Friday, August 11, 2006

Debunking the Anti-War Left

Appeasement and negotiations with terrorists is a pipe dream of the left. Only armchair generals with little or no knowledge of what they talk about would even propose such a thing.

This war is not a video game where you click a mouse and kill your enemy. This is a battle unlike any other we have had to face. It is a serious delusion to think the terrorists will simply leave us alone if we leave them alone or that they can be bought off.

It has been said that the "comforts, freedoms and enlightenment" of the West is the best weapon against Terrorists. They already have the money to buy all the "comforts, freedoms and enlightenment" they may desire. Modernization is appealing to us in the West, but not to them. There is no tolerance in Islamofascists other than for their delusion of World Dominance and Allah is giving them the entire planet. Whether you realize it or not, it is those "comforts, freedoms and enlightenment" that they hate the most! It is a complete delusion of the left to think that offering them the very things they despise is the way to win in the War on Terror.

Recently two High School students in Dearborn Michigan were arrested for planning terrorist activities as well as 24 more were arrested in London for plotting a massive plan of suicide bombing of aircraft bound from the UK to the US. They had all the "comforts, freedoms and enlightenment" they could want at their disposal and yet, were willing to sacrifice it all for a deluded ideology of power and glory.

Polls matter little in this "comforts, freedoms and enlightenment," battle. As can be witnessed in the drive-by leftstream media and several left-winged blogs, many are deluded as to what and who we are fighting. What with the politicization of the War on Terror from a losing party trying to regain power, most haven't a clue. Truth finds little regard when it comes to the anti-war left.

Iraq is not a diversion from the War on Terror, but a very necessary part of the overall War given that virtually the entire world said there were WMDs still there prior to our invasion. However, in the six month long rush to war, they were obviously spirited away, as stated by many who were there before we went in. Would you like to have it on your conscience that you did nothing to stop them from possibly falling into the hands of terrorists?

The claims from the left have been that they were never there. Yet, when over 500 canisters were revealed to have been found, the left comes back with "we knew all about them." “They weren't the ones sought after.”

Which way is it? Where did the rest go? How could the entire world say and believe they were there, yet they are gone once we got there, six months later? Doesn't take a rock scientist to figure that out. Still, WMDs were but one reason to invade Iraq.

It is still claimed that we aren’t gaining on the War on Terror because we have lost sight of the goal of capturing Osama Bin Laden and have diverted resources from Afghanistan to Iraq. There are still troops in Afghanistan, always have been since we went there. All the troops in the world chasing Osama won't catch him in the mountainous region he chose to hide out in provided he is still alive. As seen with Zarqawi, catching Osama would not stop terrorism anyways. He is a mere figurehead and even if dead, others step in. This is not a battle against one man; it's a battle against a misled and brutal ideology.

These misled Muslims have been attacking and killing each other and the Jews for centuries, it's not new. As they have spread their terror outside the Middle East over the last decades, it's long past due for the west to stand against them.

If you think "cut and run," excuse me, "redeployment" is the answer, you are dead wrong. If you think negotiation is the answer, you are dead wrong. These terrorists desire nothing from us, except our death, both liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican. It's death or subjugation under their control, as far as they are concerned.

This War on Terror isn't against a single person, it's against an ideology that needs destroyed as much as humanly possible. Neville Chamberlain found out the hard way, at the cost of many of his countrymen’s lives that you cannot negotiate with evil nor can you appease it. You can only fight it and destroy it.

As Winston Churchill once said, "an appeaser is one who keeps feeding a crocodile, hoping it eats him last." That is as an accurate a description of the anti-war left that I have ever seen.
Being realistic about who and what were fighting is not propaganda, it's an honest assessment of the dangers were now face. Sadly, even if we were to lose a couple large cities due to terrorist attacks, some on the left will still believe all we need do is join hands and sing Kumbaya.

Sorry, but the song doesn't translate into the language of terrorists.


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