Saturday, August 19, 2006

To Our Modern War Protesters

I sit back and watch as you protest, as you proclaim, “I support the troops, but not the war.” I see you bashing the President over every little thing he does. I’ve watched as you set up fake coffins outside of Walter Reed Hospital, where recovering troops are. I see you as you encourage young troops to desert the military, to flee to Canada or anywhere else. I hear you as you yell Bush will be drafting kids soon, even though the only draft proposal has been coming out of Democrats. I listen, as you demand an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. “Leave it to the Iraqis,” you yell. “Bring the troops home now,” you scream. I even see you sneering at our brave young men and women as they return to America and hear you as you whisper what losers they are, unable to find decent paying jobs in civilian life. I even remember moonbats as you when I returned from Viet Nam and have run across too many of you in the ensuing 36 years.

Little do you realize that if Iraq goes the way Viet Nam did, it will not be because of brave young people in uniform lost their will or couldn’t hack it (nice of you to always remind us of stories implicating atrocities of a very minor small handful as if all committed them), but will be due to the efforts of leftist Bush bashers, again, like you.

We were continually undermined in Viet Nam and forced by the left to leave. We agreed to a Peace Plan that ensured a free country we would reenter and protect them if the oppressive communist North attacked them. Due to the efforts of a mostly Democrat Congress, a bill was passed prohibiting any future aid or help to South Viet Nam.

Then, for over 30 years, those of us who served and sacrificed our youth to protect freedom and liberty around the globe, as stated by Democrat President, John F. Kennedy, have been bombarded with messages from television, movies, politicians, book authors, school teachers and college professors and the socialistic left leaning banker types with tales of what losers we were, what a danger we posed to society (it was no less that John 'F'in Kerry that stated "The country doesn't know it yet, but it has created a monster, a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence…..,") and looked upon us as deranged, potentially violent hair triggered war criminals. We are called "baby killers," even though we may not support abortions (who do you think really kills more babies?).

No, I've seen your type over and over for many years now. In your egotistical hatred of George Bush and Republicans, you sit in your self-proclaimed ivory towers of self-righteousness and try to portray an image of caring about the troops when you actually despise them, probably out of jealousy. Jealousy that they have the guts to stand for something and desire to see others free to live as we do. You think bashing Bush and the WoT to the U.S. Service men and women fighting it will make others think you care enough to not want to see him hurt or injured when you couldn't care less that your defeatist rhetoric will cause many more deaths of Americans in harm's way than save.

Just like from back in the 70s, if you succeed in forcing an American abandonment of Iraq, you will puff out your chest bragging at how you "stopped a war." In fact, the leftist anti-war protesters did no such thing. They prolonged it by 5 years at a cost of nearly 40,000 more American lives on the battlefield.

You remind me of a slick banker slyly talking a farmer into a loan, knowing the terms will end up making the farmer lose their farm and the bank to take possession of it with the intent to make a profit off the sale of the land.

People like you, Cindy Sheehan, Ned Lamont, John Kerry and so many more couldn't hold a candle to the men and women volunteering for our Armed Services today. You can only be jealous that they have their values and the intestinal fortitude to stand up for them.

You should thank God (or whatever you may believe in) that there are still people young people willing to stand and protect you in your ivory tower, just so you can trash them.

To any Service member if you read this, pay no mind to the latest moonbat war protesters. Whether they ever served or not, they have forgotten what it means to stand for something that is worthwhile standing for.



Anonymous said...

I'm curious.

The Vietnam War ended before I was born, and it occurred during the Cold War, which ended when I was very young. My only experience with the conflict is in history textbooks.

Having that said, it seems to me like you viewed the Vietnam War as a justified war. Do you?

LewWaters said...

As a matter of fact, Gustavo, yes I do. I will state it wasn't properly handled, in my estimation. Micro management from the Johnson Whitehouse is what doomed it early on as well as basically tieing the hands of those of us who were sent to it.

