Thursday, August 31, 2006


Being stated as a “new slogan” in support of the War on Terror, the above seems more like a simple truth to me. While President Bush used it in his speech to the American Legion in Salt Lake City today, speaking to supporters of freedom and liberty around the country will produce the same exact thought.

President Bush stated it as; “We will fight the terrorists overseas so we do not have to face them here at home.”

Some on the left seem to feel it is failing slogan. There seems to be the thought that it is a silly notion. Almost immediately, Senator John Kerry, Failed 2004 Democrat Presidential candidate and anti-war activist from the 70s, was quoted as saying, “America’s veterans and American troops don’t need misleading speeches,” and “Enough with slogans and staged speeches calculated to divide here at home…” I totally disagree.

Recent captures in London and elsewhere shows that the Islamofascist terrorists are actively working towards their stated goal of World Domination. Suicide bombings and slaughter of Iraqis and Afghani’s that support allied efforts at helping build both societies into functioning Democracies shows their desire to dominate.

Attacks within America, twice now, and against our interests in other countries over the past 27 years shows me we are one of their main targets. By the diligent work of our NSA, FBI, CIA and others responsible for intelligence gathering, as well as a lot of pure old-fashioned luck (so far), a repeat of September 11, 2001 has not yet happened. How long will we remain this lucky?

Smaller events throughout the country have happened with perpetrators claiming to be either terrorists or attacking innocents out of revenge for our fighting terrorists or against Jews because they defended themselves. Local authorities have written each off as “non-terrorist related.” Even if on a minor scale, it seems they are still terrorist related to me.

Should we follow the lead of Democratic Party leaders calling for withdrawal, or redeployment as they call it, as we have continually done for the decades under their leadership, the slaughter of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis is assured. Not only that, our “eyes and ears” in these hot spots will very likely be included in that senseless slaughter. Terrorist goals of dominating and destroying Western Culture will not cease one iota. They will be free to operate in the Middle East as they did before, which resulted in planning and training the single worst terrorist act in history in New York a scant 5 years ago.

Back here in America, you can bet restrictions at airports and ports of entry will eventually be relaxed out of our natural complacency. Terrorists will once again be free to roam back and forth, training, planning, and performing dry runs, whatever. Contacts between sleeper cells in our country and the leadership in the Middle East will once again go unnoticed.

I need not state what the next massive attack could be like.

Democrat leaders are wrong. We cannot once again “cut and run” and leave a struggling ally to certain slaughter. In the past, our cowardice, or lack of resolve, if you will, only affected those in the countries we abandoned. This time, it will free the terrorists to transfer their war to our very streets, sidewalks, shopping centers, all over. We need to wake up and stay awake until this newest enemy is neutralized, however long it takes.

Fight them there or fight them here does make a good slogan, just as past wars produced excellent slogans. They were needed to keep our eyes open, keep us awake to the dangers approaching, and teach us we are vulnerable. It is also a very simple truth we need to be reminded of often, apparently.

It is a message America needs to hear over and over again, IF WE DON’T FIGHT THEM THERE, WE WILL FIGHT THEM HERE



LewWaters said...

An even better one I read on the Swiftvets forum was, "if we leave, they will follow us."

Mark said...

Hi Lew,

I'm wondering if you might expand a little bit on how "if we don't fight them there, we will fight them here" makes sense. I'm not asking this rhetorically. I really want to make some sense of it.

I'm one of those uncommon breed that thought the war was a mistake from the start, but think those who want to leave underplay the threat posed by Iraq falling into an islamic theocracy, or the sectarians left to themselves igniting a wider regional war, not to mention the other reasons you listed.

But it seems to me me that there is nothing preventing anti-US fanatics from coming over here right now other than 2 things: our own diligence, and that the 'jihadist' capability to mount an attack is poor. The nutty terrorists love to boast about bringing down the West, but 5 years on it looks like the logical explination for why they haven't attacked again is that they are weak. It's seems to me a lot more logical explaination than calling it 'a lot of pure old-fashioned luck'.

You say if we leave "it will free the terrorists to transfer their war to our very streets, sidewalks, shopping centers, all over" How will it 'free' them? How is us being in Iraq keeping those that indend us harm from coming over here today?

I think Americans should think very carefully before rashly pulling out of Iraq, and it may be a good 'slogan' but I have yet to see a good argument as to why it makes sense.

LewWaters said...

Hi Mark, I got a little long winded in a reply to a newer post that might have some answers for you.

Right in a Left World: Wes Clark: ‘Because of Iraq’

Feel free to read through that reply and add as you deem necessary. Just my opinions, but I think I might have covered it there as well.