

If the leftist get their way, the nipping will become fill scale biting.

We cannot leave that for our children to deal with!

LewWaters said...

I put this last reply up on FreeReublic as a post. Some interesting replies to it;

Democrats Redeployment Plan Spells Disaster