I realize how text books have portrayed it and they are wrong, written mostly by those who opposed it at every turn.

Our reasons for being there were in complete compliance with the words spoken by John Kennedy, "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

It was not a Civil War between Vietnamese, as portrayed, but was outright aggression from the Communist North against the Democratic and somewhat free South. In a sense, it was a battle between the Soviet Union, China and America, what with the Communist support of the North. Unfortuantely, we received little help from allies, most coming from Australia and South Korea.

Some books you might enjoy;

Unheralded Victory by Mark W. Woodruff.

Stolen Valor by B.G. Burkett.

Some websites and articles you may also enjoy;


Viet Nam Veterans War Stories

Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation

Aid & Comfort to the Enemy

The Left’s Ongoing Lies About Vietnam

I hope the links are still good. If not, I can email you the articles I saved.

Thank you for seeking information on Viet Nam and the War we fought there. I encourage you to continue seeking information. If you are nearby any Vietnamese Immigrants, seek them out and ask them about what it was like after we left and allowed the country to fall. Who better could tell the stories than those who survived the nightmare and risked life and limb fleeing Viet Nam in the late 70’s and early 80s as “boat people.”

Anonymous said...


Thats a great qutoe from JFK. In your reply to Gustavo yang, you point out that Vietnam was not handled properly. I could say the same thing about the Iraq war and the braoder war on terror. From someone who DESPARATELT WANTS this to work, I will point out several mistakes I see from my perspective. 1.) At least publicly we have not properly identified the enemy. The enemy is not "terrorsim." The enemy is the states who support Islamic Extremists terrorist groups who have global reach. The biggest ones currently are Iran and Syria. Iraq was also a supporter of Islamice Extremists terrorits groups with global reach. The primary supporters of Iran and Syria are Russia and China, especially Russia. Right now we seem to be to narrowly focusd on terrorist groups. So far this is costing the states who support the terrorists very little. We need to have a very frank discussion of the nature, size and strength of this enemy, as well as who exactly the enemy is. 2.) When we liberated Iraq, called for elections in Syria, and called for elections in "Palestine" we allowed Islamic extremists into the politial process. This should not have been done. By allowing these groups into the political process, this allowed Iran and Syria to get a foothold in the ocuntries. I suspect we allowed these groups into the political process, even though experential common sense should tell us that Islamic extremists are incompatible with liberty because of "multiculturalism." Essentially some people are under the misguided dlusion that all cultures are created equal. They are not. Perhpas we believed allowing them into the politcal process would "moderate" them. We need to redouble our efforts to isolate these Islamic extremists and to remove them from politcal power. This will be no easy process. The decision to allow these groups into the politcal process may plague us for years to come. Perhaps they can be isolated and removed from power via sanctions of some sort. In other words, make the election of Islamic extremists so coslty for people who would think of voting for them that they will reconsider and cast their vote for someone else. 3.) We did not commit enough troops to Iraq. We know this in hindsight. From my perspective, this oversight should have been corrected a long time ago. We and our allies can still make this correction. This will help with security and with better security we can do better at building the infrastructure.

None of these errors that we made are insurmountable. We can still win. To make the appropiate course corrections will require the Bush administration to explain the stkes in Iraq. Essentially if you lose Iraq, you conced the coutnry to Islamic extremists. This would make the GWOT significantly harder to win. It will also require the Bush administtration to admit some of the mistakes they have made. Mistakes are not unusual. They are a part of being human and they happen in every war, as with every other human endeavor. The important thing is do people learn from their mistakes. The slowness of some of our leaders to learn fromt their mistakes has been quite frustrating. Finally, both Republicans and Democrats will need to place national security over short term partisian party interests.

LewWaters said...

b.poster, I won't refute what you say. War, by it's very nature, is a series of blunders and mistakes. We have to recognize them as they occur and correct them.

That being said, we are facing opposition just for opposition sake from the many on the left. No matter what is done, they very loudly object. I feel Bush needs to ignore them and prosecute this war by giving the Generals what they need. Any General who isn't willing to stand and ask for more or tell the President they need more should be relieved, I feel.

We are not in a good position to just attack the other countries supportive of terrorists, just yet. I feel the administration has been very lax in making the case of why this war is necessary and it needs to be corrected. While Bush is very busy, there is a degree of promotion that comes with an aggressive policy like war.

Roosevelt knew the country did not want any part of WW2, but after Pear Harbor, he too was very vocal in extolling the message of why we needed to fight it to the finish.

Political Correctness has no place in war, nor does proportionate response.

We also have the U.N. to deal with today and their counter-productive view of all are good and equal. In doing so, they too enable terror worldwide. They can say they condemn it, but what do they do to fight it?

Yes, this fight needs to be fought and won and I feel it will be as long as good hearted people stand up and show the support needed. We can fight the terrorists publicly and take a stand against those supporting terror, hopefully without having to invade them. We need countries in Europe to wake up and see this fight also affects them and they will suffer the consequences of not fighting terror as well. In fact, they already have, but fail to see appeasement didn't work in WW2 nor will it work today.

What galls me is to see politicians politicizing this to win elections. This isn't a fight for Democrats or Republicans, it's a fight for survival of our way of life.

In agreement with your final word, let's get the politics out of this fight and stand behind our people on the front lines. We cannot afford to lose this battle or the war.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reply to my post. I think we are at a tipping point with Iraq. We either need to commit the resources necessary to give the Iraqis a decent shot at ahieving liberty or we need to get out. An excellent blog post on this can be found at The post is entitled "Iraq: Quit or Commit." I don't like the quit option becuase I'm not a quiter when we set out to do something, as a country, we need to do all we can to achieve it. At least if it does not work, we can say we did all we could. Perhaps even more important, even if we left Iraq now, we would only have to go back in later. When we have to go back in, it will only be much more difficult. We are in a battle for the survival of Western civilizaton. Perhpas the "left" does not think Western civilization is worth saving. I do think it is worth saving. As such, I think we need to make our stand now.

LewWaters said...

Again, b.poster, no argument. We are in a struggle for the survival of Western Civilization, as you say. This fight isn't new, it is a struggle that has been being fought off and on for centuries.

I too am not a quitter, as I guess you can tell. Beyond that, to me, just giving the Iraqis a decent chance at determining their own destiny is worth the struggle. It may not solve the trouble between Muslims and Jews, but it just might give them freedom that can build their country into a productive Demcracy and see that hatred between the people's doesn't get either one anything.

Surrounding nations wish us to fail, this we know. If the Iraqis get their freedom, citizens of the other nations will eventually see the benefits and the Ruling Families will fall, in time.

It also can't hurt our efforts to have friendly Democraies on our side (hopefully) bordering both sides of Iran and next to Syria.

I see this as a very important stuggle that has been a long time coming and long overdue being fought. Like you say, quitting now will just pass the fight on to our children and their children.

I'll look up that blog you mentioned. It sounds interesting. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all of the replies to my posts. Thank you for your service to our country in Vietnam.

I find it somewhat curious that some on the "left" and even some on the "right" claim to be worried about the lives of Iraqis yet they are not calling for more troops. It seems to me they only wnat to complain without offering any real solutions. That is unless you count "redeploy" as a solution. Redeploy is just another way to say wave the white flag of surrender. Such an event would likely lead to something like the Vietnam "boat people."

In the final analysis even if we make the proper troop commitments, some of this will be up to the Iraqis and out of our control. I just want to do all we can to give them a decent shot at achiveing liberty. To withdraw now only concedes the country to the terrorists.

Our national security depends on pro actively reforming the middle east. To date, no one has come with a better idea than the promotion of democracy. We should make the proper commitment to it.

LewWaters said...

b.poster, in regards to your comment about "redeployment," I placed a post addressing that over on the Swift Boat Vets Discussion forum a while back. You might enjoy that as well;

John Kerry – Somewhere Over the Rainbow